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The Rising Tide of Alternative Truthstream

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The Rising Tide of Alternative Truthstream

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013. Filed under: Uncategorized

The Rising Tide of Alternative Truthstream Orb

by Zen Gardner

Shouldn’t they be
the “alternative”? Isn’t the mainstream stance on just about anything
completely fucked up? It’s clearly what’s sponsored, endorsed, and
approved for profiteering advantage to someone or lots of someones. It
always has been, but today it’s more obvious than it’s ever been.

All part of the matrix breakdown. But you gotta be willing to see it. And what it means.

Our predecessors bucked this encroachment. They didn’t like any one
of these invasive, self-serving bastardized trends, be it central
(control) banking, monopolized railroads and mega oil and otherwise
industries, staged politics, and on and on.

A lot of wonderful people lost their lives for bucking these high
powered and well monied bastards. But now the tide has risen, and our
numbers are continuing to rise, a truly threatening tide.

Ride high, awakened ones. Ride high!

The Rising Tide of Alternative Truthstream Alternative-horse-medicine2

Modern Medicine – The Perfect Example

Look at medicine. One of dozens of medical disciplines called
allopathic (drug and invasive technique based) medicine is considered
“normal” now and the standardized treatment. That wasn’t the case not
long ago.

Allopathic medicine was one of dozens of types of approaches, ushered
in by the big money boys only a century ago, capitalizing on drug sales
as their main motivation, eclipsing the more natural medicinal
treatment regimes recognized for millennia…which these big money
bastards kept utilizing and do to this day…using homeopathy,
chiropractic, and the like which we’re supposed to be suspicious of.

Once again, it’s insane. And completely hypocritical!

The degree of manipulation of society is reaching its credibility
brink. And that’s a good thing. Although dire consequences are on their
way as well, at least reality will reach sentient beings.

Yet the choices remain. That’s a very big deal.

The Rising Tide of Alternative Truthstream The_end_is_near_by_ferdiferrah-d5lzz1h-640x400

The End Is Near

First of all, we all “end” in this life eventually. Nothing to fear,
it’s natural. But when you’re attached to this earthly life that’s not
good news. When you’re spiritually awake and aware it’s glorious news,
we’re off to the next level!

Religion really fucks this up.

Instead of a universal awakening to conscious truth and
understanding, which the cris-crossed informational field fights
relentlessly, the droids are given a horrific doomsday scenario. Albeit
deserving to some extent for the willingly ignorant, it’s not the case
at all.

We live in an encased “world”. Not controlled by the wrong guys, but
by natural forces way beyond our comprehension. Religions try to allude
to it, philosophers try to describe it, but it’s there.

I don’t know the definitive answer. But I do know one important thing….

If You’re Not Awake, You’re Destined to the Wrong Side

It’s that simple. Get it, or don’t. Wake up, or not. Take it, or leave it.

Reality is quite the bite. If you want it, it’s there for you. If you don’t, sad day for a poor man.

Trust your heart. What’s presented to each of us is profound. Make the right decision.

Again and again.

It’s the only solution. For you, for the world. Do your best…and choose right.

Love always, Zen



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