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Jan. 24, 2013
12/11/91 #2 HATONN

How many of you listen now and watch people scampering to get "flu shots" for the children and elderly first, because you are "short" of vaccine. I have never witnessed a deeper pile of you know what. By their own admission, the medical profession tells you that the flu strains are not the same as is the vaccine strains. So what are you doing? They also tell you that you will probably have some side-effects--so be it. This is the same lies they give you in almost every intensive drive to fool you-the-people.
I believe that one of the most costly (to health) and obscene things perpetrated on your children are immunizations.
Long since has the intent of immunizations ceased to be curative OR SAFE! But you are over a barrel, aren't you? The children are not wanted in the schools unless they are vaccinated and thus and so, and worse; sometimes things are deliberately introduced in epidemic form to insure that you dare not miss those "shots". I do not mean to infer in any way that it is easy to decide which path to take with your babies or selves.
I am going to start this subject off with a portion from Eustace Mullins--indirectly. It is from an article which is no longer available having been published in August of 1977. I liked the heading of this publisher--"HE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH AND DOES NOT SPEAK OUT, IS A MISERABLE CREATURE". Further, I ask that you hear me for if I tell you Truth, does it make me LESS YOUR FRIEND? Ponder it.
I choose this writing to reprint herein because it is so applicable to today for it dealt with the GREAT SWINE FLU MASSACRE WITH SIXTEEN HUNDRED DEAD at the time of the writing prior to August of 1977.
Eustice titles his exceptional work, and the book on the subject: MURDER BY INJECTION. ... I hope you will consider getting the book because you will certainly save me a lot of work and time. We do not need to reinvent "the wheel"; we need to fix the one we have.
Keeping the above in mind, let us just reprint:
A long line of tense, and fearful, people had formed outside a local "health clinic". The line slowly inched forward, into a small room where white-coated "technicians" injected each person's arm with a virulent chemical poison. As the chemical hit their bloodstream, some of the victims slumped over and died immediately. They were quickly dragged into another room while the "technicians" assured the nervous crowd. "There's nothing to worry about. They've only passed out." [H: I might personalize this by stating that Dharma was working at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles in the organ transplant, dialysis and kidney transplant division. ALL employees of that hospital were forced to take the injections or be discharged. She, herself, along with many--became very sick indeed. The ones who reacted in sickness were simply told the "shot" was too late to "stop the flu".]
This shocking scene is familiar enough. We have watched endless movies of these atrocities, produced by victorious Jews who claim that these acts were really carried out by Nazis in Germany. The above scene, however, is not Germany in 1944. It is the United States, anywhere in this country, during the Great Swine Flu Massacre of 1976. Only the warped mind of the Khazar Zionist could have conceived such a horror as celebrating the Bicentennial Year of the United States by carrying out a national campaign of genocide against its citizens, and by enlisting the President of the United States, Gerald Ford, to personally lead this campaign. [H: Mullins refers to these ones as "Jews" but I do not, for the term, though absolutely correct, has long since become a "bad word"--so let us take away their ammunition to fire back at us! We shall call them Khazarian Zionists (KZ). In addition, I desire to make it plain that there are wondrous Judaists in the other healing arts, as well as medicine--who have no connection to this brood of false-Jews. Calling me an "anti-Semite" won't cut it, brothers, for I am a Semite! If you like, I will even answer to the addressing to me as Ceresberg Hatonnstein. A rose by any name is still a rose--remember it well. Also, lately, I and most of our readers have become card-carrying "Jews" demanding equal rights as (i)sraelites (God's chosen).] Ford's Folly, as it was later known, cost him re-election to the White House, as the suppressed information about the hundreds of victims slowly leaked out, but the true purpose of the campaign was a test run for a much more comprehensive national plan of "eliminating" "non-productive" citizens, which will be carried out at some later date. [H: Getting nervous? Well, relief must surely be spelled "vaccine" for AIDS!]
