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Build Your Self worth…

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1Build Your Self worth… Empty Build Your Self worth… Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:00 am


Build Your Self worth…

Posted on March 4, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Build Your Self worth… Appearance-funny-grandmother-favim-com-630355 http://www.favim.com

The picture I chose for today speaks such truth. How we see ourselves
is indeed what truly matters. It seems forever we have been taught that
status matters, how others see us is of importance, keeping up with the
Jones’ is a natural part of life. None of that matters. My Goodness, we
have been told lies for so long it’s no wonder we have been stumbling
along lost and without purpose. It is not an easy task to undo all of
the brain washing we have under gone since birth, but we must fight hard
to recoup our balance and wipe our minds clear of all of the lies. It
is essential we do our inside work to become whole again, to clear out
the clutter within and make free space for our new way of being to
reside. At the top of our to do list should be recovering our
self-worth, without it life just doesn’t work the way we want it to.

How we live our lives defines our self-worth. Do you live your life
with integrity? Do you hold high morals, do you live with conscious
awareness? How do you see yourself? Many people get up every day and go
off to work without ever getting in touch with themselves. They just
function with no thought as to what they are doing, thinking or saying. I
often refer to this as living on autopilot. If we are living this way
we are not conscious of our day-to-day lives. When we are not conscious
of what we think and what we say or what we do, we set ourselves up for
a life spent swimming upstream.

How we view ourselves and how we feel about our lives creates the
world in which we live, so it stands to reason we best think positive,
stay aware and strive to make the most of our lives. Doing so fosters
pride about ourselves and pride is our soul guide that whispers to us
that we are headed in the right direction. The older woman in the
picture has the choice to see her life as limited or to see herself as
free to be who she chooses to be. We all have the freedom to choose and
create the lives we dream about. It always begins with how we feel about
ourselves and our lives. Do you even know how you feel about these
things? Do you take the time to connect with yourself and know yourself?

Pride is such a wonderfully liberating emotion. If you feel good
about yourself and the life you have chosen to live, your life not only
flows, it soars! Synchronicities abound, you seem to always be gifted
with just what you need when you need it. You feel good about yourself,
who you are, you are enjoying the life you have created for yourself,
life is good. Why spend your life feeling down about yourself because we
have been trained to do that? Break free and fly high by loving and
appreciating yourself. It is time to take back our lives and live
joyously and richly from our hearts. We may be sitting in a wheelchair
unable to walk, but that does not mean we cannot live a full life. It is
all about how we view ourselves and our lives. Don’t allow yourself to
think small and feel restricted from being who you want to be! Think big
and see yourself as being all you can be! Take flight and expand your

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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