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NAS Entry #28

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1NAS Entry #28 Empty NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:14 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
“Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions; it is governed by our mental attitude.” Dale Carnegie

I’ll begin instead from the middle of a thought…

The challenge is trying to figure out how to harness and develop the enthusiasm for an idea – a concept, and find a way to bring it to fruition.

Toronto is the fastest growing City in the world, with the most number of Boom Cranes than anywhere else – Dubai was, not that long ago, the king of expanding cities, but now – after the 2008 Housing Crash, the Sultan is unable to complete his many projects…

What is Toronto doing differently than any other City? Nothing – we have signed ourselves onto $800 million dollars of Debt, with another Billion in the works as we attempt to expand our Transit.

But often, it isn’t how much it costs – but rather, that we are aspiring, trying, moving towards achieving something – often at any cost… The cost is a by-product of our desire to simply achieve and to fulfill our notion of entitlement or ego… After all, there is great reward in saying, ‘I did that,’ or ‘I was responsible for that…’ Big is the man who feels boasted by pride and accomplishment… We all want credit for the good things, but shriek at any negative backlash that may happen.

Challenges are abound… And if we are to learn anything about the City Planners and Engineers of Toronto, there’s always room to grow upwards…

I’ve been inspired to write and have quickly come to the realization that I’ve been so long out of the game of creative writing that I no longer know where to start or how even to start.
The other day on the subway home, I was listening to two juniors from high school talking about their creative writing projects and the one commented that her teacher had criticized her on her lack of ability to tie-together her thoughts. It appeared to me that the young lady had very little support or encouragement from her teacher and even less guidance as to how to correct her failings. Instead, she was simply reminded on how terrible she was and discouraged to even try – despite it being mandatory.
From this, all joy was siphoned from something that, to her, an intimate expression of self. Instead, it was turned into something cheap and dirty – a grade…

From my vantage point, her only failings were her lack of experience and guidance… A gentle hand of encouragement and instructive lessons of successful methods to tie thoughts together would set her well on her way to being the next JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, or Canada’s own, Margaret Atwood… Instead, she’s more likely to simply walk away from it… And look back with biterness and disgust...

I’ve been there – often. It is for me a familiar dune in the desert of my abandon enthusiasm. I have thousands of pages of half started concepts. I’ve completed in all, 3 novellas and 5 short stories and several hundred blogs that are accessible still throughout the Internet under various appellations.

Back in 1997, I handed in several of my short stories to publishers. The editor of one Publishing House was so enthusiastic about my work that she encouraged me to submit more of my titles. However, at that time, their publishing company wasn’t accepting new submissions. The appraisal of my story was so encouraging and uplifting however, that it left me with a high. It was a true reply to my manuscript and not a generic letter either – as several others were. Though I had been turned down, I felt like I could do it – that I had talent and my hope was renewed…

But life often, as it does, consumes us – and nearly 20 years have passed without an attempt to revisit that world of becoming a ‘Published Author.’

So, I’ve been reading and researching… And sitting on my hands because I remain fearful of even attempting… The world seems to be filled with malice and judgment – and very little praise and upliftment.

The negative affect of the world is an all consuming flame that devours all hope and joy. The brakes have been pulled on innovation, all because we work for pay – our pursuits have little to do with happiness and joy, after all – we can’t buy food, shelter and antibiotics with happiness and joy…

There is then a very visible cost to the condition of the world – and how we interact within it… Corrupt Governments are symbols of our own moral and ethical corruption… Our reflection appears to us in the muddy waters of our lack of discernment. The shift moved us so far out of balance with ourselves that we’ve flipped the scales 180 degrees from our intended destination.

I was shocked to find the other night that the Galapagos Islands have been colonized by over 20 thousand Ecuadorian citizens… The fragile balance of nature that existed in that area for the last 200 years have been further crippled by the addition of human expansionism. Overpopulation within the boarders of Ecuador have pushed people to settle in the world's last known Natural Preserve of true Wilderness…

Then it struck me, the Latin American Nations are expanding at such a rapid rate that there is a resurgence in re-colonizing colonized territories… The Conquistador of Latindom throughout the Pan-American Territories… All of which is reflected in the Catholic’s Church’s move to elect a Latin American Pope to lead the charge… The taxation of Cyprian bank accounts is a minor blip in the world as much more devastating trends are being introduced – these are merely the first steps to reshaping the global landscape.

Therefore, I may agree with Dale Carnegie – it may be possible to find happiness – but I doubt it is possible at the point of a gun… The External, as well as the Internal are equal in all cases – the precedence is set by the immediacy of either condition.

2NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:53 pm


Oh how unfortunate that you do not continue to write and pursue being published. I could read your words all day long. You are thought provoking and inspiring not to mention talented.

I think that the Cyprus banking issues are a sign of the things to come globally. Things need to be leveled to be rebuilt. This includes the worlds illusionary electronic monies. The system broke when it no longer had to have the assets to back up the loans. To raid the saving accounts of those that trust in the system is par for the course.

But to allow humans to take over the Galapagos Islands is even worse on so many levels!... criminal!!!

Glad to see you back as usual NAS! I missed you. :)


3NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:04 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
Well, the answer to Cyprus is Iceland.

Iceland imprisoned their Fraudster Banksters who wrote Iceland onto Billions in Derivatives. The Government and Supreme Court of Iceland both ruled the debt fraudulent and are prosecuting all those responsible.

