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 Blue-White Electrical Portal and the Electrical Blue Storm from the Mayan Calendar of 2009.

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PostSubject: Blue-White Electrical Portal and the Electrical Blue Storm from the Mayan Calendar of 2009.   Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:51 am

Blue-White Electrical Portal and the Electrical Blue Storm from the Mayan Calendar of 2009.

I was standing in my kitchen two days ago, severally sleep deprived and feeling so incredibly thankful that the day prior I had made a huge turkey dinner that had left me with an abundance of leftovers that I just have to reheat (no cooking, no mess, and still a wonderful feast to be had.)  The moment I was feeling this and scooping out leftovers onto a plate, suddenly I felt this gust of energy like a tight hug with the words “Bless the birds and the birds bless you.”   At that same time, I was shown the turkey feathers that now create a little memorial to my father.  I had to smile while feeling so loved and provided for.
I didn’t do any readings that day, having only gotten 2 hours of sleep.  So let me tell you, I was a little upset when I went to go to sleep that evening and sleep became an elusive chase.  The nighttime hacking as consistent as ever.  The clock showed midnight and I had already been up for 23 hours straight and all I could feel was “not again.”  Finally, by 1 am I drifted into a sleep and woke up at 4:45 am, a genuine tease!!
I have never felt my brains so spacey and loose in all my life.  I tried to write a blog, but there was not enough mental energy to harness words of coherency.  However, I did realize something very important (at least important to me,)  sitting writing my sharing’s really amps up the pain in my lower spine.  If I am not trying to put words to the energy I am collecting thru the readings, that pain really isn’t there.  Interesting….!
I am truly a person who needs at least 8 hours of sleep.  I can get by on 6, but 8 is my sweet spot.  I barely had 6 hours sleep in the last 48 hours!!  Considering how loosey goosey my mental-sphere was feeling, I was sure that reading was going to be impossible, so I started begging my team immediately to at least be able to read and at the same time, sure I wouldn’t be able to.  Thank god I didn’t create that reality for myself or the 5 exquisite souls upon my agenda!!
My first connection was in wonderful lady in China.  Her entire “west field” (harvested energy) was an amazing blue-white stratosphere of energy.  From the ground to the to the sky, from as far left and right as my field of vision goes, there was this blue-white energy everywhere.  There was an energy, a true genuine energy that came from this field that really perked me up, like a happy super charge.  All my inner resources were alert and functioning… hurray!!
Suddenly I could see this “hand-made” lightning bolt coming down from the energy line of 2014 and moving down into her center field of blue-white energy.  I say “hand-made” for a reason… the bolts looked exactly like this:

This is not the first time this blue-white energy has been present, for many people in December, it has shown itself, sometimes as a spiral, sometimes as a crooked staircase upwards, sometimes as a funnel… but the one thing I had already started to know about this amazing energy was it had everything to do with the Pleiadians.  It is their energetic hand in assisting all of us aligned to what I call the 2014 energy to get us fully into place with as much ease as possible (ease and comfortable are not walking hand in hand… just saying lol.)
It would take several more readings to fully understand what the heck those “hand-made” lightening bolts were really showing her.  But by George, I got it!!  I will get to all that in a minute tho…!
In between my first and second appointment, I went next door to my landlady’s house to finally give her the last installment on Decembers rent.  She told me she was having serious digestive issues and I heard myself say “it’s due to the electrical portal that is now in the back yard and you and I are now conjoined in the same energy field together.”  I had no idea what I was really talking about and simply said, I’ll explain it later.
When I came back from her house, there was a flock of birds (and a squirrel) enjoying their morning feast I put out for them.  I decided to go grab my camera and take some pictures of these happy critters.  I almost used my phone camera until I felt so prompted to get my other camera, the one I just call my orb capturing camera.  I took several pictures then uploaded them to my computer… and about shit when I started to open them up.
For as long as I can remember, my deepest and biggest prayer was to find a way to capture the energy/imagery I see in our readings and share it with you.  My words can paint a picture, but man oh man, I really would love for you to see what I see in YOU.  Well!!!!  It FINALLY happened.

If you look at this picture… when we are in a connection, that circled area is the place that houses your “center field.”  The core of your energy life, where the blue energy is, is a place in my back yard that literally has a foot path that goes to the “west field,” and the very place all readings are unfolding at this month.  So I cropped out the blue-white electric portal from the picture to make it even clearer:

