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September 15, 2013
Artwork by Natalia Koreshkova:
It’s time to really begin to embrace our Eternal Essence of Love and our Infinite nature as Creators on this “Earthly” plane of existence.  I have ONE thing that keeps coming up for me over and over again and I know I’m not alone in this.  The Truth is that to completely embody our Divinity we have to recognize that we are Limitless BEings in both Spirit and potential.  As I watch the flood waters continue to rise in my home state of Colorado it occurs to me, as it has for a very long time, that we cannot put a “price tag” on Mother Nature which means we also can’t put a price tag on ourselves and our potential.
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to Live in a “moneyless” society?  I know some may get a bit offended about this kind of thing because, in my opinion, it’s something that has been “used” to keep us deeply asleep due to fear.  However, debt “slavery” is very real and, as with all things in this process, it needs to at least be recognized before it can be released and resolved.  Where would you be if money weren’t an “issue” and what would you be doing?  The answer is always going to be that we would be somewhere we Love or we’ve always wanted to go and we would be doing something we’ve always wanted to try or we already Love doing.  This isn’t always the case when we are running on the “hamster wheel” that has been Created to KEEP us running and working for “the man” (whoever “the man” is?).  It occurred to me several years ago, when I was a Flight Attendant with United during their bankruptcy, that the odds are not stacked in most of our favor.  While the CEO and Board of Directors were busy cutting the pay of the people who kept the business running they were also busy lining their pockets with millions of dollars in bonus checks that, let’s face it, they didn’t need.  It seems that this isn’t a new “philosophy” in business as has been demonstrated over and over again as the “big guy” profits while the “little guy” struggles desperately to maintain some form of control in order to “survive”.
It’s a difficult thing to be en gratis and also in “survival” mode.  In other words, we can’t be in “lack” and Gratitude at the same time so it’s a great challenge to Create a Limitless world when many are struggling financially.  The thing is that we are ALL Worthy of BEing provided for, and as a matter of fact, the use of money in our society is quite “un-evolved” in the bigger picture.  Our planet, Mother Earth, has given us everything and more that we need to survive and Her resources are there for ALL of her children, not just a “select” few as we’ve been taught to believe.  We are all Worthy of clean water, electricity, food, healthcare, and shelter but we’ve been taught that if we don’t have the money we must “suffer” in order to survive.  It’s impossible to put a dollar amount on the Value of the Human Spirit so who are these “powers” that keep us from Thriving at our fullest potential and why?  These are questions worth researching and what you may find will quite possibly surprise and maybe even anger you a bit.
Imagine if everywhere you went and everyone you met was Happy and Thriving!  Imagine a world where Scientists were Free to study and explore without the necessary “funding” from the government and where doctors were Free to explore new Healing techniques and cures without the influence of the pharmaceutical companies (who employ the government).  Imagine a world where there were no countries or borders and we are free to travel and explore new terrain and new cultures.  We have much to learn from each other in this way, do we not?  As a matter of fact, we will never even begin to understand what else is “out there” until we can come together right Here and NOW.  Imagine a world where people were truly Living, Learning, and Thriving without monetary limitation.  Not only is it a possibility it is also a necessity or will be at some point very soon.  Our planet is evolving and we must keep up by recognizing what we as a species have done to contribute to the situation in which we find ourselves.  It starts by doing the research and following the money trail but what we find there is quite disturbing and certainly not in balance with Nature.  We have governments who tax us relentlessly without any kind of representation while they spend more and more money on war.  In the meantime, cities like Detroit sit bankrupt and “abandoned” while prices increase in every area all while we are being “told” that our economy is recovering.  We have people who will work ANY job, sometimes 2-3 jobs, in order to “survive” all while someone else raises our children and our education system teaches them to “be quiet and fit in”.  It’s really a vicious circle and there are very few people in the bigger picture who say they really enjoy what they do for “work”.  The fact of the matter is that our government doesn’t have the best interests of the People at Heart and haven’t since the Federal Reserve was created back in 1913 but it’s up to us to do the research and find our Voice.
I’m very well read about the economic picture worldwide and it isn’t “pretty” especially when one takes into consideration that the United States government is very aware of what they are doing and why.  It cannot continue to be denied that the odds are stacked against most of us and “they” don’t plan on letting up anytime soon unless we become Aware and come together to find a different and better solution.  We have given our Power away to our elected officials and those who say they work within the Constitution all while picking and choosing when to follow the laws of the ONE People.  I read about “prosperity packages” that may come about but first we must educate ourselves about the “system” and the rules that have been taught to us since before most of us were even born.  No ONE is willingly going to give us prosperity if we don’t learn how and why we got into this situation in the first place.  We are Limitless but before we can embrace it we must find out where we have been “limited” in the first place.  We think of money earning potential as being “responsible” but really our responsibility lies in finding the Truth and releasing “judgments” that we have been taught to place on others who aren’t what we would call financially “stable”.  This “problem” is going to continue to get worse until we really let ourselves go deep down inside the rabbit hole I speak of so often.  There’s an organization who has been doing this work for a while and, as a matter of fact, they have Created a solution to this mess but it’s up to us to inform ourselves and others.  The One People’s Public Trust was Created by an international banking attorney who recognized that the United States government (and many other governments all over the world) are not governments but, in fact, corporations designed to keep us in “debt slavery”.  This rabbit hole goes very deep so please be prepared for what you find.  At the bottom of this article I’m going to leave some links so that those who need to can do the research so we can ALL be equally informed.
REmember that Love is Truly the only “religion”, especially when “religion” has taught us to be in judgment of others and taught us to kill one another in “God’s” name.  As Limitless Creators we can no longer allow ourselves to be limited in any area.  It is our Divine Birthright to Live in Freedom from oppression, monetary and otherwise.  We gave our Power away to the “powers that were” but we are already Creating a new world in which we can ALL Live and Thrive equally.  In order to rise above our “oppressors” we first have to recognize that they are there in the first place because we can’t RElease what we refuse to see and/or are in “denial” of.  The ONE thing that keeps most of us from Thriving to our fullest potential comes back to us in the form of our financial system.  Our elected officials are supposed to BE working for us and listening to our Voice so what happened?  I “challenge” you to find out…
Music to drive it Home – Let’s fly away from our “limitations”:

Thrive Movie – What on Earth Will It Take?:
The Story of Your Enslavement (video):
Federal Reserve Act Remedy, no Lawful Money (article):
Mass Mind Control via Alienation and Traumatization (article):
Blueprints for Butterflies offers Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coaching and Heart based therapy.  We are a husband/wife team who specialize in crisis situations as well as PTSD, depression, Parental Alienation Syndrome, and abuse situations (child, elderly, emotional, physical). Please e-mail us at for more information.
Copyright © The Moon Hippie Mystic.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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