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Clif High - Ze Big Enchilada

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1Clif High - Ze Big Enchilada Empty Clif High - Ze Big Enchilada Wed Sep 21, 2022 10:09 am



Clif High - Ze Big Enchilada R5URu5HTtn

Ze Big Enchilada

Like myself and other alt media people out there these days, Clif High is optimistic about our future. He sees a very intense period over the next 3-to-4 months, during which time he expects to see the “breakout of crypto”. He believes they’ll go roaring up, as the central banks lose the ability to keep them down and that we’ll also see 75% inflation of the US dollar.
After the Midterm Elections on November 8th, Clif predicts a push for $10-per-gallon Diesel, which will clobber prices for goods, due to increased delivery costs and this will continue into early next year.
He thinks things could change “reasonably rapidly”, depending on how things go, election-wise. The Globalists, who he calls the “Mother-WEF-ers” will try to cheat in the elections, because it’s a matter of life and death for them but it will all eventually fail, because they don’t have the required numbers to support them.

He says, “The CCP thinks that they can control a population if they move in 20% Han Chinese that work for the CCP into that area, that they can control the other 80% of the population. And that sort of works in China. Sort-of.
“China still has over a quarter of a million riots every year that require police intervention – and they’re running concentration camps, killing racial groups and all these kind of things.
“Here, in the United States, they’re attempting to use that 20%-80% rule but it’s not racial, it’s ideological. And ideological doesn’t hold the same way. It doesn’t trigger xenophobia the way that racial differences do in humans.

