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Plummeting Changes Ahead…

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1Plummeting Changes Ahead… Empty Plummeting Changes Ahead… Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:50 am


Plummeting Changes Ahead…

Posted on March 8, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Plummeting Changes Ahead… Nature-photography-stream-water-waterfall-favim-com-228012 http://www.favim.com

Much like the raging water in the picture I chose today, change is
arriving abruptly, and we best center ourselves and be prepared. I sense
an ending soon to all we have known in our lives and the start of great
unrest and lack of security for many who are unable to go with the flow
of what is occurring. It surely doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell
us the people’s toleration is coming to a fiery end. Sequester? What
are they trying to push over on the people now? It is the hard- working
people who are being slammed yet again for a disaster created and
manipulated by the dark forces trying to bring down this country. This
financial mayhem was not brought about by the people, we were not the
ones looting the banks, rigging mortgages and carelessly throwing away

The Federal Reserve, the major corporations and the big banks are all
guilty of setting this disaster into motion, yet once again we the
people are being told we must lose benefits, deal with higher taxes,
loose funding for schools, the elderly, healthcare etc. How long are we
going to sit back and take the hit without repercussions? I am beginning
to think it will indeed take the financial system crashing throwing
millions of people into poverty to make the people angry enough to stand
up and say NO MORE !!!

Why must we wait until the eleventh hour before we take action and
accept the reality of what is going on? We have been locked into this
pattern of denial forever now, but it is unnecessary. It reminds me of
procrastination and how we leave what we don’t want to do until the
final moment, only in this case it is what we don’t want to face. Well
face it! Pretty soon there will be no money left in our pockets for
survival or the ability to fight back. This is what the dark ones are
hoping for, so why are we giving them what they want? It is time to face
things head on, accept what is occurring and do something about our
dire situation.

It is time we take things into our own hands and find our own
solutions to life’s problems. Don’t sit back and wait for some solution
from our corrupt Government to ease the crunch we are about to face.
Find ways to get around things! We should be trying to find ways to
strengthen community where we live, for when things get really rough, we
will need each other for support. Are we fighting to implement new laws
that will circumvent the Federal laws designed to bring us to our
knees? Are we becoming active locally in creating protections for the
people from an out of control Government? Just what are each of us doing
to create buffers from the upheaval on its way to a city or town near

We seem to understand the new concept of ‘we are the change we wish
to see’, but how are we walking that talk? Instead of leaving things as
truths in our heads, we should be working with these truths to find ways
to maneuver around the obstacles and find new routes to take to the new
world. This is what the new world is all about. We are here now, what
are we going to do with our newly found power? If we don’t own the power
it sits idle and so do we, in the same place we were before everything
began. Embracing the new world is embracing the truth of who we are and
working with what we are discovering. Knowing the truths is not enough,
acting upon these truths is required in order to create our new visions
and flourish. It is time to walk the talk and say NO MORE! Find your
courage to be who you really are and take a stand towards evolving
humanity forward!

Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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