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  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


WTF is a nano worm, any relation to a blood worm, sand worm, earthworm, tapeworm, ?


Well weirdly enough Mogellons is said to be a nano worm virus. I say weirdly because RH- blood type seemed to be the only ones effected with this. It is quite fascinating research actually. But many will be affected as this gains strength.

I am real happy to see this getting out.

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Oh I thought it said Nannee worm LOL my bad hahahaha!


Skyz, do you know what the connection is between Rh- and Morgellons? Is this a targeted worm you think? My microbiologist friend who seems to know everything about this topic said that many of the weird viruses and bugs tested on humans over the past few decades are targeted to very specific gene groups. Do you know where the Rh- factor came from? This is very puzzling.


Hey Raven

What I know is that for years many on the RH- sites I member at have repeatedly said that Morgellons is not only something that they can not get any doctors to acknowledge but that they are finding out through their own networking and research that the number of negs affected is something that one can hardly ignore. The photos of the damage are amazing. You can actually see hair like fibers that are coming out of the skin. I have not read of this except on those sites but I have seen mention of Morgellons recently on some of the Facebook pages.... but mostly on the RH- pages.

If there is any info that this does happen to RH+ I have yet to see it... but maybe because I have not had time to really do searches and am only interested in the neg factor.

I would love to hear what your friend has to say about the gross lack of info regarding the neg blood types. You know me and my neg theories. LOL

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Something to look into, what about experiments on monkeys,ape, caveman, and humans, maybe rhogam came from a combination of the two, three, who knows? All I know is a couple of friends of mine had kids with mongolism, {where the girls and boys look the same} and some of them have a uni-brow, and I thought maybe a bloodline, back a few centuries ago, MAY have caused this condition, and now it is more prominent than it was in the past century, I mean, it's something to look into, or research? Just inquiring, as I had heard something about this kind of thing back in high school in the 70's- affraid


Skyz, I have seen a lot of those Morgellons sites and a lot of photos and microscopic images and that is the creepiest shite I've ever seen. My little pea picking heart goes out to anyone who has F'in nanobots in their skin. I would FREAK. I've studied this a bit but I never made that Rh- negative connection. I'm going to ask my friend tonight. I hate to sound like one of those crazier than a loon conspiracy nutwacks (although I am one) but I just wonder if there is some sort of Annunaki/Archon connection. That sounds totally Out There, but Morgellons is totally Out There!


I think you are on the right track Raven.

Once one understands how little info is actually out there on the negs it really makes it easier to see that there is this huge cover up.

I always come back to that all spiritual text, even the new age ascension info always says that we must look within to find our answers. Well you can't get more within than ones own blood in my view. I keep coming back to how important this is. It gets frustrating that (present OOM family excluded) no one with positive blood type sees this as a cover up. The day I found my fav neg site.... I felt that the dark curtains had finally been drawn open and the light finally was hitting me.

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


I sent a question to my microbiologist friend. She works 24/7 so it takes awhile to hear from her. So what is your favorite neg site? I have been meaning to catch up on this topic and I have been a slacker.


Did anyone read my post above? Maybe it got overlooked- peace and love


Whoa this just went straight over my head, very interesting tho, must look up what you are talking about guys! terbs I read it, I just don't have a response to it lol, I know nothing of this stuff, need to learn!


Purpleskyz or Ravensmoon would be the one's brains to pick on that subject, I just posted what I experienced people telling me about the 'RH' {Rhogam factor}-A Type of blood disorder, or something to that effect- :shock:


T... rhogam is a drug given to RH- pregnant woman in case they are carrying a fetus that is of positive blood type. When that happens the fetus will be spontaneously aborted or miscarried. The hosts (mothers) body will repel the RH+ baby and her antibodies will attack the fetus. Rhogam fools the antibodies sothis will not happen. But there is much controversy with the after effects of rhogam. I so far have not had any of these side effects and I have had many rhogam shots.

The RH (Rhesus as in Rhesus Monkey) factor in the blood is determined as RH- or RH+. RH+ is determined to be related to Rhesus Monkey. RH- is not. This is one of the reasons that evolution versus creation does not hold any validity in science. The origin of RH- has not been determined or revealed to the general public. It is this reason that I have been on my life long quest to get answers to these questions. Where in blazes did the RH-'s come from if not evolution. It is a big secret!!!

As for mongoloid babies... this is a birth defect that actually can be predetermined by amniocentesis. Then the host (mother) can decide to abort if that is what she wishes.

I was not ignoring your comment by the way... just got back from a break from the computer. Sorry bout that. :)

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


I knew it was one of the two, I just wasn't sure, that's all, I thought it had something to do with monkeys, but this will come out in the open in the next few years-I guess I got the two confused somehow- Questions are being asked and also investigated, and they will find out why this info was surpressed-


I have been following nano tech/Morgellions for years as it was suggested for me to get familiar with it. The nano creatures are amoung us and have been for quite a few years. As for the questions about RH-, follow your bloodline and you will find some type of Royalty or Vatican connection, or some connection to some nobility. Its really not that hard to find the truth its just so far outside of the box that few can even go there.....Just my thoughts.....


Spot on as usual topspin.

I am from royal bloodline. I never believed that when my Mom told me as a kid but I know now that it is true. I was told a Prince of Wales knocked up a maid that was said to me my great-great-great grandmother. I shudder to think that these people are relations to me. YUK!!!!!
No honor in the knowing that's for darn sure.

btw... nice to see you! Hope all is well with you and we should talk soon. :)

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Hey purps.......Im just sitting by watching all unfold. Its truly a remarkable sight to see. To be aware who is in charge and watch his masterful manipulation of mankind is truly a work of art. Amazing just doesnt cover it......All of these people, lied to, used, enslaved, yet very few even have a clue. So, we wait to see when the light comes on for all humanity and just what that holds for us. I would think it would be hard for this to go on too much longer. I feel its time for something major on a national stage to happen...We all know it will, but just what is next is the 14 quatrillion question......(Federal Reserves est wealth)


My ex-wife was from royalty, too, I think- She did some awful shit to me, and I told her she was a 'royal a-hole'- Later on, however, I did return the favor- affraid affraid cheers thumbs up

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