The national program of swine flu injections was hardly under way before alarming "rumors" of sudden death and of terrible side effects such as various forms of paralysis began to alarm the American people. They were "rumors" simply because they were suppressed by the nation's press, and they were publicly denounced as "lies" by every public health official in America. After some weeks, during which the officials desperately tried to complete their announced goal of inoculating every person in America with this poison, they finally admitted that "one or two" people had collapsed and died of acute heart failure after having been administered the poison. In the ensuing weeks, this figure continued to be revised upward until the officials admitted that just over two hundred persons had died after being injected with the vaccine. The actual figure, which has never been released from Washington, is sixteen hundred persons who died immediately after being injected. Despite these casualties, the officials continued the program of injection until Dec. 16, 1976, when public outcry became so great that it was officially stopped.
In the crucial period when the officials refused to abandon their program of mass murder by injection, one public health official in Pennsylvania, a bearded hippie type with the accepted "Mad Commissar" appearance which is now derigueur for the members of our Marxist bureaucracy, made his contention on national television that the victims "would have died anyway". The cynicism of this statement would have done credit to the commandant of any Soviet so-called death camp in Siberia.
No Nuremberg Trials have been proposed for the officials who planned and executed the Great Swine Flu Massacre of 1976, nor has the Washington Post's prize winning teams of "investigative reporters" shown any interest in the murders. The explanation probably is that they are still too busy writing further "revelations" about Watergate, which they still term "the crime of the century", and which lacked all of the conventional ingredients of sex, death or money, and which consisted solely of a few stooges being lured to break into a Washington office with the promise that convicting proof of the Democratic party's connection with Castro's Communist regime was to be found there. This "proof", which has never been made public, has now become stale news because of Jimmy Carter's desperate campaign to accord Cuba full diplomatic recognition, with the inevitable subsequent billions of dollars worth of aid to be lavished on its Communist thugs, to the soothing background of George McGovern's continuing eulogies to the purity and the beauty of Castro's great soul.
[H: Before we go further, I remind you that this was written in 1976--fifteen years past. If bits and pieces disagree with current writings as I present them--KNOW that there would be far more facts and tid-bits then was available to Eustice Mullins at the time of this writing. More remarkable is that in the sequence of writings--each one has become far more insightful--but the basic foundation of the "Order" and the people of the Elite are all the same in every area of writing from banking to religion. The ones who are the tools of the adversary are in every area of experience on your globe--working EXACTLY ACCORDING TO THE RULES LAID FORTH BY THE ZIONIST PROTOCOLS OF THE TALMUD.]
The American public has been led to believe that the swine flu massacre was a bipartisan political effort, as leaders of both the Democratic and the Republican parties joined in the campaign to herd the victims to the death offices of the "health" officials. Some supposed that it was merely another "big money" deal perpetrated by the Zionist biological parasites in their unceasing efforts to find new ways to milk their unprotesting host people. However, the entire swine flu program amounted to a mere $135,000,000, which is hardly peanuts to the rampaging KZs who regularly mount billion dollar raids on the United States Treasury. This sum represents only one tenth of the sum contributed by the American taxpayers to the State of Israel EACH YEAR! The ramifications of the swine flu massacre cannot be truly measured by the $135,000,000 windfall for the drug company executives who had picked up Gerald Ford's bills for twenty-five years in Washington, nor by the misleading figure of sixteen hundred dead Americans.
[H: The real story behind the swine flu murders is one of genocide and of a slow-acting poison which may take years after the injection to bring on death by cancer or heart failure. ] This story begins in the ironically named Federal Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia (yes, the same city which produced our present leader [Carter]). First, the federal scientists in this rat's nest invented a new disease, which they named "swine flu". To this day, there has never been a single case of "swine flu" positively identified in any person in the United States! [H: You had better be thankful, for had the inoculations gone as hoped and planned--your nation would be dead and gone NOW from that sneaky little hand-made, Elite weapon, the HIV virus. Someone should take a very close and careful look at that "swine" vaccine. You may find a bit of sheep visna virus and bovine leukemia sprinkled among the injectables.] To trigger their demand for a national campaign of inoculating their new poison, the scientists claimed that a young soldier at Ft. Dix, New Jersey had died of the "Swine Flu". Now the disease was ready to ravage the entire population of the United States, with a projected death toll of from sixty to one hundred million victims! The scientists claimed that this disaster could only be avoided by the inoculation of everyone in the United States.]
