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From AbundantHope.net
Coming Bank Virus & Cyber-Attack Will Wipe Out All Customer Accounts
By Susanne Posel
Feb 2, 2013 - 10:11:09 PM

Coming Bank Virus & Cyber-Attack Will Wipe Out All Customer Accounts
Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
February 2, 2013
Banks have been attacked in wave after wave of systematic network and
data center compromises that have lead the US government to suspect the
Iranian government as retaliating against America for imposing sanctions
on the Middle Eastern nation.
Using cloud services, banks like Bank of America (BoA), Wells Fargo, US
Bancorp, Capital One, HSBC and PNC have had distributed denial of
service (DDoS) attacks that disrupt their ability to conduct online
The US government is planting the propaganda seed that according to
“highly classified” documents provided by the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s
Intelligence Directorate confirm that Iranian hackers are committing
cyber-attacks against US financial institutions. This report assures
that US mega-banks are a “valid target” of the Iranian “cyber army”.
According to rumored “US intelligence”, Iran’s military is suspected of
having created a cybercorps in 2011 that would respond to potential
cyberwar from the US. Highly classified documents held by the Joint
Chiefs of Staff’s Intelligence Directorate claim that Iranian hackers
are committing cyber-attacks against US financial institutions. These
anonymous “officials” say that Iran’s cyber capabilities are far greater
than those of Russia and China based on covert probes that confirmed
the Middle Eastern nation was aiming toward stealing intellectual
property for the expressed purpose of attacking US banking institutions
as well as hacking into government agencies.
The security firm Radware stated that attacks on US banks last year
originated in Saudi Arabia. Radware said that the malware was created
“live” on a server; and came from an independent data center which held
servers for corporations that conduct business with financial
institutions in America. The logical assessment was that these
relationships, by their nature, may be purposefully less secure, thereby
allowing hacker attacks to take place.
The timing of the newly formed “digital al-Qaeda” and their expressed
anger over the US-produced anti-Muslim film are questionable considering
how the US and Israeli government are setting the stage for a justified
war with Iran. This fake hacker group is threatening other countries
controlled by the Zionist regime, such as France, Germany and Britain.
According to the false flag group: “The army was recently formed and we
have started to work as a team after we used to work individually. The
hacking operations are of course a response to the offence against the
prophet, peace and blessing be upon him.”
The latest country attributed to the cyber-attacks on US banks is
Russia. McAfee Labs warns of a cyber-attack planned for the spring of
2013 that will steal millions of dollars from customer accounts. Thirty
US banks have been named as a nameless, faceless band of “criminals”
have released a Trojan virus that will remove digital currency from
accounts at banks like:
• JPMorgan Chase & Co
• Wells Fargo
• Citibank
• PayPal/eBay
• Fidelity
• Charles Schwab
• Wachovia
• Capital One
• Bank of America
• Suntrust
• eTrade
• Ameritrade
• Navy Federal Credit Union
The scheme is referred to as ‘Project Blitzkrieg” (PB). In a
beta-testing of the assault, it is reported that 300 bank accounts were
affected in the US. The recruitment for PB is being linked to Russian
cyber-criminals and an alleged cyber-mafia headed by an anonymous NSD.
Those who enter into PB are tasked with infecting specified US computers
with predetermined malware, cloning, syphoning passwords and login
information, transferring digital information from customer accounts.
Pat Calhoun, a senior vice president at McAfee said: “Our researchers
have been pouring into this and what they have found, they actually
found somewhere between 300 to 500 devices in the U.S. that have
actually been infected with the particular malware that this individual
is talking about. That, combined with some additional research we’re
doing, has led us to believe this is true. This is actually a real
operation that this individual is planning to launch sometime before
spring 2013.”
The banking institutions have decided to join forces to fight the
cyber-attacks, along with the federal government so that technological
vulnerabilities are identified and eliminated. Morgan Stanley and
Goldman Sachs are discussing converging on a shared data center where
secret banking information can be kept under wraps so that hackers
cannot steal information as well as sound an alarm when other banks are
under attack.
This new network of technocrats will privatize customer banking
