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You're Fired!

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1You're Fired! Empty You're Fired! Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:41 am


You're Fired!

March 2, 2013 by ohnwentsya | Leave a comment

You're Fired! D3eb4c9389e8d140c0ed8e7c56ba613c?s=25&d=identicon&r=G Reblogged from idealisticrebel:

You're Fired! Congress

  • You're Fired! Foundingfathers
  • You're Fired! Congress2

Well, right here in the United States of America, land of the people,
for the people, and by the people, we have experienced a slap across
our collective faces. Our Congress is made up of men and women who have
been duly elected to the House and Senate to protect and ensure our best
interests as we see them.

The elected officials we put into office have walked out.

Read more… 301 more words

The whole sequestration mess is unnecessary and a total sideshow and
distraction just to impose austerity on us, while giving more benefits
to the billionaires. I applaud idealisticrebel for this wonderful post
and hope that we can put a lot more pressure on Congress, the Supreme
Court, and even my much beloved President Obama long before 2014 to get
some REAL change started.
The change where We The People Matter More than Corporations,
Billionaires and the money from them that keep our elected "servants"
acting like their slaves. America may indeed be a LOT bigger than Egypt
and Spain but I think if enough of us fill our public squares, and drown
the internet and other media with our outcry against austerity and the
whole mindset that drives it's implementation, then we can push change
sooner than waiting for the ballot box solution.
People are drinking poisoned *flammable* water from fracking, our whole
downtown is so full of homeless people, regular people are AFRAID to
walk around down there-but Congress can't be bothered with old fashioned
diplomacy and hard work?

Pass this on-read it, share it, discuss it-and then let's DO something
to show that Americans are not as well programmed and asleep as the
Powers That Were like to think we are.

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Thanks to: http://2012spiritinaction.wordpress.com


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