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Angry Yet? Why Not?

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1Angry Yet? Why Not? Empty Angry Yet? Why Not? Sun Nov 27, 2022 12:57 am



Angry Yet? Why Not? Resist-4

Angry Yet? Why Not?

UN Agenda 2030 = Genocide 2030

Stop the Shots
No Digital Control-ID
Exit the W.H.O. & the U.N.

Embrace Health Freedom by Taking Action

Existing International regulations and treaties regarding international, local or personal health must be replaced by the principals of H.H.C. (Humane Health Care), starting with the First Rule: Do No Harm.
  1. Public Health: In a humanely functioning society with proper hygiene, sanitation and nutrition, pandemics and wide-spread chronic illness do not occur. Pandemics do not occur in well-functioning societies.
  2. Sovereignty: Pandemics and other ‘health conditions’ must not be used as weapons to curtail or eliminate the inalienable personal rights and freedoms of We, the People, nor to damage personal sovereignty and/or national sovereignty.
  3. Personal medical freedom is essential and guaranteed. Each individual is the relevant stakeholder in preserving his/her health and has the absolute human right to access any health strategy, freely deciding whether or not to consent to, or refuse, any proposed treatment.
  4. Informed Consent is the necessary precondition for health freedom; any violation of Informed Consent is both a crime against humanity and against the individual.
  5. Informed Dissent: means demanding transparency, open communications and unfettered freedom of speech, which are essential to prevent tyrannical consequences of ‘pandemics-of-convenience’ and widespread chronic ill health.
  6. Social controls violate both Informed Consent and Informed Dissent and promote pandemics or widespread chronic ill-health. Social controls include lockdowns, Digital ID Passports, Social Credit Scores, social distancing, censorship and so-called “vaccine” mandates.
  7. Local control, in harmony with the above Principles, must form the basis of social governance. Global, private and public-private partnership organizations must remain free of conflicts of interest and be restricted to advisory roles only.

