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Light And joy…

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1Light And joy… Empty Light And joy… Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:10 am


Light And joy…

Posted on January 31, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Light And joy… Amazing-beach-beautiful-girl-favim-com-616370 http://www.favim.com

The light is now glowing about us everywhere we go, many are awake
despite the fact it feels like they aren’t. We are so powerful now and
it is time we wake up to that fact, accept it and begin to use our power
to make change. Forever we have been kept from the knowledge that we
are powerful beings and our minds are powerful creators. We are now
learning these truths and in doing so it is up to us to bring our power
to the light and use it!We have spent enough time preparing for this
journey, now it is time to realize we made it, we are there and we are
now living in a new world. The old ways are over as long as we allow
them to go and move forward into this new dimension of being. We are
free, we always have been, we just didn’t realize it yet. Now we know so
now is the time for us to activate and become the beings we were meant
to be!

No more thought must be given to the powers that were. Pay them no
mind, don’t wonder about what they are doing, do not worry about what
they are doing, do not talk about them, nothing! We must give all of our
energy and thoughts now to our new world, what we can offer it, how we
can help, what we can do. All of our thinking should be going to the
creation of this new world from the bottom up. We all have something to
bring to the table so figure out what that something is and go for it.
We no longer have limits over our heads. We must do exactly what we
desire to do, be exactly who we desire to be and do so with an open
heart, an open mind and a willingness to go with the flow of the new
world and drop the limits we have set upon ourselves for so long.

This is what being the light really means. Acting in accordance with
the light, in a positive way, a creative way, doing all we can to help
birth the new world into being. We do that by releasing the grasp the
old paradigm may have on us and not allowing it to be a part of our
lives any longer. The dark ones want us to think about them, worry about
them, fear them, but NO MORE. It is time to be working with
manifestation through our thoughts and intention, finding ways to begin
living without the need of the old paradigm, finding ways of getting
around the old ways to create a new path. Please take time to go up to
the top of the blog and go into the Soul-utions page where we can begin an active dialog on ways we can create the new world, how we can help, where to start first etc.

This is what the new world is all about. It is time to come together
and brainstorm our new world into being. We all have incredible ideas
harbored away inside of us and now is the time to share them. For so
long we have felt we were on hold and going nowhere. Well now we can
move again and we must move forward again quickly and with deep
intentions. We know what we must do now, so this is our next phase of
the mission we are on. This is our time to blossom and do what we do
best. Let’s meet in ‘sou-lutions’ and get busy discovering ways to build the new world.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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