information in the name of security while allowing the banksters to
further hide their questionable dealings. Banks across America will be
able to communicate in covert means that will never be released to the
general public. The days of banking scandals are over because their
network will prevent them for being caught.
Thanks to the ruling on Sentinel Management Group (SMG) in August of
2012, when a customer deposits money into a bank, the bank essentially
issues a promise to have those funds available when the customer returns
to withdraw the deposited amount. When the same customer withdraws
funds from their account (whether checking or savings) the customer
assumes that the bank has enough funds to cover their withdrawal;
including the presumption that their monies are separate from the bank’s
Now, those funds are up for grabs by the bank at their discretion
without explanation to the customer – nor is the bank obligated to
recoup the customer should they “lose” those funds due to bad loans,
bankruptcy or stock market loss.
The ruling on SMG has given the banking industry the legal backing they have been lacking when stealing from their customers.
Our financial institutions have been planning for a financial collapse
wherein the US government will not offer assistance. The resolution
plans required by the Federal Reserve Bank, described schemes to have
the major domestic banks remain afloat by selling off assets, finding
alternative sources of funding, reducing risky measures that make a
quick buck. These strategies were to be perfected with “no assumption of
extraordinary support from the public sector.”
The mega-banks, through Wall Street, are also acquiring firearms,
ammunition and control over private mercenary corporations like DynCorp
and ‘Blackwater” as authorized by the Department of Defense (DoD)
directive 3025.18.
Named as investors for the amassing of gun and ammunition manufacturers
are Citibank, BoA, Barclays and Deutsche Bank who are pouring money into
Cerberus and Veritas Equity who have taken over private corporations
involved in the controlling riot situations.
The Federal Reserve Bank, one of the heads of banking cartels, has their
own police force which operates as a protective security for the Fed
against the American public. As part of the Federal Reserve Act signed
in 1913, the designation of a Federal Law Enforcement – special police
officers that are exclusively regulated by authority of the Fed (whether
in uniform or plain clothes. These specialized police officers (who
train with Special Response Teams) can work in tandem with local law
enforcement or US federal agencies. These officers are heavily armed
with semi-automatic pistols, sub machine guns and assault rifles as well
as body armor.
Gauss, which is an online banking surveillance virus discovered by the
Kaspersky Lab in 2012, has the capability of electronically transferring
information out of customer accounts to be redirected to another
location. The banking industry would be devastated if suddenly they were
infiltrated by Gauss which would cause every banking customer to become
insolvent overnight.
This sets the stage for the banking holiday that we’ve all been warned
about. For example, the mainstream media would be used to announce that
Gauss has infected the all domestic banking computer systems. In order
to purge the virus, all banks would need to shut down for a specified
amount of time in order to reconfigure their computers. Perhaps on a
Friday afternoon, the major banks will all announce that they will shut
down to customer activity so they can “get rid of” Gauss from their
system. The banks might say that they will reopen to the public on
Monday morning.
Customers would not be able to conduct any financial transactions,
either in the bank or online over that weekend. And with the promise
that everything will be ok on Monday, there is no threat of a banking
holiday because the cover story is that a virus must be purged before
regular banking can continue.
However this would be a false flag meant to pacify the public to avert
mass panic. While the general public would fall for the cover story, the
banking cartels would simply electronically transfer all customer funds
from private checking accounts out to off-shore banks where they could
not be touched and cover their tracks.
Then on Monday morning, while the reports that the banking industry
suffered greater infiltration than expected, the DHS and US armed forces
would be poised to enact martial law to control the potential for
domestic insurrection caused by the realization that every American has
had their money stolen from them by the banking cartels in one fell

© Copyright by AbundantHope.net all rights reserved

Thanks to Jose I. Contreras at: http://www.spiritportal.net


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