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A Website and A Global Electronic Newsletter

A Thought, A Way of Life,

ISSUE #157

APRIL 2012

This NEWSLETTER is Electronically sent out ‘FREE’ but you must Subscribe to receive it. Please go to and sign up for newsletter or click on link at bottom

Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted

With Love and dedication to the Light by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.

One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward,

feel free to share this information on any level.

This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.





***You cannot worry and believe In the same breathe, in the same Heartbeat


***The Hall of Records Elestial Crystals



As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

On May 20, 2012, a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the Sun and Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation. According to myth, the hunter Orion was in love with the SEVEN SISTERS and pursued them until the gods took them to safety, transforming them first into doves, and then into stars. Maia, the eldest of the seven Pleiades, gave birth to Hermes (Thoth).

The Pleiades are a well-known sight in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer, and have been known since ancient times to cultures all around the world. Early Dakota stories speak of the ancestors as being the Pleiades. The Hopis called the Pleiadians the 'Chuhukon', meaning those who cling together. They considered themselves direct descendents of the Pleiadians. Navajos named the Pleiades the 'Sparkling Suns', the home of the 'Black God'. The Iroquois pray to them for happiness. The Cree claim to have come to Earth from the stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood. Some Native Americans believed that all tribes in North America came from the Pleiades. That they were actually descendents and had been given a task by the Pleiadians to keep the Earth safe.

Eclipses mean changes, good and everything in-between. Eclipses always escort in significant events-- They intensely magnify and are living parenthesis forcing us to look at what we have turned our heads away from. Solar eclipses mean new beginnings, (May 20, 2012) and lunar eclipses (June 4, 2012) represent finishing things. These are very powerful Eclipses each with there own gifts and own set of rules. As the Pleiadian stellar connection renews itself, new crystalline geometries will be birthed that compliment the existing light connection.

I am Pleiadian of origin. I am feminine of nature and I am love as are you. My energy, my light and my truth is needed at this time and at this place. You will feel my presence as I touch you for you all are contained within my heart as we speak light to light, heart to heart, and truth to truth. It is important for you as humans to see the beauty in your life, in your day, and in your physical being. You spill so much life force being angry at the way you look the way your life has been, and the cards that you have been dealt. You look at each other with pointed thoughts and sharp words. Your eyes go green and your heart grows cold as you view another who has obtained a little more light, a little more beauty, and a little more prosperity – not because they were born with it, but because they have the gift and ability to see those beautiful qualities in others.

The only way to claim your beauty, your wealth, your health, and your love is to see it in others. For the world mirrors your own reflection. If you do not feel worthy and prosperous, you see that in your own reflection. It is important to address and see the magic of someone winning your lottery games. Congratulate them energetically and send them love as they have energetically earned this monetary gift. See your stock market balancing itself rising in value. See the true energetic value of your home and your car.

Do not focus on depreciation but instead focus on appreciation. Allow what you have ownership of to gain value through you. You receive value when you see the value of others. You gain your beauty when you see the beauty of others. You gain wealth when you rejoice in the good fortune of others. For their good fortune means that your good fortune is right around the next corner, the next thought. Every minute of every day you too shall be blessed if you quietly bless others.

The world reflects your every thought. If you are attracting those who are down in the dumps, sad and desperate, look at your own vibration and make some corrections. Change the way you see the world and you will change yourself. Compliment others on their beauty. The inhabitants of Earth have stopped complimenting each other, honoring each other and it shows in earth's aura. Gain entrance to the kingdom of light through valuing everything on earth. Value your light and your life and the monumental creation that you are. You are a singular creation of the house of light. The Creator has never created another species like you. That is why you are given charge over the angels, because you are grand in preparation. You are grand in thought and the heart’s desires of the Creator are placed within your body mind and spirit.

Everything the earth experiences, you experience as well. Your destiny is greater than any other creation upon earth. It is time to prepare your heart to receive more love. A love that is so deep and so big that the sky is jealous for it has never seen such vastness. The palpitations within your heart are the breaking down the walls as the light enters. I have gathered you into my heart and now we are one again. I am Pleiadian of origin.


