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Release the fear…

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1Release the fear… Empty Release the fear… Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:57 am


Release the fear…

Posted on January 29, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Release the fear… Beauty-blue-cleanor-roosevelt-clouds-colors-favim-com-437656 http://www.favim.com

Fear is such a powerful emotion and it has been used against us
forever now. We are well-trained to feel fear whenever our switch is
flipped. We need to watch ourselves closely and catch ourselves in the
act and finally realize how easily we can be taken in without our even
knowing it. So where does fear come from? It is bred out of a sense of
helplessness, our inability to save ourselves, victimization and a lack
of feeling we are in charge of our lives. Suddenly when fear strikes we
are at the mercy of others and because of this we have no protection
from it. We are subjected to it on a daily basis in ways so subtle we
are unaware of it. It need not be big if we are subjected to it daily in
small amounts. Fear is very dis-empowering and has many detrimental
effects on our physical health. We need to be aware of when we are
feeling fear and take back our power and overcome it. There is no need
for most fears we take on, it has become a normal reaction on so many

Remember back to when we had the terror alert color chart? I think it
was then many people began to catch on to how fear was being used
against us. That is big fear but we have many little ones as well that
eat away at our well-being. I know I have a fear of getting lost in
unfamiliar locations. My heart pounds and my hands grip the steering
wheel of the car and I begin to frantically look for ways out of being
lost. How silly I know, I should just sit back and use the experience to
see new places and have new adventures, but I don’t. I’m working on it
by the way. How about the fear that grips you when you see blue lights
flashing behind you and you automatically assume you’ve done something
wrong and you sweat and shake and then the police car goes veering past
you in hot pursuit of someone else. Whew! Perhaps you are home during a
storm and the lights suddenly go out and for a split second you feel
discomfort at not being able to see. Where is the candle? Where are the
matches? How about being late to pay a bill or realizing you don’t have
the money to pay it?

Fear comes dressed up in so many packages on so many levels. We are a
society ruled by fear and yet we so often do not even realize it. It is
time to pay attention to fear and what kind of hold it has over us. We
can’t be truly loving beings if we live in fear. We think we are loving
but that love is hampered by our fears. The only way to eliminate fears
from our lives is to walk through them and out the other side, if we
don’t face them they fester and suck our energy and our ability to love.
So many of our fears are not something to be really feared in the first
place, we have just been led to believe we should fear them, we have
been told to fear them. It is time to wake up to this fantasy we have
been immersed in. Fear should be reserved for attack by wild tigers or
falling from the Grand Canyon where it is appropriate, not for all the
small day-to-day activities we partake in. Pay close attention and when
fear creeps in say NO I will not stoop to that level. There is no need
for fear!

Try doing one scary thing everyday. It can be as small as driving
somewhere new so you don’t know where you are going and concentrate on
feeling safe with yourself and your decisions. Talk to strangers and
give them a little love and joy for the day if you tend to be a shy
person. If we face fear under our own control everyday in small ways we
adjust to feeling fear and can begin to eliminate it by realizing we CAN
count on ourselves, we can believe in ourselves, we can trust that we
will know what to do in fearful situations. We cannot bring fear with us
into the new world, it has no place there, so we best get it under
control now. Think of all the small unnecessary fears you may have and
then imagine them all gone and all the space they took up that is now
free to hold your love. The new world is loving and trusting so if we
wish to finally create this world it is time to release fear and open
our hearts.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to:http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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