The fact was that there was not then and has never been the slightest possibility of any such epidemic. The young soldier at Fort Dix had been suffering from exhaustion after a forced march. He was given some sort of injection, probably the swine flu vaccine, and then died. This death was then claimed as the "first victim" of swine flu. For many years some of our young soldiers, as well as many political prisoners in our prisons, have been subjected to "medical experiments" by mad scientists of the type which the KZs claim were carried out by the Nazis. Although thousands of pages of testimony were taken down at the Nuremberg Trails from Jews who claimed to have been the subjects of the Nazi experiments, their sole purpose in testifying to these "atrocities" was to lay claim to lifelong payments of benefits, which they have subsequently collected from the captive German people. In the United States, thousands of victims of these medical experiments have never been able to collect anything, including the family of the young soldier at Ft. Dix. Nevertheless, his death set off an overwhelming national "demand" for an immediate swine flu vaccine program. The press, as usual, was only too glad to cooperate in this atrocity. Every public health official in the United States leaped into the campaign with their knee jerk conditioned reflex as soon as they received their orders from Moscow-on-the-Potomac. The campaign was given its final blessing by the less than regal figure of the then President of the United States, Gerald Ford. The fact that he was condemning hundreds of American citizens to death bothered him not for a moment, but retribution came in the public fear and dismay created by the revelations of the many deaths of the swine flu campaign. This fear provided the last straw which sent the delicate tipping over to Jimmy Carter. One of his [Carter's] principal aides, who later disappeared amidst revelations of bad checks and fraudulent deals, publicly said, "We would never have made it without the swine flu victims."
[H: In retrospect, is this so strange, when we recall that the entire plan for the massacre originated in Atlanta, Georgia, as the base of Carter's entire Presidential effort? And does this explain the desire of the Jewish television industry to pay off Gerald Ford with millions of dollars for the story of his life as a "public servant", which of course will exclude all mention of the swine flu massacre, the years in which he lived in luxury in Washington on five dollars a week, or his malfunctioning nervous system which causes him to fall on his face when he has nothing to hold onto?]
Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, January 21, 1992, Volume 18, Number 1-A, Pages 23-24.



NOTE: The following is an opinion statement by Rocky Montana / 1-21-13
In my perception: The word "program" in this article appears interchangeable with the word "pogrom" (pogrom: an organized, often officially encouraged massacre of a targeted group of people, not only Judaists (Jews)).
Does the pogrom of 1976, the so-called "swine flu epidemic", not sound eerily similar to the attempted worldwide genocide of 2009-2010, the so-called "swine flu pandemic"? Regarding this latest pogrom, no adult living today is too young to remember this horrific event, although many may still not realize the level of evil that was attempted by the U.S./U.N. government, and stopped. In their ignorance, many people, world-wide, were victimized and undoubtedly impaired and killed from those poisonous inoculations. The evil plan was stopped, however, in large part due to the united efforts of we-the-people living in many countries across the world, who, in essence, said in One Voice: "Enough, you shall go no further!" Be eternally vigilant and speak out against evil wherever you find it in order to ensure that this, or any other attempt to mass-murder the people of America and the world never occurs again.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." --George Santayana

Rocky Montana



Hatonn may have been incorrect re: the inauguration... but not about the vaccines!

I hope everyone really starts to get this. We are being poisoned. We are being eliminated. Please do not let your children or parents be subjected to this.

I have known about this for almost 40 years.


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