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We come forth from the light and the place that has always existed as Light

We come forth from what has always been the Light within the Light. We have existed before you were a thought in Creation. We will exist after your blue green sphere has turned into a star and shed her earthen cloak. You hold memories of US within your genetic encodings. We are the Pleiadian Counsel of One and each one of us is aligned within a global and crystalline grid point at a sacred entrance and exit somewhere on Earth. We align with what has been held holy long before the Earth was birthed. We align with what was holy even before your solar system existed. We align with that which can never be destroyed.

Throughout time and space, you have ventured into new degrees and experiences of self. You have ventured into placements of time where you have slipped as a sailors knot in and out of episodes of nature. You exist simultaneously in a multi-dimensional flux and fashion. you have forgotten the rules and how to play the game as you walk in and out of time, in and out of love, and in and out of light. All of these experiences both the good and the bad, come forth to show you in precise manner exactly what you need to address within yourself, in order to become more of what the universe asking you to become.

Within you is a programmed genetic coding to ‘seek’.

You are known universally as the ‘Seekers’. You ask questions when others do not even bother to think down that path. You strive to remember where you have come from, you seek the true oneness of love, that lives as a singular event within your heart. You look for that Oneness in the eyes of all that you meet. Time dances around you, winding and unwinding in such exactitude that a time-teamster would be jealous. Imagine all the cogs in the wheels that turn in each one of your existences to create events that open possibilities that you had not before entertained. Imagine a curtain being lifted allowing you to see the inner workings of every human heart you meet. As you move into these time events you will see the many deceptions each person wears, the many shoulds and should not’s that they still wrap around themselves as a cloak of invisibility. These new time lines ask you to not be afraid to see what is a global truth, a personal truth, a universal truth.

These time lines ask you to let go of the fear of death, of life, of love or of succeeding. You have come to Earth voluntarily and incarnated into the physical house of flesh. Many of you are angry at your humanness. You want to be light and not deal with the flesh but in truth you can be nothing else but light, no matter what form you take in any incarnation. Like a liquid that enters many different containers, you hold the same Light throughout all existences. Remember when you were pure Light, in the very beginning. Remember the duality that once lived within the Godhead. Remember the promises broken and kept, that you made to yourself and the Light? let go of what you promised and embrace the fullness of time. Renew the promises and the vows of light that you have forgotten. Renew your joy for a life that seems so thick with mistrust, illusions and falsehoods.

You hold the geometries of what is sacred

You hold the promises that you made before you incarnated. The solar initiations that come are just not of the sun but of the soul and that which comes to dine at the table of light you have set. Imagine the last supper, at the table sits twelve plus one (13 is a portal). It is important to hold tightly to the God code that lives within you. Know without a doubt that no matter what, the truth will be seen and the darkness will enfold back upon its self. The darkness does not have a need to be liked and when you interfere in its particular evolutionary pattern, whether it is in person, politics, or objects/etc then it will show aggression toward your energy field. Holding the light in all scenarios in all existences is not for one weak of mind or purpose.

There are minute floating black holes that surround your planet at this time. It is not your job to clean up the planetary black holes, mother nature herself abhors a vacuum (like most goddesses) and will enter deep into the sky black caves, via the natural cycles. Mother Nature herself can never have a black heart; she has no wish to harm her children. These storms/ and earth movements that come unexpectedly, like a babies heartbeat, represent the tsunami of emotional turmoil and lack of self-love on the planet. In the year 2012 there will be a separation of light and dark and all in-between. Picking sides demands your full attention, there are no default players, all of Earth will participate.

Time will change in unique ways for it is shifting every single day with every single thought. You will come to a point of ascension in physical form without trying to take the rest of the planet with you. You are 100% responsible for your life and the lives of your children until they are grown and then it is time to let it be. You must hold who you are through these shifts and not lose yourself to the mayhem that appears to be happening.