When I first opened up these pictures, I just sat there in awe, because this is exactly what I had seen (and seen all day long too.)  Again, I hear “bless the birds and the birds bless you.”
As the readings progressed for the day, I became very aware of the energies taking place within this “electric portal.”  Let me tell you too, I had tried to call this a cloud of energy as well as an energy portal and both were consistently corrected to express an “electric portal, opened just the day prior (Dec 6th) and will be very present thru today (Dec 8th.)
Each person had a very different attribute happening.  My first lady, that “hand-made” lightening bolt into her center.  It was her friends from the Pleiades directly igniting the energy within her crown, within her Pineal gland to harness the power of Shambhala energy I am calling 2014.
I had another lady with intense white spirals coming down all on her right side, and I understood it was an acceleration of her entire emotional field, pinging the ba-jesus out of every aspect of her emotions and each ping brought her up higher (vibrationally) to house the full and pure energy we are moving into (2014.)
I did have one lady who was standing near her blue-white electrical portal, but what surprised me was that blue-white energy was not spread out over her entire reading-scape.  Instead, I seen her standing next to this fully activated portal, her arms folded across her chest, her whole body in “shadow” imagery (a silhouette) and her message was to get out of thinking that using the power, the energy of her shadow self (what so many think is “wrong”) and apply it to her present situation to fully release herself into the new way of being and letting go all that got her to here.
Now, let me expand on that, because this is such an important message for sooooo many.  There are so many preconceived things out there, even… if not especially, in this new age landscape.  Do things this way, do things that way and the very thing you feel to do inside becomes hostage to the worry of not doing it correctly.  If there is anything within you that feels like the correct way of moving forward… just do it, apply it, and yes, you may piss people off, but hey, as long as you didn’t do anything with malice, its on them, not you.  For as long as you feel you to to appease anything, you’re held hostage in the shadows of your own life.
But lets take this one step deeper, because it is sooooo flipping important to what is happening right now, at least, for those at the very forefront of this accelerated shift.
Duality got you to here, if you are still lugging any aspect of duality along in your thinking, its going to be an adverse year for you.  To be in a biological creation of pure soul energy, what we can call ascending DNA (and please note, ascension itself is an ongoing process of reaching higher… forever.  There is no “done” to it, unless you decree it as so, then you have stopped your evolution.)  In the pureness of our spiritual energy… nothing can harm us.  It really is am impossibility since all things are of spirit, of god, of source.  So if you look at anything as “not good for you” then you make it so and by making it so, you have brought a larger lesson to your experience to allow you to release the strongly etched in process of duality.
The cellular biology is in ascension with you.  It actually is the pure basis of our experience, otherwise, we would have just stayed on the other side of the veil where we are already ascended.  So to give negative power to anything…. well…
OK, off my soapbox with that.  Let’s get into the meat and taters of this amazing electrical portal.  Since yesterday I have been so hearing and feeling the alignment with something from the Mayan Calendar (not that I know anything Mayan) and I have to smile so big as many years ago, I put this “Electrical Blue Storm sharing on my website, Here is a snippet of it (Click here to read the whole page on my site.)
Blue Storm is the initiation by fire, the lightning path, the arrival of the thunderbeings who bring the final transformation. To the Maya, Blue Storm represents the storm, the thundercloud full of purifying rain, and the lightning that shatters any false structuring of reality. Blue Storm is the purification of the ’body temple’ and the ignition of the light body. In these last years of a twenty-six-thousand-year Mayan grand cycle, Blue Storm comes to help you in the disintegration process that moves you from separation to ascension. This initiation by fire breaks any false containers of self that cannot withstand the flame of transmutation. Only your true identity will live through these fires, for you will be reborn in the heart of All That Is..
Even this snippet (that I just re-read myself) goes into what I just shared above it:
Holy cow, another snippet from this profound sharing (from Jacob Dragon www. lawoftime. org) back in 2009 and again, goes right into what I just wrote above… especially about the shadow energy:
Blue Storm catalyzes and prepares your nervous system and circuitry for complete transformation. It is the electromagnetic storm of transmutation, the clearing and quickening of your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. As you become aligned with the descending energies, and evolve in consciousness, you body’s vibration is raised, becoming less ‘dense’. Your new alignment ignites the quickening process that transmutes the shadows of the past, including experiences, judgements, thoughtforms, and old patterns that have held you back..
Oh, oh, oh… now I am really really flipping excited!!  The “descending” energies, that was something I thought was kinda odd yesterday in all the readings, all these powerpoints (spirals, lightning bolt images) descended down from above into the persons field and yet I knew it was to facilitate the ascending cellular structure.  Now it really makes even more sense.
Well, I am offically in holy freakin cow mode and what I was going to share seems to need an extra day of readings now… and that time is drawing close in my morning.  So on that note… until tomorrow… I so hope you are as excited as I am about all that is happening to us and thru us at this amazing juncture in our evolution!!
By the way… I got a beautiful 11 hours of sleep last night and am psyched and revitalized!!  WEEEEEEEEE!!
I love you all so flipping much… You do know YOU ARE the ThunderBings transforming the ALL.  5 years in the making….
(((((((HUGZ)))))) of white-blue electrical energy to ALL!!
Lisa Gawlas

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Blue-White Electrical Portal and the Electrical Blue Storm from the Mayan Calendar of 2009.
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