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What are the Republic Declarations all about?

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What are the Republic Declarations all about?

I have been posting a number of declarations for the restored republic and clarifications/answers are required at this time.

The true republic is the legal "DEJURE" republic which is recognized worldwide and approved by the Hague World Court. It is restoring the constitutional republic of the people which was stolen by the illegal corporate govt. The dark cabal have used the corporate and British admiralty law to take away your freedoms and rights.

These republic declarations are for the this legal "DEJURE" republic which is having ongoing communications with the good military, which is supportive but in the back seat. The people are in charge with the "DEJURE" republic.

Where and who are they? They are regular 'good old boys' who care about our country. TRUE PATRIOTS!
I was aware of the republic restoration from the original RAP program which got taken over by Tim Turner RUSA cabal supported operation. The Cabal derailed the republic then but that was a temporary battle lost.

The PEOPLE ARE COMING BACK to get the true republic restored.

The declarations postings on the net are to provide a legal filing track record for the Republic as required by Common Law. NesaraNews has been chosen as one of the means to get these filings on record.

Contact info will be provided shortly for you to send in your questions. They are being very secretive to protect themselves against the ruthless cabal.

GOD Bless Our Republic,

John MacHaffie

Posted by John MacHaffie at 5:01 PM

Herb Lady

Thanks Yman!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Appreciate this clarification brought here by Yom- much good to look forward to these momentous days


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