Resetting the KARMIC CLOCK is needed as you enter the times of Wesak. Many have cleaned their karma on a multitude of levels but forgotten to RESET THEIR KARMIC CLOCK. Do you want to Spring Forward or Fall back into the Old Ways? Do not become a victim of karma but a student of that which demands your pre-attention. Whatever screams at you in life is there to show you all about yourself. Every fracture has a reflection.

You are a living vortex, you are a living light and you are an emissary of the Heavens.

When you see an injustice and you cannot do anything about it you feel helpless asking the universe for divine intervention, but the Calvary does not seem to arrive. People of Earth need to see a light at the end of the tunnel, a single morsel of Hope. When people do not see Hope, when they do not see their prayers being answered, they begin to give up and slide hopelessly down the spiral of life. Hope is what keeps angels wings afloat. When people are without hope, their immune systems drop, disease increases and the will to live is lost in the shuffle. Many begin to wane in the darkness and their days shorten just because Hope has not perched in their hearts.

Each time you think that you have a grip on your life, something immediately changes. Each time you think you have tamed the wild beast in your family, in your boss, in your congress; it raises its ugly medusa filled head all over again. Know without a shadow of doubt that when there is upheaval around you that truly means the light is shining bright within you. When everything is turned upside down it represents that your life is a light that shines grand enough even for the darkness, to notice you.

You are a top of the page creation. You are on God’s proprietary list. You are listed first on the label of this particular creation. However, if those like you stop believing there will be no hope for the planet. No matter what the proof is, you have to believe in the highest aspect of love, the highest light, the highest good outcome, no matter how it appears until the very end.

You are becoming a singularity, from now until the end of the year you will find yourself in an accelerated visionary capacity – open eye visions, will speed up as the Pineal gland awakens and takes a good look around. This ocular frequency, is opening up visionary portals within the actual eye structure. Your eyes are becoming like a honeybees, there are hexagons within them. These portals of seeing come as a gift for you. Many have lost their sphere of visibility. This time period allows you to see and then hold on to that information as a truth.

As you have the eyes to See, a great responsibility comes forth.

As Seers, what you see does not always have curb appeal. See with the eyes of the universal soul. Allow these truths to escort you into higher octaves of your own DNA patterning. You have played every role thru time and you hold that information within you. We try hard to prepare you with as many vibrational tools as possible. Helping you to move effortlessly in a fluid manner through these shifts. You are the one that holds the light and anchors it. We are the Pleiadian Counsel of One and we are part of your light as you are part of ours. We leave


As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

You each hold and house records of what has come, records of what will come, and records that exist dimensionally through space and time. You hold within you ancient truths that did not work, and ancient truths that succeeded. Every essence that is alive issues to you a declaration. Use these escaped truths as a platform, a base, and a microphone. Voice, and decree what it is that you seek, what it is that you desire, and what it is that you place your thoughts upon in order to bypass the chaos of manifestation.

The sacredness that you are, the sacredness that you seek, the sacredness that you yearn for, comes forth to you in the upcoming time as you breathe in the possibilities of your evolution, your expansion, of your promised tomorrows.

The world is not haphazardly created by outside energies or beings, for all is contained innately upon the surface of humanness and the surface of earth. Each one of your prayers does not leave the auric energetic field of Terra Gaia your Mother Earth, but ricochets off of her external body and lands upon a place that then creates a wish fulfilled, a dream imagined, a problem solved, a success assured. Your prayers do not leave the surface/environment of the earth. They are not sent via cosmic mail delivery to a god that checks his prayer mail. Earth herself has the quantified ability to manifest for and with humanity all desires and wanting no matter how casually they were created. These thoughts that run in your minds, in your hearts, and in your everyday existences are asking for solutions, not from a government, not from a board or a committee, not from a book or a dialog with a wise one, but from you. You house and host the truths, the wisdom’s, and the solutions to all thoughts and problems within your sphere of existence. Everything that is issued to you in thought, in action, or in decree can be solved by you in thought, in action, in decree!

