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Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy

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1Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy Empty Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:00 pm


Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy

Friday, February 8th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Big Brother Censorship Consciousness Esoterica The Awakening

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  • Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy Prime_time-skulls2

    by Zen Gardner

    Sounds exotic, but it’s true. It’s all nuts. Something’s cut loose and we can all sense it and no one gets it.

    Cuz humanity’s carefully anesthetized.

    Things are moving so fast and crazy and in so many weird directions
    it’s tantamount to mass insanity going on. Yet most don’t even notice,
    and that’s the weirdest thing of all. That polarization is what
    compounds the problem, and that’s why the cryptos love to try to divide
    us every way they can.


    Those who dare wake up to reality vs. those who continue on within
    the projected mindframe. They all have a chance to wake up, but not all
    will take the challenge and opportunity.

    Such is the nature of the Universe. All will be resolved, but at what cost? Where and what is our response-ability?

    Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy Josephmeng_n

    Medication and Conditioning, Bread and Circus, Omission and Denial

    This is where the great schism lies. The awake and aware have snapped
    out of the control system. Those who haven’t are being tooled around
    like puppets on a million nano strings. When you don’t know, you don’t
    know that you don’t know…and are very easy to keep being fooled.

    When you’ve woken up, the world is completely reversed from
    everything you were told and believed before. You now know that you now
    know! And everything rights itself and all is clear.

    It takes some cobweb clearing to get a handle on the real picture but it happens, and in a relative hurry. Truth drives itself.

    It always does.

    How do they maintain this illusion? Mental conditioning is the name
    of the game for the designers and propagators of the matrix. Once the
    pattern is established in its captive subjects, the more you can pour
    the lies on without them being noticed. Also disguised is the fact that
    their every intention for humanity is for control and exploitation….at
    any cost or consequence to these expendable “human resources”.

    Sick, stupid shits that they are. Oh, how their attitude says it all! And stinks in the nostrils of loving truth!

    To achieve this conditioning requires quite an effort on their part,
    because we are ultimately irrepressible and they know that. It’s like
    chemtrails. If they don’t keep spraying the required concentration of
    their toxic soup the effects start to wane, like the fluoride dosing and
    the rest. To keep the vast majority sleep walking they use all kinds of
    methods and it’s really quite mind boggling when it all comes together.

    It’s also inspiring…because no matter what they do to us they can’t
    put us out of commission. Unless they kill us off entirely, but that’s
    just a promotion to the next level.

    Deal with that you control bastards.

    Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy Numbfuzz

    Tools that Numb

    But what specifically do they control us by? They flood our bodies
    with drugs delivered by any means possible; deprivation of nutrition,
    sunlight and clean air water and food; dumbed down education and a fully
    controlled media; mind numbing false news and so-called entertainment;
    electromagnetic smog blasting on the human nervous system wavelength;
    violence and oppressive fear and terror tactics, and on and on.

    They do this with impunity. Imagine the world is a massive internment
    camp where the captors give the illusion the inmates are free by
    letting them have a few choices within this massive, continental wide
    facility, and disguise the barbed wire fence as gorgeous murals, and the
    control devices as modern marvels for their advancement.

    Think wars–there’s a perfect example. All for our defense, safety and security, when it’s the exact opposite.

    9 Basic Simple Questions

    Some fundamental questions that beg answers that are evident before any clear thinking individual:

    –How can a government usurping monstrosity like the United Snakes
    Corporation and its affiliate thugs gang rape a planet and make it look

    –How can obviously lying elitist politicians bought off by the
    highest bidder be taken as serious entities in governing institutions?

    –How can known secretive government sponsored agencies pull off assassinations and staged shootings in plain sight?

    –How can the most murderous, supremacist, fascist, arrogant, racist
    people on earth be called “the chosen ones” and given title to anything
    they want including their own sanctioned Zionist territory and ravenous
    agenda and be given complete religious, social and political immunity
    and massive financial support? and based on clearly misguided insane
    religious zeal?

    –How can sweeping freedom destroying measures be instituted by “executive order” in a representative republic?

    –How can the food, water and air be deliberately poisoned in public knowledge and in plain sight?

    –How can electro-surveillance and mental manipulation be known and
    accepted as legitimate human altering science and in full implementation
    for mass control?

    ….AND on and on…why wouldn’t people of such an abused group not go berserk in protest?

    Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy Timemachinemorlocktemple

    The Hypnotic Rhythm of Anesthesia

    Every day I’m just amazed that no one seems to notice what’s going
    on. The business as usual behavior and shallow chatter about nothing and
    the complete dependence on routine behavior for money and phony goals
    is just mind-boggling.

    Clearly, there won’t be a world in which to live those goals if things aren’t changed drastically.

    The day we hope our children and grandchildren to grow up in is quickly becoming not just night, but a literal nightmare.

    The scene above is from the movie Time Machine from one of globalist
    insider H.G. Wells’ predictive programming pieces. Despite this meme of
    being fodder for other beings being shown to mankind for eons via
    literature or inside messengers, humanity doesn’t get it. It’s another
    great way to hide the Truth; sci-fi or story-fy it. Turn the real
    direction of the controllers into a fiction, a fantasy, entertainment…”A
    tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” as
    Shakespeare famously said through Macbeth.

    Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy Freemasonryroots30_n

    Who’s Behind This?

    I’m convinced there’s something very occult and spiritual that is
    ultimately behind all this, and these described techniques are just to
    augment the signal from the bowels of the matrix. Same as how chemtrails
    encourage the EMFs to manipulate weather patterns and other purposes,
    they provide an enhanced medium for these spiritual influences to take

    Is something else being broadcast? Are we subjects of another realm?

    I don’t know. But I’m sure aware of the possibility and inclined to think so. And that makes me feel I’m free.

    Extremely free. And that has power. Wonderful, conscious, awakening power.

    That, there, is a good day. You have one too.

    Much love, and keep on. Powerfully.

    Don’t begin to believe the bullshit.

    Your, Zen



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