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Love And Inspirtation…

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1Love And Inspirtation… Empty Love And Inspirtation… Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:11 am


Love And Inspirtation…

Posted on February 18, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Love And Inspirtation… Beautiful-blue-color-free-freedom-favim-com-345676 http://www.favim.com

Breathe deeply, lean back and send your love out into the universal
consciousness. If we were all doing this, the force would be with us ten
fold. Love has so much power to begin with, but if everyone were adding
theirs it would be power unlike any we could have imagined. Slowly we
are beginning to grasp this concept but we need to come together and set
our intentions as a whole. It is time for all of humanity to coordinate
and project their love wherever it is needed most. As hard as it is to
say this, I would think sending it to Washington would be a good place
to start. Their evil intentions are so vile they need to be neutralized
with a healthy dose of love from the masses. I am sure it would
overwhelm them and knock them off stride.

One of the greater powers we have regarding love and intention is our
ability inspire. It is our own inspiration or the inspiration of others
that puts our lives in motion and keeps propelling us forward.
Inspiration is mind altering, heart stopping at times and just plain
makes us feel good. It fills us up with everything we need to produce
good things for the world. Couple that with love and intention and you
have a winner I’d say. So why is inspiration so powerful on so many
levels? Inspiration originates within the source of all that is. Our
souls are ignited by it and nudge us along to embrace it because it
knows it is best for us. We are gifted with a grand idea and if we flow
with it we take a wild ride to wherever that inspirational thought takes

The challenge is to remain open to the inspiration and not allow fear
to shut it down. For a long time now we have been beaten down and made
less than by out controllers and so we have learned well to doubt
ourselves, but we must disengage from that form of thinking. We are no
longer dis-empowered, we are mighty and we have multiple abilities to do
just about anything. In order to bring inspiration into reality we must
believe in ourselves and house no doubts within. This is what we must
keep working towards, convincing ourselves we have no limits and
allowing ourselves to be swept up in the flow that source provides.

If we accept the challenge to live without limits and do whatever we
do from a place of love we can be unstoppable! I suppose the dark ones
know this already, it is we who must let this sink in and make it a
natural part of being again. We have forgotten and we must continue to
remind ourselves until we finally connect with it. If you think about
it, it has been decades since we heard about people coming forth with
inspirations to change the world. The great inventors have dried up it
seems or if they are out there, main stream media will not speak about
them. Our energy and excitement to produce magical things has been
driven under and great minds seem to have been silenced. It is time to
begin again to resurrect our great minds and begin once again creating
for the betterment of humanity. Let us find the courage to be
inspirational again, let us create the power of love.

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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