“And so, that 20% is just not working out for them and a lot people are leaving that, because their lives are becoming very much more difficult, as a result of the WEF-ers’ actions and and so on, with the collapse of the central banks, as we go forward…
“The WEF-ers are losing everything. The right-wing is rising in Europe and the elections are going to the WEF-ers’ enemies, which is basically anybody that promotes common sense and sound money.”
Clif believes that about 30%-40% of the people are now aware of the WEF, with a very negative impression and that their collapse is certain at this stage and they’re just scrambling now.
He says, “The Big Enchilada – their push to control everything – will be fueled by the rise of the populism that their push to control everything is actually causing to rise…
“I think it’s gonna be fun. I like to fight but this is gonna be a particular fun fight, because the enemy is so deserving and because they are so stupid, it’s gonna be, in that sense a good fight against an entrenched powerful enemy that nonetheless has such huge weaknesses – and they’re not even aware of them.”
“This is all about the Mother-WEF-ers and the Big Enchilada. The Big Enchilada is the total control of the planet. We’ve been colonized by a central banking system – that was one of the ways that they used – almost every country is saddled with a central bank parasite, sucking all the blood out of ’em and that’s why all the populace is in an uproar.
“In some places like Argentina, now they’re running at 100% inflation per year, which means your money buys half as much a year from now as it does now, so the impetus is to spend it rapidly but they’ve got 75% interest rates, which won’t succeed in what they’re attempting to do but it will throttle back business to absolutely nothing.
“That’s one of the Mother-WEF-ers’ goals, is to totally shut down the whole planet and kill off as many people as they can in the process. That was the goal of the pandemic, that was the goal of the shots, which according to some reputable scientists, you can’t find mRNA nor the spike protein in any of the shots from any of these manufacturers. So if that’s factual and it’s borne out in batch after batch, then it’s quite clear that the Death Shot was a death shot and it was a lie from the beginning, all the way through to the end, as these people are dying.
“We’re getting a great number of deaths out here that I blame every day on the WEF…A lot of these people are tourists from Seattle and Tacoma and so on, so they’ve all been shot-up and boosted and so on and they’re dying…
“This is all a plot by the Mother-WEF-ers, the World Economic Forum and the World Economic Forum is paying now and will pay, through time in retribution for their evil – acts, which they’ve been engaged in for the past 59 years around the whole planet – but really, it stems back to the impetus to create central banks.
“So, we’ve been fighting this battle for centuries.
“Now, the Mother-WEF-ers are in the position, where the World Economic Forum is being called-out as a criminal gang by people with lots and lots of Normie followers, like Jordan Peterson.
“He’s saying that, ‘Hey, look at these bastards, look what they’re doing!’ So it’s not just the conspiracy group, it’s not just the woo-woo people. We’ve known about the Mother-WEF-ers for decades and now, there is a growing awareness, as part of the Great Awakening of the nature of our Bad Guys, here and who they are and we can start pointing fingers to ’em and say, ‘No! You’re a Mother-WEF-er and I’m not going to vote for you and I’m not going to talk to you and you’re just an evil sonofabitch! You want to depopulate the planet for bullshit!’
“So, in their view, control of the planet also includes control of all of the resources, which they claim to own. It’s part of their religion. Their religion says that they are the inheritors from the El, the aliens who were given the Jews to conquer and control. That was Yahweh. He was one of the Els.
“The Elohim, which is the collective [term]…And one of them was given the 12 tribes of the Jews to rule over and that’s where the Hebrew books come from, including the Torah and the Mishna and the Talmud.
“Now, if you read into these, you’ll find that none of these books is applicable to humanity, as a whole and it is isolated to this group of these 12 Tribes and that’s it. And even then, it’s not applicable to the Jews throughout time, it’s just a description of what was happening then, when the El were given these tribes to rule, and in some sense, you ca look at the whole collection of the Torah, Mishna, Talmud and Zohar as a manual on how the Jews are supposed to survive, dealing with these mean, nasty space aliens…
“Anyway, so the WEF inherits from this extreme Khazarian Mafia viewpoint that they are the inheritors of the Earth. They’ve got this idea that everything that’s on the Earth is theirs, including you and you’re just cattle. And that’s why they call you ‘Goy’, which means ‘Beast’ and they want to harvest you, as they choose.
“We have a binary system. So, the Mother-WEF-ers are very binary thinkers, in spite of the fact that they have non-gender, non-binary people. In the Talmud, by the way, there’s six genders between breeding female and breeding male [for a total of 8 genders], so there’s a spread in the Talmud. That’s where this idea of multiple genders comes from.
“So, in spite of the fact that these people favor the idea of multiple genders, the reason of which is the El were known to have multiple genders, so the Jews were trying to emulate them and writing about it…It was sort of a description of the beings they were dealing with.
“So, the Talmud takes it being internalized to Jews that they should also have these 8 genders and so on but in spite of these people having this idea of non-binary in the gender aspect of things, they’re very binary thinkers, they’re very much Dualists and Good and Evil, Satan vs God etc, translated through the text, even though none of that is in the Hebrew Bible. None of it is in there. All that is is a description of what it was like to deal with these El, with these space aliens.
“Anyway, these people, the WEF-ers are very binary. It reflects in everything that they do. So the CIA has the El religion inculcated into it and you can tell this by reading all these CIA manuals. They produce ’em, you can buy ’em on Amazon…
“The WEF has this binary view of things that is reflected in all that they do and all that they promote. So, they promoted what’s-her-name, Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter series. These people are very much into magic – not science – magic. So they don’t promote a scientist, they give us Fauci, who’s very much a magician and a lying bastard and has no science and just wants to – I won’t go into him.
“But in any event, they promote this binary view of things and they favor magic, not science. This is why Putin’s response is to crank out all kinds of children’s books about scientists using science to overcome magicians and wizards and warlocks. He’s framing it for the next few generations that you’re going to be in this fight with these Mother-WEF-onians…
“Now, there’s problems in that [binary] thinking and it deludes them constantly and continuously and it has affected them for centuries. Part of their problem is the fact that these people practice the Dunning-Kruger Effect as part of their religion. They think in Group Think and they have people whose whole job within the group is to belittle and tear down and destroy other peoples’ thinking.
“And they think of this as a cleansing part of their process that prevents them from making mistakes – but you know the Mother-WEF-onians make constant mistakes.
“The Mother-WEF-ers, these f*ers make constant mistakes all the time and you can use Joe Rogan’s line, ‘Imagine thinking this is a good idea and just point it at anything the WEF-onians are doing.
“Look at Klaus Schwab with his Dr Evil suit. Imagine thinking that was a good idea, when you’re attempting to take over the planet, to have a Dr Evil suit made and then walk around in it and get photographed! 
“You know, imagine it’s a good idea, when you’re trying to take over the planet, to have as one of your ‘chief scientists’, a madman who thinks that humans can live forever, that consciousness is somehow involved in the brain and is seated in the brain and can be put into a machine and whose understanding of biology is f*ed-up by the Talmud and he thinks that there’s all these different genders.
“So, imagine thinking any of that is a good idea and you understand where we’re at, here, with these Mother-WEF-ers. They cannot NOT see it as a good idea. That’s because their religion is that they’re superior, they have extra DNA – a little dongle – that’s my word for it, they don’t call it that but some of them actually think that they have a third strand, which this is not the case. They just have a tiny bit of an extra chunk of DNA if they’re one of those very, very, very small part of the Khazarian Mafia. Everybody else is a dupe.
“But they’re dupes and stooges and they’re also damaged goods, because the Mother-WEF-onians and the larger Khazarian Mafia crowd that encapsulates them practice inbreeding…
“King Chucky, the pedophile, he came up with the idea, supposedly of the label, ‘The Great Reset’. Well, I betcha they shopped it to all of their people before they decided that he would announce that he indeed came up with this idea. That’s just the way this sh*t works.
“So, we have people like Jordan Peterson, out there discussing the WEF-ers. You’ll find that more and more and more Normies are talking about the WEF as in a criminal sense and pointing out the fact that it’s just a private organization created by Klaus Schwab, it has no authority, no one elected it, it was not created by any elected or culturally-appropriate group, it is just a criminal gang that has elevated itself to an NGO status and is now attempting, with the central bank cabal, as one of its weapons to take over the planet and they’re in that final phase. This is the Big Enchilada. This is the end of all of this.
“They know their pandemic didn’t work but they can’t stop, they’ve got to keep continuing. So what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna roll out this idea that you’ve got to be locked-down for your own f*ing good until we can come up with Green Energy that would then allow you to travel. They won’t do it without that promise, Just like ‘Two weeks to flatten the curve,’ it’ll be, ‘Two years to get electric airplanes.'”
But lithium is an extremely inefficient way to store energy, as Clif details.
The Mother-WEF-ers are so stupid that they’re about to try to institute a global “climate lockdown” but too many people are now onto them and Clif thinks they’ll eventually brought to justice.

Thanks to: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net


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