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Keep Going Forward….

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1Keep Going Forward…. Empty Keep Going Forward…. Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:03 am


Keep Going Forward….

Posted on January 23, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Keep Going Forward…. Favim-com-8914 http://www.favim.com

We have come such a long way now, but do not look back. We have
floated out of 3D and into our new world, so let us not back track. We
are here now and we must keep pushing forward and embracing our new ways
of being. Everyday more and more people are finding the courage to
reinvent their lives and begin living their lives fully. We are finally
realizing that the ways in which we have been living have occurred
simply because a small group of wealthy people have taken control and
were telling us this was how we had to live, these were the rules we had
to abide by. That is just preposterous if you really think about it.
Our constitution tells us Government is by the people, for the people,
so right there we should have known we were being sold a massive lie.
Since I was very, very young, I have always felt deep within that the
way we were living was false. I could never really justify my feeling,
but I felt it to my core and stayed connected to it. I knew we were not
born to work 9-5 five or six days a week with only a fleeting weekend to
enjoy our lives. This picture was ALL wrong to me. Most people around
me thought I was crazy or lazy, but now today I can bask in the
justification of my beliefs. I was right all along and it feels so good
to finally know that! I suffered greatly for most of my life thinking
something was very wrong with me, why couldn’t I be like everybody else?
How glad I am now that I wasn’t!

We never stopped to really take in and think about the life we were
being told we had to live. We accepted the rules and played along, not
happily I might add, when if we had just stopped and thought about the
reality of what we were doing, we would have known the truth. We never
asked ourselves if living this way made sense. I mean really, why would
Creator put us on earth to just slave away our lives with little time or
joy to be ourselves? It did not make sense to me way back when and it
does not make sense to me now. We are in this mess because we never
asked questions! We stopped desiring to learn more and as a result we
stopped desiring to be more. We accepted our plight and just succumbed
to it.

The days of not questioning are over! We must question everything in
order to awaken ourselves. We must rekindle our desire to learn more and
be more and in the process embrace an open mind willing to both release
the old and take in the new at all times. The ebb and flow of life is
constant and we must always be willing to go where it pulls us, NOT
where we are told to go! That is not natural and does not lend to
coexisting with life in general. Look around you in nature and watch how
it unfolds. It does so according to what is going on in the world
around it, it adapts as it goes along for its survival, it is not told
you must open up your flower buds on a certain date or shed your leaves
on a certain date. It is all done in accordance with what is happening
with the weather and the world around it.

The same goes for the wildlife. They are attuned to nature and live
their lives accordingly. They aren’t told on October 10th you must begin
growing your winter coats. Their coats are created as needed. If
everything around us is free to exist as they choose is best for them,
then why in heaven’s name should we be any different? We didn’t pay
attention, we didn’t notice these truths. We have lost a great many of
our abilities because we tuned out and disconnected. This is not to say
we can’t reconnect if we put our minds to it and we must! It calls for
disconnecting from all we are being told and to begin thinking for
ourselves again. We must keep moving forward on our journey and that
means seeing our mistakes, learning from them, releasing them and
continuing to move forward. The journey never ends nor should we want it
to. This is living fully and to live fully means we are finally
becoming who we really are. Keep looking ahead and keep on embracing the

Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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