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Posted on March 6, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Freedom…...... Depression-feelings-green-happiness-favim-com-493830 http://www.favim.com

I started thinking yesterday about freedom and what the world will be
like when we are ALL truly free and the dark ones have been banished
from existence. I am thinking that we need to be preparing ourselves
right now to be free. It sounds exciting and something we have all
dreamed about coming true, but in reality how prepared are we really for
being free? Are we like the circus animals whose cages have been opened
but the animals remain inside for fear of leaving the confinement they
have always known? I believe the best place to start is by learning to
free our minds. Once we do that everything else will slowly follow. Our
minds are where the shackles really exist. It seems to be hardest
obstacle for us to get beyond thanks in part to the years of constant
conditioning we have all endured. We can change locations and adapt well
over time, but changing our beliefs is a whole other issue entirely. It
is one we need to deal with.

For so long now we have lived within the confines of limitations we
have sadly set upon ourselves birthed forth from our fears. Fear has
been the main factor used against us forever now. We are well-trained to
react to fear, to honor it, listen to it, live with it. Fear is like an
uninvited house guest that has taken up residence and we don’t know how
to ask it to please leave. Instead we put up with it, endure it, adapt
our lifestyles around it and finally succumb to it. We really have no
idea how to live freely. Fear and limitations have become a way of life
for the majority of humanity and changing these obstacles seems
overwhelming and at times impossible for most. Freedom is exciting to
dream about but in reality, how many are willing to pay the price to
have it? Are you willing to change your beliefs for a ticket to freedom?

In order to be genuinely free, we must release old beliefs that keep
us captive behind the bars of our self-made prisons. Freedom is
something that doesn’t just happen suddenly and we are there. It is a
state of mind we must adapt to as well as having physical freedom to
move about freely. We must prepare ourselves for it now so we are ready
to embrace it fully and move forward into the new world we are busily
constructing right now with every thought and action we are taking. Not
only must we change our thoughts to create it, we must change beliefs so
we can embrace it and accept it into our lives.

Because we seem to think that some outside force controls our state
of being free or not, we tend to sit back and wait for it to come to us.
We are the ones that hold the key which unlocks the doors to our cells.
We are able to turn that key at any given moment and walk through the
prison bars and out into the freedom the new world offers us all. Do we
have the courage is the question. It is time to prepare ourselves and
release the restrictions we have placed upon our way of thinking through
our steadfast beliefs. Be willing to bend to new ways of seeing things,
be willing to release old, outmoded beliefs that no longer work for
you, allow yourself to become a whole new person, embrace a whole new
identity. If you do this, you still exist, you are still you, just a new
you and there is nothing to fear in doing this. Stop being your own
jailer and learn how to grow wings to fly away free from the past.

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” C.S. Lewis

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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