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Jonathan Myswift.

Mankind stands on the precipice of Oblivion; due to the plans of a small number of Unnatural beings that are jeopardising all life on this planet to achieve their Diabolically Evil aims. They are planning the demise of all humankind not just the common man. This includes all of their servants which is where you come into the picture. You Servants of the Cabal are assisting them in your own destruction, not just the common masses. The Cabal is leading all of you servants to your doom. Evil only consumes itself when it has nothing else to feed on. Once the Cabal have no more need of you and you have carried out all of their agendas, which is when they will eliminate you! The prime goal of your masters is to Obliterate all Human life and if necessary, take down the whole planet to ensure Humanity’s End!

Once you are no longer needed, your fate will be no more different than the rest of us. Many of you were brought into the Illuminati family, not through choice, but because your family were at one time or another enticed & fooled into joining these Secret Cults. Those at the top of this Cabal are Genetic Psychopaths, while many of you are victims of Traumatised Psychopathy. From your early childhoods, you were shown no Love from your family or the Coven. This was deliberate to Fracture your psyche, to turn you from a normal human being into a Psychologically Traumatised Psychopath. This fits in very well with the agenda of your Masters. If they can disconnect you from feeling like a normal human being, (who is Loved and can show Love and Empathy to others) then they can create the Monsters that they require to destroy us. You may have done some despicable things in your life time, but is because they have ensured that you would do these things by removing your conscience and make you operate from the more privative reptilian part of your minds.

This is where from now on, it is comes down to a choice, your choice to be rid of your masters or continue to be their slaves until they have finished with you, used you up and then would destroy you before they are finished with this World. You know yourselves that there is infinitely more to the Universe than is ever imagined by the controlled population. You know that there are other dimensions that surround us just out of sight of visible light, where there are other entities on the higher realms, they tend to be generally benevolent, on the lower void, and they are vile creatures that influence humans that most resonate with them, like the Racial Genetic Psychopaths! These entities can also invade the mind of Traumatised ones.

It is exactly from this external influence that we have the In-Humans, either a possession or an emptying of the original host, to be replaced by these Djinns! They have many names, but the most familiar to people is ETs or Demons. (Most ETs are not of the Physical Realm.)

Sometimes these entities can occupy those who had been Traumatised by family or Secret Society members. Some of you would be very familiar with what I am saying. Only a strong Conscious Will can keep them out, so too can Certain Frequencies that these entities cannot stand. Regardless, if you have that strength of Will, they cannot have control over you. This is a Universe of Free-will, but they may have already Violated Cosmic Law! If so, they will pay the price.

What-ever Atrocities that they have gotten you to fulfil, you can be forgiven for what you had done under Cabal’s influence. It may take some time for people to give you a second chance, but they will give you that chance if you choose to no longer be a part of this Evil, the choice is ultimately yours.

We do not have much more time left to bring this Cabal Down once and for all. A date must be chosen to expose every high Member of the Cabal through Internal Sabotage and Whistle Blowing. A date should be set to expose what those at the very top of this Pyramid have done and are planning to do to Humanity. You have an incredible opportunity to bring the whole Cabal down and free yourselves and liberate Humanity.

The 9th of September 2013 should be the date chosen to bring the whole house of Cards down! Work individually to do this. You cannot trust your Fellow members to work with you. But if you work on your own projects to scupper the Cabal’s Agenda, then you would have less chance of being exposed. A Prime Target would be the Cabal’s Bank Accounts, Sending monies to random Accounts, closing accounts down or placing a virus to wipe out all the Cabal’s Data. There are communication networks that can be tampered with, Sending bogus Messages or misinformation through the networks. Orders can be given to Mercenaries or Military personnel to Arrest or Assassinate Key Figures within The Cabal.

It is not without risk, but you need to fight for Truth and Light as you are only going to be destroyed by the Cabal if they ever succeed. The choice will be yours to make. If you are ready to join the Human Race, we would welcome you home.

Thanks to:


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