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Powerful earthquake jolts Japan- strongest to hit the western region in decades

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Powerful earthquake jolts Japan- strongest to hit the western region in decades

Posted on April 13, 2013 by The Extinction Protocol

A 6.0-magnitude earthquake rattled
Japan early Saturday. The quake’s epicenter was near Awaji Island in in
the western Japan’s Seto inland sea, not far from Kobe and Osaka. At
least 24 were injured.

April 13, 2013 JAPAN A
strong earthquake in western Japan rattled people awake as dawn broke
Saturday, injuring at least two dozen people. The U.S. Geological Survey
initially reported the quake as magnitude 6.0, but later revised its
reading to magnitude 5.8.
The Japan Meteorological Agency ranked the quake at 6.0, but later
revised their measurement to 6.3, according to Japan Today.The quake was
fairly shallow but reports of the depth were not consistent. The USGS
reported a depth of 5km (3.1 miles) but the Japan Meteorological Agency
registered the quake at 15km (9.3 miles) deep. At least 24 people were
injured and there was some damage to residential property. No fatalities
were reported and there was no threat of tsunami. The quake’s epicenter
was near Awaji Island in in the western Japan’s Seto inland sea, not
far from Kobe and Osaka. On people posted reports
of swaying buildings and shaking that lasted up to one minute. Reuters
reported the Ikata nuclear power station near the epicenter was not
affected. Separate reports indicate no damage to the country’s other
nearby reactors. Among the injured were an 82-year-old woman who
suffered a broken leg and a 74-year-old with a broken hip, Japan Today
reported. It was one of the strongest earthquakes to strike the area in
decades. A 1995 quake in Hyogo prefecture destroyed the port city of
Kobe and killed 6,000. –Nature World

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