When you ponder injustices, you awaken a cellular vibration and knowledge of every time throughout existence that injustices occurred. At that point of awakening you can strengthen or dilute the injustices by your thoughts. Your woes, your wants, and your non-solutions can command the elements into disaster. Or you can embrace your inherent power by using your breath, your intent, and your manifestation ability to assist in the solution of the problem.

You inherently hold all questions, all answers simultaneously. In this upcoming experience of humanness, when you have a thought that involves or revolves around a person’s decisions, a place, or disease, or injustice – your biological essence is asking you to add your thoughts of completion to it. It is crucial to add your thoughts in a positive element to the outcome, not to hold on to the negativity and the injustices or ask why on any level (body, mind, and spirit) that the problem is not solved.

Your destiny is to be part of the liquid solution of all things that you seek. Everything that is addressed by you is because you are part of the destiny of the solution. It does not matter if it is personal, planetary, or private. When it comes to you, it is asking for your help. You have the deciding energetic vote. You have the deciding X-factor. You have the deciding quantum/quark that will shift the situation from problem to solution. Do you see how much power is involved in this knowledge? Do you understand that with each thought throughout your day, you are influencing the outcome of humanity, of earth, of this solar system that you exist in, and this universe that you play in? You think that you do not make a difference but you do. Every thought you have is a deciding vote. Every desire you have to make right, to do good, is a deciding vote in favor of illumination, ascension, and evolution. Look at your day. Look at your thoughts. Look at your actions and then in a subconscious vision, see how many matchsticks pile up as problems and how many matchsticks pile up as solutions. Everyday work on that until that problem pile no longer exists and there is nothing but a grand mountain of solutions that is in your energy field.

This power seems minuscule to you, but you all sit on a jury of life and death in a multitude of expressions. Will your dreams live or will they die? You decide. Will the earth live or shall she pass into the dust. You decide. Will disease be conquered, will there be a cure? You decide. Do not leave this up to what appears to be geniuses for they may use the frontal lobe of their brain, but they do not use the fullness of their hearts. Make a difference from heart. Decree from heart. Hold the focus on what you want to see. You are the deciding celestial vote in everything that you wonder about. We are the Sananda Council. You are God’s in swaddling clothes on a cold winter’s night in a starry sky. Open your eyes to your gifts. We leave you in love and in knowledge.

You cannot worry and believe..

In the same breathe… in the same Heartbeat

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

It’s time to put on the ruby slippers of belief. Click them all through time and allow them to escort you into doorways of beliefs that are far greater than any you have entertained in the past. You cannot worry and believe in the same breathe in the same Heartbeat - they cannot hold the same space, the same time, the same frequency. The energy of flying through the air with the greatest of ease represents what we are being asked to do. We are asked to LET GO of what we have been holding onto so tightly and allow ourselves to freefall from one bar of light to another. The belief factor has to be 100%. Nothing less is acceptable.

When you do not see a solution to what befalls your heart, let the Universe intervene. Do what you can and trust God, and the Universe to do what you cannot. You are asked to hold your peace in the mist of the battle, to anchor with the divine certainty that you will arise unscathed. Believing so deeply and so strongly is not for the weak of heart, weak of light, or weak of purpose. Stand strong in what lives in your heart. In the mist of all Hell breaking loose become a living blessing. Use your light and your heart to bless another. Bless all that cross your path, become healing and holy, in your life, in your appearance and in your intention.

Look for ways to be a blessing. You can never out give God. Whatever you give, in blessing, in belief, in peace to yourself or another will be given back to you in denominations of completion that outweigh any expectations you have or have not had. Let the desire of your heart lead you into a place that will help you bypass all that comes to circumvent and circumcise your soul.



NEWS APRIL 1, 2012

Pyramids of Glass Found In Bermuda Triangle: Two pyramids of glass have been found submerged in the Bermuda Triangle. They were identified with sonar and found at a depth of 2 thousand meters. It has been determined that both of the pyramids are LARGER than the great pyramid. These pyramids are Atlantean of nature with stellar technology. They have been programmed by the Ancients to pulse out a love frequency aiding the Human Heart into the next step of Ascension.

