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Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati

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1Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati Empty Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:06 pm


Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Alternative Science Big Brother Secret Societies The Awakening

Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati Illumpeople-pyramid1

by Zen Gardner

If you’ve ever wondered how the Elite conspirators can really believe
what they believe and still live with themselves, this is how. It boils
down to one common mindset, where there is no good or bad, just the
glorious agenda and end game that justifies any action conceivable.

They really believe they are right. A world of their making is in progress.

The fabulous future world as they see it is a place of peace and
plenty with no challenges or inconveniences. For them. The enlightened
ones who will bring in the New Age of Enlightenment as per their
millennia old plans and programs.

By the way, we’re not part of that plan. Unless you’re one of the
sellouts who gave up your soul to their cold, self serving mentalist
goals. In that case you might learn something here about how real humans
think and derive loving Truth via heart, intuition and consciousness.

But I digress…

Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati Prometheus-Rockefeller-Center-6

The Projection

While the reality of an ongoing soft, slow kill off of “excess
humanity”, “useless eaters” or “human resources” ramps up, the arrogant
self appointed elites are licking their chops for what they think is the
coming culmination of their age old agenda. Total world control with
complete subjugation of a drastically reduced, subservient, transhuman

The world they plan is in most cases not seen by them as some dark,
satanic empire. In their minds it will be a literal paradise on earth.
For them of course. Not their subservient underlings. Massive virgin
forests and game reserves for their hunting pleasure. Clear oceans for
their fishing pleasure. Seems altruistic? That’s the game. One man’s
paradise can be another man’s hell.

Especially when you’re dealing with psychopaths and invading entities with ulterior motives.

The UN’s Agenda 21 gives most of this ongoing plan away, as they work
to take away private property and drive the world’s people off the land
and into efficient, highly controlled “population centers”. If you want
to see how they’re going about implementing Agenda 21 search your local
area. It’s no doubt happening now in your community and you know
nothing about it, unless you’re in the loop or a real alert activist.

And this beautiful newly restored earth they plan to rehabilitate,
using stored seeds from the Norway Vault and other locations? Why it’s
for them. And the surviving eugenically inferior Gammas will be evolved
into a nice, tidy fully obedient roboslave. Any movies come to mind?
Books? Is that an accident? Do a search on dystopian books and movies to
get an eye full of this predictive programming. All part of the master

This superior race and “gifted” mental manpower after all deserves
to be treated as such. Just look at royalty through the ages, or
oligarchical power families like the Rothschilds and their closely held
minions. They have convinced humanity that it’s fine, in fact important
for our culture, that so few should live in such obscene, hoarded wealth
while the serfs of the world die of starvation.

That humanity hasn’t risen up to overthrow these wicked rulers once
and for all is beyond me. But that’s why their system is set to entrance
and entrain us from birth in the ways of their imposed matrix, so we
have as hard a time as possible waking up out of their spellbinding

Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati Gateskiller1

Hijacking Context – A Whole New World for Whom?

We’re about to see this New World Order meme hit total acceptance and
popularity. They’re very good at this sort of thing. Much of the New
Age movement is playing into this and a lot of these arising manipulated
movements in the alternative community. A predominant sector is the
mainstream science community, which you can witness in what their
science talking heads promote as steps toward a “bold new world” with
such unnatural insanities as transhumanism, genetic modification,
geoengineering and micro and nanotech implants.

That is not a good future for humanity. That is a good future for
control by the Overlords, at our expense. Yet amazingly great sectors of
humanity buy into it. Why? They’ve learned to buy what they’re being
sold, period. It’s all about the conditioned sales job, and they’ve
perfected the technique…at least to the unwary. Hence the dichotomy
between the awake and asleep.

Who doesn’t want a new world compared to the mess this has become?
Problem is what a new world means to them versus the one it means to a
consciously aware human being. Just think of all the dreamy songs about
a new world coming, or that we’re making. Of course that has appeal.
But like everything else, these deceiving manipulators have something
completely different in mind than you and me, and something most would
never even dare to conceive to be true.

