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Crohn's disease: Iodine deficiency caused by mercury

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Crohn's disease: iodine deficiency caused by mercury
Wednesday, January 23 2008 - Filed under: General

I found this article and wanted to share with you all:

Share on emailShare on yahoomailShare on facebookShare on twitterMore Sharing Services0I have a very interesting update: I now believe I've found a true cure for my (type of) Crohn's disease. I'm not sure whether or not it will help others, but some people are already testing it really soon.

August 2005 I stumbled upon interesting information regarding mercury. I recognized quite some symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning (some which are very specific) when I read the book at . Even though I never had any fillings (one source of mercury intoxication), I decided to give the protocol in the book a try.

I started to use lipoic acid, which is a potent mercury chelator using the frequent-dosing-protocol. This means 1 x 100mg lipoic, 8 times a day (every three hours, also at night) for about 7 days in a row. Then a 7-day break and then start the new ''round''. I also started supplementing iodine, because I read that the cells in the small intestines are very dependent upon that mineral and guess what: mercury pushes iodine out of the cells.

Well, after many rounds, and massive amounts of iodine, about 6 months later I somehow felt I could start eating starches and disaccharide sugars again. I gave it a try. Up till then I would even get ill, bloated and my digestion would crash when I would eat these carbohydrates (I had followed the SCDiet for over 5 years by then). To my amazement I digested the carbohydrates quite perfectly. Slowly I introduced more and more carbohydrates and it worked flawlessly. My digestion had restored to a level even better than before I was diagnosed with crohn's disease at age 19. It's better than ever, it seems!

It's been almost two years now and I'm still symptom-free, I have gained about 10 kilograms in body weight (no excess body fat whatsoever) and I feel stronger than ever before.

Here is a small model of how it might work:
* Iodine is needed by the cells in the small intestines to produce the specific carbohydrate digestion enzymes (maltase, lactase, sucrase)
* Mercury slowly replaces iodine (it binds to the iodine-receptors) in these cells
* Digestions turns worse and worse
* At the same time mercury in the intestines causes havoc on the immune system and also causes unbalances in the intestinal flora. Candida for examples thrives in a high-mercury environment.
* Mercury also produces massive amounts of free radicals. These damage the intestinal lining, causing ''leaky gut syndrome''
* Brainfog is also caused by mercury, directly through affecting the brain and indirectly because of the influence on the intestinal flora

Interestingly, sulphur has special capacities regarding to mercury. It binds to mercury. So, this might explain the DMSO and MSM efficacy. Lipoic acid is also sulphur-based, but has two thiol-groups and is able to effectively bind to *and* keep hold to mercury.

The source of the mercury poisoning had remained a riddle to me, but I recently discovered that two of my nieces also were diagnoses with Crohn's disease recently and they were very interested in my story. When they talked about it, they discovered that their mothers had played quite frequently with mercury as a child, holding it in their hands and moving it about. I asked my mother if she had also joined their two sisters and she confirmed it.

After some research I discovered that mercury is dumped to the unborn baby through the placenta. Women with very high doses of mercury can even have one or more miscarriages because too much mercury is dumped.. Quite shocking..

Interestingly, my two nieces also were diagnosed with a poorly functioning thyroid, which is also very dependent on iodine to function correctly. They'll soon start the same protocol (the frequent-dose part is very, very important) I used, combined with the SCDiet. I will let you know the outcome when I know more.


Quoted from: '' - Mercury'', :
More on iodine: ''Mercury blocks thyroid hormone production by occupying iodine-binding sites and inhibiting hormone action even when the measured thyroid levels appears to be in the proper range.''

Essential information to properly detox mercury using the frequent-dose-protocol:

Another testimonial:

And yet another:

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Thanks angels77 for this most practical and helpful info! Mercury toxicity is a major source of dis-ease that manifests in myriad manners often unrecognized by our medical community. Simple, natural means to remove it and other toxins from our "fearfully and wonderfully made" God-given bodies permits more optimal health in all aspects- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Out with the bad, In with the good... Truth applicable to many aspects of our Life here upon planet earth... Let's do what we're able to "make it so..."
:) ☀ ❤

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