These peach hued pyramids are filled with a great power that is asking to be used for the highest good. They are hand carved peach selenite from Morocco. I have had them ready to go for some time now but could never get a go-ahead from the universe. They started releasing their truths the day the lost underwater pyramids were found.

These gorgeous pyramidal stones are sacred places that only time remembers. They ask you to enter the Lost Pyramid not as yourself but as the Light that you are. As your mind and energy look deep into the pyramid structure, see your self entering a great pyramidal portal of light, a place beyond recorded time that holds within it mysteries that are part of your divine and stellar nature. This pyramidal power is powerful and exact.

When you get your TIME TEMPLE Stone you will feel a sense of remembering and a peace that you have not had in a very long time. Like an old friend that has shown up on your doorstep unannounced, a peace of home will enter your heart. A great healing will begin to occur as you and your crystalline friend will have many a conversations and dream sessions. You will find that your clouded psychic abilities begin to clear and you are more tuned in than you have been in a long time.


The smoothness of our surface is there to remind you of the smoothness of life’s possibilities, if one learns to flow instead of follow. We have been polished several layers deep releasing an actual energy field that forms a shield of protection, a solidified light to be embraced by those that await our presence. time-lines past and future are held within us. We are a directional of that which seeks to be seen above the tide lines of time.

We ask you to be brave enough to look at the future you are creating via your thoughts. We escort you thru time to your future potential that is being crafted from your present point of view. We are teachers of the time-lines and all that entails. Use us as the powerful tools of light that we are without pause or hesitation placing your self into a deep place of knowing.

You are part of a divine instruction that is larger than life and the price of living. Events come to lessen your value keeping you distracted and your life force lowered. You are vast beings that have waited your entire existence for this time. There is no lack in the universe it is overflowing with all possibilities. The universe does not know how to spell limitation.

Why do you listen to those that wish to extinguish your life force and passion? You are destined for Great things. Just by holding the vision of a great future for earth and her inhabitants you do a job that many walk away from. Remember when you worked in the Atlantean temples Working with the dolphins and the large crystals loving every minute of your day. Going to sleep so excited to wake up and continue the joy the next day. When was the last time you went to bed and you were excited about the next day like a child waiting for their birthday. We as a people have lost that excitement for life and this too is what the awakening of Atlantis brings to us. Let your Time Temple stone escort you home to a place of peace and strength and a deep courage of conviction as you hold the vision for the future of mankind.

Pink Selenite is a pink/ peach hued gorgeous healing stone that has the basic properties of selenite but takes it to a higher level into the heart light. This is a beautiful stone soothing to the touch and to the eye, with wonderful soft calming energies; I am really impressed with the energy of the stone, It is all about heart and healing softly.

Selenite is an ancient stone, a calm stone that instills deep peace. It has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter. Selenite can detach entities from the aura and prevent anything external from influencing the mind. They can be used to see the future or to view what has happened in the past. Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. Selenite can evoke protection from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energy. Selenite clears confusion and is a powerful disperser and stabilizer for erratic emotions.

Selenite helps with stress and pain. Can be used to heal the connections to people and past events. Used in relationships to heal a rift, and allow a more peaceable end., Selenite is powerful enough to clear and reprogram quartz and other sacred objects. Place by your front door to invite angels into your home. Use Selenite for sweeping your aura clearing negative energy or entities that have attached themselves. , Selenite is named after Selene, an ancient goddess. Selenite is the crystal of sacred partnerships, in love and relationships. Selenite is a powerful crystal of psychic communication. It aids connection with the ancestors, angels and spirit guides guardians. It also promotes the recall of dreams as well as future / past lives.


