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ALL Politicians Will Be Assumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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ALL Politicians Will Be Assumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent

And, As They Have Done To Us, When It Erupts, ALL Politicians Will Be Assumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Monday, 4-Mar-2013 19:59:13
In Response To: The “No, by God, You Will Not Disarm and Enslave Me” Movement Rises to Power (Watchman)

Western Journalism – by Doug Book
As the far left pass into law unconstitutional and unforgivable statutes by which to confiscate the firearms of the American people, a number of gun rights supporters believe the reclamation of our 2nd Amendment rights must depend upon the continued election of declared, pro-2nd Amendment Republicans.
Unfortunately, such is the rose-colored-glasses thinking of individuals either too foolish, too gullible or too cowardly to recognize the perpetual treachery of elected Republicans for what it truly is— a politician’s perception of political necessity taking precedence over his duty to support the God given rights of the American people.
And never mind the argument that politicians who vote for gun confiscation will be in imminent danger of losing their jobs and therefore get what they deserve. That is irrelevant to the situation. For such politicians are traitors to the nation and to the American people. They are intent upon eliminating a God given, constitutionally codified and protected right! Therefore, reclaiming their elected office ceases to be an issue of any import as the very fact of their vote to abolish the right to keep and bear arms means they have lost all right to be a lawmaker in a free country.
In fact, it is not the right to their job which has been forfeited, but their right to continued existence. For as enemies of freedom and liberty, they have become implacable enemies of the American public. And no American has the obligation to tolerate the continued efforts or existence of anyone whose clear purpose is the enslavement of American citizens. Any laws implemented by such traitors are void and like all unconstitutional, illegal legislation, need not be obeyed.
In short, these politicians have already forfeited their jobs. Upon the implementation of gun confiscation, it shall be up to Americans to decide if they have also forfeited their lives.
Over the years, the Republicans Party has displayed nothing if not a well-known willingness to “go along to get along.” The importance Republican politicians place on retaining their jobs and power rather than doing what is right—protecting the Constitution by honoring their oath of office—has proven that no political party should ever be depended upon to secure the rights and liberty of Americans. In the end, that is OUR responsibility. Too long we have entrusted politicians with the care of our liberty and watched as it has been either trampled or stolen away. It is long past time we demand politicians follow the dictates of the Constitution or be removed from office. And NOT by the next vote, but by force.
God given rights are not negotiable. They cannot be bartered away by politicians in search of some nebulous “greater good.” And Americans must never permit the importance of their rights to be re-defined downward from the meaning and weight given them by the Founders. For in so doing we lose our constitutional republic and become no more than the slaves the left is so intent upon making us.
: by Henry Shivley
: The American people have put their foot down and asserted in
: no uncertain terms that we will not be disarmed by the
: soviet socialist insurgent occupying forces. The dead
: headed communists, being dead headed communists, have been
: listening to their own propaganda for too long and now we
: are seeing panic.
: The fraudulent opinion polls are meant only for the
: consumption of the goyim. This being said, make no mistake,
: the elite at the top have their own ears to the streets and
: they know the temper of the American people and the fact
: that the propaganda is failing miserably.
: Just like with the grass roots Tea Party and Occupy movements,
: a new power has arisen in this land, more powerful than any
: other ever seen on this planet. It is the “No, by God, you
: will not disarm and enslave me” movement. And now, just
: like with the grassroots Tea Party and Occupy movement, we
: are seeing a mad scramble to infiltrate, harness, and
: control this new power.
: The NRA was moved into place by the neo-con national
: socialists back when this new movement started to explode,
: just in case the propaganda failed to quell the uprising.
: Wayne LaPierre, with a look of total panic and fear,
: finally stepped up a week after Sandy Hook and record gun
: sales and declared that the NRA would not back any attempts
: at gun confiscations, including universal background
: checks, which he had previously endorsed.
: People, our numbers are unfathomable. We ourselves have yet to
: realize what a powerful force we have become and this
: Kraken, which has awoken and been provoked, is right now
: completely uncontrollable, as it consists of 40 million
: heavily armed, pissed off Americans who have flushed the
: fraudulent system and are now thinking for themselves as
: individuals.
: We are now seeing a petty attempt by the neo-cons to
: infiltrate and create a leadership that can be corrupted,
: as Rand Paul and Sarah Palin are declaring themselves to be
: our leaders and are taking up our mantra.
: I do expect Alex Jones to start praising and advocating Rand
: Paul as our new conservative, pro-gun, natural leader. We
: cannot forget that that dirty little bastard stuck the
: knife in our back when he denounced his own father and
: embraced the neo-cons in 2012 or his recent trip to Israel
: to take a knee and kiss the ring of King Netanyahu.
: As for Sarah Palin, just look at the Israeli flag pin she is
: wearing.
: These infiltrators will now start to back everything we back
: and oppose everything we oppose and then, when we are
: victorious, they will hail themselves as having led us to
: victory and then claim a mandate from us, which will be
: designed to destroy everything we have worked for.
: I already know we are smarter than this, but I will remind you
: where our power comes from and that is the fact that we are
: individuals, by the millions. The only way we can be
: pacified is as individuals.
: This is an attempted hijacking and must be treated as such.
: Make no mistake, when it fails, it will be all out war.
: When these evil parasites fail to control us through
: duplicity, all they will have left is force. Their
: application of force will fail as it will be too little,
: too late. And they know they are too little, otherwise they
: would not be trying such a radical shift at the very
: instant they were portraying a united communist front,
determined to disarm us.
: God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate
: mafia, we shall prevail.
: http://12160.info/forum/topics/the-no-by-god-you-will-not-disarm-and-enslave-me-movement-rises?xg_source=activity

Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:38 AM


Perhaps if John MacHaffie would get on the 'OPPT' bandwagon as well, the Civil War scenario might not seem so imminent. Spreading the awareness to those same millions clutching their guns, I'm sure would rather not have to use them(other than hunting), especially against friends or family... We cannot play into the trap. They have been defeated (foreclosed), Choose/use the appropriate weapons that we have, it doesn't have to be a gun... just hold on to them (in case). :)

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
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