The US needs the will to do the same to Bernanke and friends…

The Banking issue is paralyzing – however, what is haunting are the boogiemen at your doorstep, armed to the nines and hell bent for revenge due to phantom grievances, and all with the blessing of God at their backs…

I’m foreseeing much larger issues than the IMF seizing bank accounts to pay back fraudulent bailout debt…

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4NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:12 pm


yep!!! We are gonna be rocking and rolling here in the next few weeks... maybe even days.

What else do you foresee? If you don't mind me asking.


5NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:15 pm


Purpleskyz, if I may- I believe it will be called 'Armageddon'- IF 'O' isn't removed, and Bernanke stopped dead in his tracks, and incarcerated- grrrr

6NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:28 pm



Yes the proverbial shit is about to hit isn't it? HA!



7NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:34 pm


Well, we're just along for the ride, anyway, so WTF are we gonna do besides get hammered and watch all the new army equpiment rumble by? I ain't skeeerd-Whatever happens happens, one must count on one's self, and nobody else, right? Just live each day like it's gonna be your last! And have fun and enjoy doin it! cheers2

8NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:04 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
I predicted in 2010 that the US will be facing a Civil War with three Governments emerging...

States will be divided – but only after much bloodshed… I believe that the majority of the combatants against the people of the United States will be divided between its own Army, Homeland Security with the use of Security Agencies and armed TSA agents (in what I call the 'Red' and 'Blue' States,) and Migrants, Undocumented Citizens and Militants who cross over the southern borders ( in the 'Red' States of Southern United States.)

Canada will be complacent in the North (with Russia and China as our Allies) – sending only Police Officers to shoot at American Citizens who protest in the Northern States… Remember, our Prime Minister is a neo-Fascist Dictator with delusions of Grandeur…

As far as to how to survive – well, to be honest – I believe that American Citizens who reside in the ‘White’ States – meaning States that believe in Gun Ownership and yet have strict Gun Laws, but aren’t controlled by Democratic Ideologies – Will have to look at their own ability to produce Power (Green Energy,) and food. Removing their money from the banks, stocks and other 'investments' – stock up on Petrol, Food and Water and if one is inclined – Guns and Ammo… And buy a Water Filtration system.
Form community Co-Ops for Food, Water and Power Share – Embolden Community Projects like Street Patrols to reduce Crime, create partnerships with Local Police Agencies, Identify Education Centers and pass out pamphlets educating our young people on the issues and on the communities solutions – building cooperatives with the young people and get them involved in Growing and Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables… Opening Dialogues with Municipal Mayors to fund projects, such as Green Spaces for growing Foods for open share… The Majority of ‘White’ States will be generally unaffected – except for Florida, which has a large population of Undocumented Citizens…

Furthermore, I suggest finding a place and establishing oneself outside of a 200 mile radius of a Nuclear Power Generation Plant… Scientist are saying that there is only a .012% chance of an Earthquake greater than a category 6 in the Mid-West – or the New Madrid Fault Line area… However, what has been explored is that the 5 most central States in the US can generate enough Renewable-based Power to feed all of the United States demand. Now, with the Government’s current technology to generate Seismic Activity… It would be an advisable tactic to cause one large enough to cripple the Mid-West – with the benefit of engaging FEMA – who rely solely on FED Monies to operate… A great way to sign on those states to Long-Term Debts to bail out their clean-up… Like in Fukushima, which they estimated will take 100 years to clean up…

The US Eugenics program is pushing for the reduction of 15% - 25% of the Population… Battlelines are being drawn as we speak… With the majority of the losses in both the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ States, before the establishment of the North American Union… That’s roughly about 50 to 90 million people who will die…

Shutting down bank accounts is merely a way to make people helpless – a tactic used on people of interest – freeze their accounts and find out all their known associates and monitor all forms of communications between them. Search spending and debt records to identify possible hide-outs and allies and form search parties… Weaponized Drones are a blessing in this, reducing the need to use human resources…

For America – Washington DC and Mexico are the largest threats… And as citizens, we need the political will to make a drastic change in our halls of Power…

I stopped eating meat years ago. From looking at images of cattle as they are corralled through the fenced in barricades as they moved towards the Slaughter House, I could see the anticipation in their eyes, as well as the implicit faith they had in their handlers… The trust that they are being looked out for, their welfare and wellbeing, their top concern… Only to face darkness at the end of the trail… Reminded me of our current social system… Wallmart destroying small businesses – My mother told me this winter that Wallmart was doing very little to harm small businesses – but rather it was due to both apathy and tired business acumen of the aged owners were at fault… However, when we move our jobs offshore and give away our trades… We arrive at a paradigm that reminds us that we aren’t a part of the system… We are merely tools – objects to be exploited, like cattle – with the interest in processing debt…

From that core knowledge, on just has to look at history and find beaming examples that will suggest what are the next steps… The extrapolations from that is merely a formality of How, and not When…

9NAS Entry #28 Empty Re: NAS Entry #28 Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:43 pm


Well I am sunk then. I live within 200 miles of Argonne. I am upstate from the New Madrid but I believe Cayces predictions regarding this area. Though he did say that Illinois and Ohio would fair well. Though it takes over an hour to get to Lake Michigan from where I am at it technically is about 40 miles as the crow flies. If the things Cayce has predicted do follow I am not far enough from the lake.
I so agree with your summery as to the plight of the Americas. We have an incredible number of illegal's from Mexico here also.


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