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Beware of the E.T. Agenda...... A MESSAGE TO COBRA & ALL OF MANKIND

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Beware of the E.T. Agenda...... A MESSAGE TO COBRA & ALL OF MANKIND

Reported by: NESARA BLOG


I write this message from my eternal flame from within my
divine heart out of great concern for the numerous requests to meditate and
imagine a glowing light to enter our bodies or either for the sake of our
planet. So I will try to do my best to explain why I need give a warning to my
all my brother & sisters of “Mother Earth” and why I write my opening
sentence as I have.

I will start with
the question of have you ever heard the expression of “As above, Is Below”, if
not, I encourage you to research it & go deep within (not in your mind, but
deep into your heart) and feel this
and then continue to read this message.
For those of us experiencing the awakening of our spiritual journey we
have discovered that through the dark forces on our planet we have been
controlled and made sick in order for us to become separated from our
consciousness. And one of the ways this has been accomplished is with
“Synthetic” food & drugs” when Mother Earth along with Father Sun
always provided us with the “Organic” nutrients, natural medications
healing that we always needed.

So I will try to get more the point of
message, this imaginary light that they keep asking of use to imagine is
“Synthetic”. So let’s now bring the
feeling of “As above, Is Below” back to the forefront. Just as the dark
forces here on Mother Earth
have controlled, manipulated, caused suffering, wars, etc., well the
same thing
has been taking place with dark forces in the universe above us.

order to try to get a handle on this, you
first must take the religious teachings of this lifetime and put them
Let’s start with the ancient mythology of the Atlantis & the Gods.
Have you
ever wondered with all of our religious teachings that have stood the
test of
time, where in the heck did all of this come from?

It started when
these Gods appeared from the
heavens with all of these special powers and bags of magic tricks that
story begins. Egyptian teachings have
also shown us that there were beliefs that if human flesh was consumed
would receive God like status & powers. Does that not resonate &
symbolic of what we are experiencing here in this now with feeding off
of our
fear in order to have the ultimate control therefore empowering these
forces in acting as if they were Gods.

I now understand where the common
expression of “history repeating itself’ comes from. We are finding out
that the dark forces here
on Mother Earth have known about the ET’s for a long time but have hid
it from
us. So it just tells me that they are
not going down let go of that power & control without a fight and
that they
have been making plans for a very, very long time. So let’s bring the
of “As Above, Is Below” back to the forefront.

As below here on Mother
the dark forces have controlled Mother Earth and her children and have
great suffering and harm with their deceit & manipulation. In the
above, the same battle of “Good vs. Evil” has been taking place as
well. So with that being said, we must start
realizing that the ET’s here on our Mother Earth are not all good.

those here with good loving intention, but there are also those who are
with their deceitful hidden agendas. This is exactly where we come back
circle to where “And the Gods came down from the heavens with their
powers & bags of magic tricks”. So please, please get over the idea
are here to save us and please start researching the real truth about
Christian belief of rapture & how we will be taken from this earth
rejoined with God in the heavens. They will take you away into the
alright but not to meet God.

You will find yourself in another slavery
system of
suffering. I am not saying this to scare you, but instead to give
insight of
how to empower yourselves from within with the purest discernment of
truth. So
now I will back and explain the meaning behind the first opening
statement. We
as eternal beings of light from this universe have such strong eternal
but this flame only comes from within our divine hearts.

You have to
get out of your heads because
that is where ego & emotion can run you straight down a rabbit
hole. The “Truth” only comes when you dig deep in
your hearts with unconditional love and peace that we can truly connect
our Creator, Mother Earth & Father Sun and receive the “Truth Serum”
of discernment
& wisdom.

These E.T.’s are playing
some serious mind control games with the masses with “Spiritual
etc. because we are letting them into our heads. So now let’s get back
to fake
light b.s. that they are putting on the masses and how by doing so we
are once
again just handing over our power to them. Mother Earth is going through
awakening right along with us and she needs us to be her warriors of

has been in the process of getting rid of her wobble and getting herself
balanced which is why we too have been feeling the dizziness, fatigue,
balance and etc. The dark forces are feeding off this synthetic light
giving them such a feeling of empowerment because they do not want us to
with Mother Earth because they will lose control of us.

This synthetic
light is hurting Mother Earth
and us, because it is causing a separation between a Mother and her
child. But
is now the time for us to find that balance as well and become her light
warriors. Don’t fall for the idea that when they come in here to fix
that we will be saved. The battle of
good vs. evil still will not be complete! If necessary take a scientific
at this, science has proven that this planet is full electrical energy
and the
human body acts as a semi-conductor.

also encourage you to watch a powerful you tube video titled “Secrets in
Sight”. It shows the perfection of the math & geometry of our planet
the universe as well has the human body. You will also realize the
arrogance of
the dark forces and how they have flaunted it right under our noses the
time. You also will start realizing that
when it starts to appear that they laid out their evil plans for us in
the Book
of Revelations from the bible. For those of you following the Nesara
beliefing in this “now”. Ands here helping our white nights of our m
be able to get their heads around this due to they are US back to our
“Original Constitution”.

Well, it has down the pipeline that one of
these Masters they discovered was not who he proclaimed to be and that
other light workers were duped as well.
And if they are asking to be called “Lord” whatever, that is the
powerful deity that they are after. But
we have to be careful for I see another slavery system being created
before our eyes with the new law and monetary system.

I encourage all
of you to go outside and
plant your bare feet in the grass or in the sand on a beach and sit.
Meditate on the warm sun and a cool breeze
hitting your body, and listen to the harmonic sounds of the birds and
make a
connection and deep within your heart with unconditional love and
appreciation & gratitude for all the gifts of Mother Earth &
Father Sun.
If you feel you have already dealt with some deep emotions in the
beginning of
your awakening process, you haven’t felt
anything yet.

You must let go of all of
the religious teachings you have had from this lifetime & when you do you
will receive the most amazing unbelievable freedom and sense of peace like no
other. I have never felt this much inner
knowing or clarity and “true” sense of being in this “now”. And I know there will be many that will not
be able to get their heads around this due to they are at a different place of
their journey, and there will be those that come back to this at a later time.

I personally feel that everything in this
lifetime has prepared me exactly for this time of “now”. I personally have had many experiences in
this lifetime with dark forces. I
couldn’t explain it, so I referred to it as “Spiritual Warfare” and titled
myself as a “Sensitive” and what I have realized is that they feed off of fear,
anxiety, depression, etc. and these emotions will then bleed off unto the
people around you who love you.

wasn’t until the dark forces were feeding off my children that the fear went
away and I became pissed off and told them they did not have my permission to
be here and I told them to get the hell out of my house. Immediately I felt the weight of hundreds of
pounds lift from my body and the fearful experiences left home as well as the
homes of my grown children. This was an
empowering experience for me. We do not
realize how powerful beings we truly are.
We have the ability to manifest the future through imaginations and the
dark forces know this.

As some have
written in regards to how we keep asking them to please, please, now, now in
regards to changing our government & money system they have responded that
the last part of what we have created has to play out. So I encourage mankind to start lighting up
our powerful “Organic” eternal light from within our divine hearts &
connect with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and our divine Creator and start
imagining our futures bright without the dark forces. It is time for mankind to
dig deep and find out what substance we truly are made of. So
let’s send the dark forces a message…… GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR HOME & TAKE

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