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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Ron Paul, for all intents and purposes, wins Missouri.

Ron Paul, for all intents and purposes, wins Missouri.

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Wake up folks….don’t be DUPED again……

Ron Paul, for all intents and purposes, wins Missouri.

Video of admission of planned rigging of St. Charles County Caucus:

Video without subtitles:

Entire Caucus:


Sent to me from one of my FACEBOOK friends......wish I had written it though.....

"Gary Nolan says:
Sanatarium, like Gangrene, Obummer and Romoney are all four rotten peas in the same fetid pod. There is fundamentally NO difference between them ... where it COUNTS. All four peas are members of the SAME club: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). All four peas believes the federal bureaucracy trumps our Constitution. The only "difference" is that some of the 4 peas believe that WELFARE is most important and others believe that WARFARE is most important. Either way, the American taxpayer loses.

What jokes these clowns are. Total jokes. None of these clowns understand FREEDOM, let alone believe in it. All they want to do is to coercion Americans -- THEIR way. None of these 4 clowns understand that the SOURCE of our economic problems is the (private) Federal (non) Reserve Corporation -- owned by the elite banksters of New York and London. It is no coincidence that BOTH Obummer and Romoney receive large donations from GOLDMAN SACHS, one of the principal shareholders in the FED. None of these clowns deeply understand the destructive nature of our growing deficit and debt -- which is why the clowns have always supporting RAISING the debt ceiling ... higher and higher.

When will it end? When will Americans become totally fed up with these 4 clowns: Sanatarium, Gangrene, Obummer, and Romoney???? Will it be AFTER our economy has collapsed?

There is only ONE Presidential Candidate who TRULY understands the economic and financial issues confronting America. Only ONE President Candidate who will TRULY tackle the corrupt Federal Reserve System. Only ONE Presidential Candidate who will TRULY bring home our troops, thereby saving billions and building a STRONG National Defense based on a STRONG economy. One ONE Presidential Candidate who will actively take steps to end the debasement of our currency by the funny-money elitists at the FED.

RON PAUL IN 2012 -- Dr. Paul will heal America!"

Thank you Gary for an honest assessment!


The fed reserve owned media is going to have a lot of explaining to do once Paul challenges for the nomination in Tampa.


Love, love, love it. Great post! Shakes4life, any chance you will be in Tampa?


KathyD wrote:Love, love, love it. Great post! Shakes4life, any chance you will be in Tampa?

I wanna husband daughter and I are all going to the State convention as delegates which will cost close to a thousand.....hope we have our rv by then cuz National will be MUCH MORE!

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