Angry Yet? Why Not? 37c745cf-2339-4b84-9bbc-0a07ecbea06a

Angry Yet? Why Not?
If you are not angry, good and angry, right now, you are simply not paying attention. Your life is at stake.
More than 5 billion people on this planet have been injected with something intentionally designed to damage them, derange their immune systems, sicken them and, ultimately kill them.
Virtually everyone on earth has been subjected to psychological, medical, emotional, economic, educational, political and civic deceit and damage. Intentional deceit and damage.
A bioweapon, possibly a two part bio weapon (alleged "virus" + injected additional components) has been deployed against the peoples of the world by their "leaders", who, with exceedingly rare exception (mostly dead now) have signed on to the program of damage, deceit and death.
A fake pandemic has been orchestrated by the worst forces on the planet, with the active complicit and enthusiastic participation of those put in office, and paid handsomely, to "protect" us.
And they are moving forward rapidly to "protect" us even better by implementing the totally insane, manifestly evil program (benignly called "Agenda 2030") as fast as their wretched and demented minds can figure out how to make things worse and worse and worse.
On November 21, 2022, while attending the G20 meeting in Bali, Joe Biden, 'President of the United States', signed a declaration vowing to implement a Global Vaccine Passport for international travel. What vaccines? the ones that WHO selects. Given that WHO has declared that EVERYONE will receive 500 novel vaccines by 2030 (that is not a misprint: you read it right), plus all the ones that we already have, we can anticipate that there will not be too many international travelers left in pretty short order.
And that is just the vaccine part.
What about taking away fertilizers so farmers cannot grow food so that we have massive famines?
What about printing un imaginable sums of money to create global hyperinflation and destroy the world economy as preparation for total control of every aspect of your miserable, "Own nothing and be happy", pitiful life, if, indeed, you are allowed to live?
What about rationing food, care, housing, education and every other resource to totally control every aspect of your life while your genes have been altered to render you docile and servile (see Brave New World by Huxley: you AND YOUR CHILDREN are slated to be Deltas - if they let you live).
If you think I am imagining this, you really are not paying attention.  
Go to www.preventgenocide20230.org and poke around a bit. Read what Klaus Schwab, the insane self appointed world maker, and his bat shit crazy main man, Yuval Noah Harari, have to say about your future, which includes no property, no freedom and no soul.
This is precisely what your local and national leaders have signed you up for and what all of their policies are directed towards unless you live in Alberta Canada, where Denise Smith, the PM of that Province, has broken ranks with the monsters or a few other fortunate places.
You need to be angry. Very, very angry. And you need to be motivated by your anger to implement and demand the following things:
1. NO MORE SHOTS, mandated or otherwise.  The dangers of the shots and the boosters is so enormous that it is almost impossible to wrap one's brain around. All vaccines are dangerous and damage the immune capacity, often permanently. (Yes, conventional vaccines DO cause autism.) But the COVID-19 shots are dangerous at a level that humanity has never been exposed to in a public health measure because all danger signals (there is no such thing as a "safety signal". We are talking about danger signals that have been intentionally ignored by every regulatory agency involved in this monstrous global crime) and which show that these shots are both fast-kill and slow-kill weapons. They are not killing incidentally.  They are designed to kill and they seem to be doing a pretty good early job of it
The bivalent booster shot approved by the horrifyingly dishonest and dangerous FDA on the basis of a single trial on eight mice (!!!!!) is a perfect example of intentional harm through agency malfeasance).
2. A massive research program by truly independent scientists to determine, at the highest levels of independence and integrity, what is in the shots, what happens to those contents in people's bodies, what can be done to get rid of the materials that have been injected, how to repair and restore immune and other systems, what the jabbed contaminate the non jabbed (and other jabbed people) with, how to detect and correct that contamination, how to restore the blood supply to safe levels of cleanliness and so on.  It is a BIG so on.
No pregnant woman should ever again receive any of these dangerous products, but, then again, no one else should, either.
3. You MUST become a political animal. Not a partisan of the corrupt left or right or complicit parties.  You need to become a force for reform in the system that allowed these fools and criminals to make their deals with the various devils they have shaken hands with to take away your rights and your property, your genetic integrity, your freedom and your awareness.  That means abandoning the corrupt, lying and cynical "Mainstream Media". Lie after lie, we tend to forgive them and go back to them for news and weather when all they give us is more pre-programmed lies.
Yes, it takes more time to sort, sift and separate. But your life, and your society's life, is at stake. Isn't it worth a little extra effort?
You need to petition, demand and arrange local reform, state-wide reform, educational reform, national reform and international reform regarding all health care options. 
You must demand your rights of Informed Consent and Informed Dissent..
We try to make that as easy as possible by giving you Action Times that you can take and send to all relevant recipients with a single click of your mouse.  Go to www.preventgenocide2030.org and scroll down to the bottom of the home page.  Take all the actions there.  Revisit the page and take the new actions as they occur. Share them on social media.  Keep sharing them.
Prevent Genocide 2030
Stop the shots | No Digital Control-ID
Exit the World Health Organization and the United Nations
Direct link to Action Item here:
We are dancing as fast as we can to provide you with the tools that you need to put the pressure on the legislators who can get us out of this horribole, deadly morass.  That means gettiong out of the WHO and the UN as quickly as possible.
That is possible, but only if there is a huge roar of demand from We, the People.  And that means you roar with your freedom mouse.
More? Well, yes.  Support our work financially.  Set up a monthly donation (see below).  
We have expenses and we take no money to do this: every penny goes to the work of keeping our society and humanity alive and finding out how to restore our health and well-being.
Oh, and when you purchase your supplements and personal products from my dispensary at Fullscript, https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/rlaibow, you make it possible for us to keep doing this work -and you do it at a discount, as well!
So I suggest you allow yourself to feel your anger at what is being done, has been done, and what is planned for you.
And then I suggest you get very busy using that anger to set things right.  We have a very, very narrow window of opportunity before there is nothing left to fix.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Share with this link:  https://preventgenocide2030.org/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=eb58bcfc-72d9-4359-8619-82d57dfa1d44


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