Pyramidal shape gives these crystals ‘pyramid power’. The pyramid has a great reservoir of untapped energy. PYRAMIDS make things more perfect they are an ideal transmitter and receiver, they are powerful cosmic antennas and powerful generators. An object inside a pyramid will attract its own frequency as information

improves immune system
balances behavior increases positive/helps overcome addictions
changes poisons /toxins/ making them less harmful
radioactive water losses radioactivity
items kept inside pyramid such as crystals and rocks kept their immune enhancing effect, were taken on space station for Russian astronauts/ also combated flu when put around infected neighborhood
oil well production improved/oil changed more purified
salty water made drinkable
water could not turn into ice inside pyramid
field of wheat increased 4 times its yield
ozone layer improved by column of unknown energy 300 kilometers wide around pyramid
less earthquakes smaller earthquakes also shielded against severe weather

The Hall of Records

Elestial Crystals

The Hall of Records is a dimensional portal passage, and storage area that connects to the higher-dimensional morphogenetic fields of Earth where the complete planetary memory banks are stored in the form of crystalline energy substances. These crystalline morphogenetic imprints contain the entire living memory of the Universe. The Hall of Records represents a conduit through which data from the Akashic Records and Ancient Stellar Texts, can be downloaded through the Earth's primary vortices and morphogenetic field. The data is transferred automatically through the Hall of Records, into Earth's core, then into Earth's crystal grid. The history of the universe then becomes available to anyone on Earth that seeks these truths.

Within the structure of the Sphinx there are several dormant portal passages that lead from the Sphinx, to the Great Pyramid then into the gateway passages of Earth's inner being. These portals are energetically accessible to individuals who carry precise frequency codes within their bio-energetic fields. In order for the Hall of Records to release its data through the portals a series of instructional symbols and codes, which are multidimensional in nature, are pulled and absorbed into the body serving as an biological release for the Hall of Records.

ABOUT ELESTIAL CRYSTALS The translation for Elestial is "Crystal of the Angels" which explains the strong link with the Archangelic realm. Elestials are strong light generators. The bigger the crystal the stronger it is. Very big ones can move you literally. The belief is that the Elestials are the Kings and Queens of the mineral Kingdom it represents supreme knowledge. Elestials are master healers and work on many levels. These crystals work on the release of all physical and psychical blockages which are in the way of your evolution. Elestial quartz have a strong balancing effect on both sides of the brain. Both hemispheres are synchronized and exhausted brain areas revitalized. The Elestial concentrates its energy in the pineal gland in the brain where thoughts and feelings are brought into sharp focus. They stimulate the crown chakra and pineal to rise above situations and emotions.
These crystals have very intense complex etchings that are packed with incredible information. An individual may retrieve information stored in Elestials by running their hands over the etchings of the crystal. This is similar to the way the blind use Braille. . It is believed this crystal can repair damaged cells in the brain and rewire the damaged areas to bring back new life.


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How it works:
A daily long distance session (approx 1 hour) will be received by every participant. In each session Therapeutic Gemstones, Divine Healing Liquids (essences), Reiki & a 6-star formation will be utilized.
The sessions are done remotely connecting to your energy field and anchored through your birth date - so it doesn't matter where you are - what country you are in - or what you are doing. Participants can go through their "normal" routine - sleep, work, play, etc and fully receive the benefits.

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Counseling from the Voice of Spirit

Need guidance? Schedule a private spiritual counseling session and receive kind, loving, wise answers to your questions about life path, relationships, vocation, family, health – any phase of your life.

Barbara Dutcher of is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, writer, teacher and channel. She will contact Spirit on your behalf, and present all your questions and concerns and transmit unique, gentle advice, reassurance, and a higher perspective. (Not a psychic reading – Spirit speaks to you, through Barbara.)

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and much, much more

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May love & light...always be your guide


Within these pages are the tools, techniques, and information for self exploration, expanding consciousness, facilitating healing, and reaching your inner guidance as you journey into Oneness. You'll find beautiful, spontaneously created, guided meditation downloads; channeled information; master teachings; and much LOVE here:-) Enjoy!


Support Where You Receive Your Spiritual Truths

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO Box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217

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The PYRAMID INFO & Elestial Crystals were very interesting!

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Answers age old questions about the triangle.


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