Elites Celebrate Their Plan In Plain Site – And We Fall for it!

The following production as you’ll see is quite elaborate, extremely
well prepared and amazingly delivered by an incredible talent. See for

First of all, I don’t like kids being deliberately imbued with adult
characteristics for promotional purposes. It’s just wrong. Children are
being pressured into very strange social and cultural straightjackets
more and more and it’s a psychological and spiritual crime. Let kids be
kids and develop naturally.

If you were touched by that song and think ‘what a wonderful thing’ I
can understand. At face value there are a lot of sweet sentiments and
it’s a rich tune with an apparently inspiring message. Applied the right

I, however, only saw that backwards. As I said, it’s a sweet
sentiment, but it’s the Illuminists’ message I’m afraid. They’re talking
about the day after, after we’re gone to the dumpsters and they have
full sway…the fulfillment of their New World Order just down the road,
so they think. No way those elites attending there see this current
world in that context. They see an eviscerated world that has been
carefully replanted. See the Georgia Guidestones for proof.

Mannequin Manipulation

She’s way too choreographed and coached, and as I said it’s clearly
not a child’s sentiment. The setting and promotion is elitist, with a
hot shot big time insider music mogul, stuffy theatre with penguin
elites and all, and if you noticed as the end it had illuminist torches
across the ceiling. That’s symbolic of Prometheus bringing
“illuminating” fire to man against the orders of the mean other god yada
yada. A whole subject unto itself. Another false opposition for the
sake of appeal. (Man the creepy critters behind all this are wickedly
smart bastards.)

The very clever deceptive message is that the elites want peace and a
new world for everyone. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention, we’re not
included. That new world is for them and it’s one nasty, twisted idea of
heaven on earth with those they murdered under their feet.

And the gooey message appeal? We get literally forced into those
feelings because there’s so much truth to it and we instantly jump into
OUR interpretation without the least big of understanding of WHO is
promoting this message and WHY!

You do have to wonder if this poor little girl isn’t a product of the
massive mind control program. She’s almost robotic in her perfect
gestures and delivery. Scarey.

Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Illuminati Consciousaware375_n-458x640


The elites have always been the art, music and knowledge guardians,
and the mainstream author, researcher and education “sponsors”. Not by
coincidence. Control and programming information is the name of the
game. And how they see their message of “hope” and what they aspire to
is crucial to understanding what we’re witnessing around us, via logos,
media programming, scientific advances etc. etc.

We’re witnessing their plan unfolding…one of total control of our
people and environment, with an eye to even move out this control grid
to other planets. We’ll be seeing the space programming coming on strong
now with more fake asteroid attacks and perhaps alien “disclosure” as
the Vatican is currently engaged in. All in the plan, folks. We’re
militarizing everything we can get our hands on at our expense. Ever
wonder where the disappeared trillions went to?

It’s time to end all of this insanity and throw some cold water on our faces and wake up while there’s still time.

These so called “elites” who’ve wangled their way into places of
power and control for centuries are an aberration. They’re a type of
fungus or parasite that has spread throughout the body politic. As the
host weakens the infection spreads more quickly, like what they’re doing
with chemtrails and tainted water and food. Eventually the very thing
they had hoped to conquer and own is dead if it succeeds, so not such a
smart game plan after all.

Healing for all of us is in becoming conscious, awake and aware of
what they’re up to and the glorious realities of the powers at our
disposal. Indigenous non compliance and diversified pro-active responses
will then naturally proliferate, as they are now. The human body can
heal and recover from any infection with the right nutrition, stopping
the poisonous influx of wrong attachments, information and vibrations,
and detoxing from any currently held “beliefs” and attitudes.

It is that easy.

But knowing our enemy is a big help. And essential to understand.

Stay clean. See past the illusion.

We’re approaching critical mass and it’s all about conscious
awareness, detaching from the matrix, and understanding and Trusting the

Much love, Zen

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. - Lao Tzu



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