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1 WARNING FOR GOOGLE / YOUTUBE USERS on Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:17 pm


This was posted this morning on another site as we all tried to comment on youtube - we cannot do this now without joining GOOGLE+. Google plus will CONTROL EVERYTHING. This is important information - please read and pass on.  All your private details - including every photo you ever posted will be there for all to see.  Think about this.  Even everything you ever bought on EBay will also be there for all to see.
Ditch Youtube, ditch skype, twitter.... wake up. This is internet control
Background on me.
Using the net since 1995.
Built every PC I have owned aside from my first one in 95.
Honours Degree in PC systems and networking 2001
Degree in website design 2002.(both degrees essentially out of date due to advancement in tech)
Five years call center experience (residential and commercial, email abuse incidents and courtesy calls)
Six years IT support and systems analyst for Canada's largest grocer supporting warehouse and supply chain as well as some retail and office support IT infrastructure. In many cases there is no way I can even keep up on all this, for those who have little real knowledge, I feel very bad for you and sympathize greatly.
So now you know this rant is coming from a person who knows what the hell they are talking about. I know IT systems, I know how they are used, I know the privacy issues related to them. I know they are all interconnected and cross referenced.
Your online privacy has not existed for some time. But now they are sticking their fingers in your eyes to show that most of you won't do a damn fucking thing about it.
The time has come and you have no other way to post on Youtube if you do not also enable your Google+ webpage. You are being forced to use a google plus page.  This way all your shit is cross referenced on their servers.  Only time before you need your Facebook and twitter accounts all connected too.
Some of my beefs here may be over the top, but websites peeves me off these days in how they are designed and laid out.
More fluff that is not needed and a design interface to make you run around in circles just trying to find a setting you want to change. The changes on YT are frustrating. All these changes are geared towards better compatibility and such for mobile platforms (ipads smartphones tablets ect)
So along with the privacy and tech issues, the web layout and design keeps changing, and not to make it more user friendly.  You should never have to click more than 3 times to get to the information you want. You need a proper index and category titles. Also clicking my Youtube icon name will bring the drop down for your inbox. But other drop downs that contain the other items do not contain the inbox. Yay consistency.
I have had enough of this shite from Youtube and Google and will be migrating over to another service.  I have opened up a trutube account and may open a Vimeo account.
The real kick in my butt is my Rogers email acount (Canada) is hosted in California by Yahoo. So yay backdoor NSA access to all. Rogers tec says, sure make a complaint on the page.I do, and I get SORRY PAGE NOT FOUND ... are you kidding me?
IF you value your privacy at all, discontinue using these products. Your information is their revenue. We all knew that, but now they are making it very clear.
The thing is even here  were we DO value your privacy, it simply cannot be guaranteed knowing how the Internet is getting clamped down on. This site may be safe, but where you are connecting from or through, may not be.
IF you DO use these products, be aware, VERY aware of what you are being forced into. Read the fine print people. READ it.
You want your Internet ID??  Here it is.
I won't need to give you screenshots, if you log into Google or Youtube in the next week it WILL happen and you HAVE to accept or you CANNOT use it. Also if you do a search logged into google, your searches are archived. A simple test, do a search logged in, then click on one of the results and watch the address bar.  It archives something on Google before you get to the page. Indexes it or some shit and associated it with your account name.
And regardless if you chose to not put monetary value on your Youtube channel (aka no ads so no revenue for me) Youtube STILL makes money off you. 
Yourube, your content is their revenue.
Facebook, your content is their revenue.
Twitter, your content is their revenue. 
All these entities have IPOs where shares are bought and sold on the open market. These IPOs would not exist if you did not use their services.
Can you tell I am peeved?
This is one of the things I brought up with the company I used to work for. I was laid off about two months ago. Their email will be switched to Microsoft MS Office365 (cloud based) and the ONLY Office 365 datacenter is in Chicago Ill.  Initially when I confronted my superiors on it, they lied to me and said the server was in Canada.  I asked the MS rep directly on a national scale conference call where the servers were and got a different answer from her.
I could have lost my job over this, but I had been making a stink about many things for a long fucking time.  Make too much of a stink and you get shown the door.
So anyways. Might do a video, and this helped clear my system a bit.
Further too the above - check out Ebays mess!

Thanks to:


2 Re: WARNING FOR GOOGLE / YOUTUBE USERS on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:12 am


Alternative ideas, anyone?

Has anyone checked out Project XIII associated with TOP? claims to be a private venue, using VEXs protocol (whatever that means?, not my language).

I personally, am really NOT very internet savvy, still only doing limited email, no YT posting, FB or twitter or google searches. Don't buy on Amazon either. I value PRIVACY, as opposed to piracy, as much as possible these days.... :)

3 Re: WARNING FOR GOOGLE / YOUTUBE USERS on Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:03 am

Herb Lady

Thanks Purpleskyz!

I don't know, 7fm!???

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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