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Posted on January 27, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Checking in…. Favim_com-11598 http://www.favim.com

Happy Sunday to all. I just wanted to drop in and say hi and share a
few thoughts I have had running around my head. The energies have seemed
very in tense to me lately. They are feel heavy and stick like Velcro.
It is hard to separate from them and so I just succumb to them for now.
The headaches I could do without but I am assuming there is work being
done within my brain, adjusting me further for 5D. I am pretty exhausted
by these energies and find myself resting often and taking naps at odd
times like 6:30 at night. Too early for bed but my eyes have ten
thousand pound weights on them and there is no fighting the urge and so I
slip away for a brief time.

I also feel unsure of what my next moves will be. I feel as if I am
free-floating about on currents in a wind storm. I feel like a kernel of
milkweed being blown in all directions with no destination in mind and
certainly no map to follow. I am trying to hold on to something familiar
for grounding but it has no substance and so I lose my grasp. In my
travels I bump up against something which strikes my interest and ideas
come flashing and I get excited about them and then they are gone. Poof!
I am off again blowing in another direction looking for something to
grab hold to. Before 12-21-12 I felt cemented in concrete with what I
was doing and where I was going, but after that, all fell away and I was
left standing as if I were naked, stripped of all that was and not yet
filled with what would be.

Perhaps this process we are going through is teaching us the fine art
of going with the flow. To not go with the flow at this point would
feel like sheer insanity. There is nothing in 3D I wish to anchor myself
to for grounding and yet 5D is not clear to me. I feel as if I were
floating in the ethers in between, a kind of no mans land. It is an odd
feeling at times and when it strikes I try to pull all of my tricks out
of my bag to make my way through it. I try to stay positive and remain
in my heart and go with the flow. I have realized from this journey that
if nothing else was learned it was to be more closely aware of my life
at all times. It taught me to turn off my autopilot and tune in to
myself and my surroundings.

I know we each have our own individual experience of this shifting
humanity is taking part in. We all observe it differently as a whole but
perhaps we share a few things in common from time to time. I am also
finding I am ‘catching’ myself slipping in and out of the 3D trap which
is good and so I extricate myself as quickly as possible and search for a
5D way of doing things. It’s a constant vacillating back and forth
between dimensions for now, the only difference being that I catch
myself now more abruptly. We seem to be a work in progress for now, en
route to our final destination. These times call for patience and faith.
We are on the right road I am sure, there just aren’t any road signs to
follow and there are too many corners in the road to see far ahead. If
we pay attention and drive slowly we will get there eventually. That’s
my guess anyway. So hang tight and have faith.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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