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Died Suddenly's - 3/24/23

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1Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Empty Died Suddenly's - 3/24/23 Fri Mar 24, 2023 9:51 am



Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 5fa930f1dc0c6.image

Teen Suffers Cardiac Arrest and Dies on American Airlines Flight Reportedly Because On-Board Defibrillator Wasn’t Charged
Date: March 23, 2023Author: Nwo Report

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Image-668

Posted BY: Amber Crawford
A mother from New York is suing American Airlines after her son when into cardiac arrest on a flight to Florida and died because the plane’s automatic external defibrillator (AED) was not charged.
Kevin Greenridge, a teenager from New York, was flying to Miami from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on June 4, 2022, when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest. According to the lawsuit, the crew onboard the flight tried to resuscitate Greenridge, but the onboard AED was not charged.
Despite an emergency landing in Cancun, Mexico, Greenridge did not survive the heart attack.
After suffering the tragic loss of her son, Melissa Arzu filed a lawsuit against American Airlines in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. She is seeking damages and payment of attorney fees.
The lawsuit states that the teen’s death was “caused wholly and solely by reason of the carelessness, recklessness, and negligence of the defendant AMERICAN, its respective agents, servants and/or employees in failing to maintain an automatic external defibrillator on board the subject flight.”

It also states that American Airlines inadequately trained its employees to deal with basic resuscitation techniques, thus “causing, permitting, and allowing the mobile battery pack to drain down to no power, thereby causing AED to stop working.”
“That as a consequence of the defendant’s negligence in failing to maintain a working defibrillator upon their flight caused, permitted, and/or hastened the untimely death of… Kevin Greenridge,” the suit added.
The lawsuit cites the Aviation Medical Assistance Act of 1998, which states that the law “requires airlines to carry defibrillators aboard each aircraft with flight attendants” and that the emergency devices “must be inspected regularly in accordance with inspection periods established in the operations specifications to ensure its condition for continued serviceability and immediate readiness to perform its intended emergency purposes.”

THANKS TO: https://nworeport.me/2023/03/23/teen-suffers-cardiac-arrest-and-dies-on-american-airlines-flight-reportedly-because-on-board-defibrillator-wasnt-charged/


2Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Empty Re: Died Suddenly's - 3/24/23 Fri Mar 24, 2023 9:53 am



Pupil dies 'in her sleep' at boarding school as students offered support
The girl, who was in year 13, died in her sleep


Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 0_Oswestry-school
Oswestry School (Image: Google)

A pupil has died at a Shropshire boarding school. Staff and pupils are currently receiving support after the teenager's tragic death.
The year 13 pupil died in her sleep at Oswestry School on Saturday, March 18. She has not been named by the independent boarding school, in Upper Brook Street.

A school spokesperson confirmed the news of the girl's death, describing the tragedy as an 'incredibly difficult time'. The girl's family is also being supported by the school in the wake of her death.

THANKS TO: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/pupil-dies-in-sleep-boarding-26526723


3Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Empty Re: Died Suddenly's - 3/24/23 Fri Mar 24, 2023 10:08 am



Guitarist for Rock Group Saliva, Wayne Swinny, DEAD AT 59 During Tour... "SPONTANEOUS BRAIN HEMORRHAGE"... Was found on Tuesday morning in a state of medical distress... Had played in Nashville the night before... - Independent, Deadline

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr6RI0rWIAMMhCp?format=png&name=small

Another vaccinated pilot today has become incapacitated. That is 2 in the last 2 weeks. The vaccinated pilot from this past November did not survive.

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr3CZmrWYAAnb8Q?format=jpg&name=small

Sudden Death Tragedy Shakes Ilbono. Manuel Deiana, a 26-year-old, died suddenly of a heart attack. The "sudden illness" struck him down as he was sleeping. https://today.it/citta/manuel-d

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr_Si-aWcAAsWD6?format=jpg&name=small

“My daughter Elesha Nightingale has recently suffered the tragic loss of her life partner, Matthew Harding. Matt died suddenly and unexpectedly while they were working out in the gym”. They were deep in the left agendas.

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr-1eIfWYAIcCbu?format=jpg&name=360x360

EXCLUSIVE Head chef, 38, died suddenly in Cornwall beach bar | Daily Mail Online

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 RsGEgmTe?format=jpg&name=small

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr-uMWSWYAYCjBP?format=jpg&name=small

Shock in Italian volleyball world: Antonio 'Tony' Scappaticcio, coach of the Piedimonte Matese women's volleyball team but a face who has always been present in the world of Italian volleyball died suddenly from a "sudden illness" https://casertanews.it/cronaca/malore

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr-mF9RWwAAyo3T?format=jpg&name=small

"We are heartbroken to report that Judith Halász the wonderful Soprano Soloist, our esteemed colleague & great human being, died suddenly & unexpectedly March 14.23 after a Medical Emergency in the prime of her life. She leaves behind a devastated husband & their 10-year-old son"

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr-iwkkXwAAfnmB?format=jpg&name=small

Sudden death of Michele Fiesoli (47) talented architect as well as a former city councilor for almost two terms died suddenly"sudden illness" https://lanazione.it/pistoia/cronac

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr-VMqIXgAM-A_P?format=jpg&name=small

63 year old Canadian doctor Dr.Peter Groenewald died suddenly on March 21, 2023 Dr.Groenewald was a family doctor in Yorkton and Lestock, Saskatchewan. #Diedsuddenly #cdnpoli #ableg https://regina.ctvnews.ca/highly-valued-

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr9yLLWXgAAimgn?format=jpg&name=small

My children's father died June 21 2021 just short of 6 months after his vax in Jan ...I know the vax killed him ...they are both mentally struggling to cope with this...the amount of damage that has been done to this world I can not even wrap my head around...

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr8qkfbWIAMudMn?format=jpg&name=small

Sudden Death - Mayor of Brody Ryszard Kowalczuk 53-years-old Died Suddenly and Unexpectedly The Victim of a Heart Attack https://lr-online.de/lausitz/forst/ryszard-kowalczuk-ist-tot-buergermeister-von-brody-ueberraschend-gestorben-69854113.html #DailyCulling

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr8pDqcWYAAQsPL?format=jpg&name=small

Kelsey Transmeier died suddenly from cardiac arrest. She worked Shawnee Mission Health. They required covid vaccination for their employees. Time for accountability

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr7gJq0agAE-s_l?format=jpg&name=small

Fully Jabbed Cricket Player Dies After "Turbo Cancer' Diagnosis. Daniel Donnan from Donaghadee, Ireland, was taken to hospital after he suddenly fell ill towards the end of last week. It’s understood he experienced a dizzy spell in the gym and numbness down one side of his body.

Died Suddenly's  - 3/24/23 Fr7ASn9WcBoM417?format=jpg&name=small


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