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Hogwarts VS Star Wars

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Hogwarts VS Star Wars
Posted By: Gaian [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 15-Apr-2012 01:54:20
Hello All and welcome to my first post as an RMN Agent! I've been posting at CGI for several years, but I am so excited to make the "front page"... :)

I'm honored to have this privelege to be a RMN Agent, and my intent is always to post responsibly and respectfully.
I'm here to share, not argue. I am respectful of all viewpoints, as long as they are presented with a modicum of decorum. As my mother, bless her soul, said, "Learning to share leads to learning FROM sharing". Smart woman, she... :)
For my first post (hee hee), I'm actually posting a blog I wrote on March 31, 2012, as I believe it is still relevant now. It was written just before the David Wilcock "Drake" interview was posted, just to give you context of a timeframe.
So, without further adieu, my very first RMN post!
Blessings and Namaste,

So much attention is currently being given to ETs, disclosure and prophecies of future events, with many conflicting messages causing division amongst those that only desire unity. I'm finding this situation to be equivalent to religious conflict, divided into two camps: The "Believers" and the "Naysayers", or as they were labeled say, during the Inquisition, the “Righteous” and the “Heretics”. I feel the age-old and deadly effective strategy of divide and conquer is hard at work - to the point of thriving - in this community. There’s much argument between beliefs over FUTURE EVENTS that is causing division here and now – and that’s right in line with religion and carries the same feverish fervor, which is precisely the reason I left religion and its insane in-fighting, vitriol and bloodshed, spewed in the name and defense of any and every one-true God.
Religion has been a major cause of death throughout history, insane wars fought and millions upon millions killed over an unknowable truth. And here we are again, fighting over an unknowable truth about future events based on words written by a chosen few that say - and honestly believe and trust with good intent - that these words and messages are truth, given to them by benevolent ETs and/or ascended beings that know these truths – past, present and FUTURE, that we humans do not and cannot know or access. And, like religion, these “truths of future events” are given through a messenger and passed around by the masses that seek guidance outside of themselves, and those that believe become the followers, the flock, and the defenders of their prophet, and those that don’t accept the messages of the new prophet as truth, are ostracized, ridiculed and labeled by the followers of the new prophet. And a new religion is born, complete with both followers and heretics. Where there was once unity, now there is division. All based upon an unknowable truth.
I don't comment much on the ET channelings anymore as they rarely resonate. At one time they resonated, as I saw them as a way to explain some things that I had experienced, but certainly not all of them.

It was the realization that my most incredible experiences – those that are mind-blowing and consciousness expanding - aren't "physical", they do not occur in the external physical world. They have nothing to do with ETs. My most profound experiences occur within - from, and with, spirit. And that’s why I often say that my most profound experiences are more akin to Hogwarts than Star Wars, and I greatly prefer it that way. Ascension is my focus, my goal, my inner work - and ETs have nothing to do with it – at all!
ETs are physical, similar to us, they require ships to travel vast distances and they rely on technology. ETs exist, but they are also on their spiritual journey as well, they are not all-knowing and apparently some are war-like. Even the ETs that state they are of the light, which they may well be, state unequivocally that dark, or negative, ETs also exist, and these negative ETs have continually manipulated us genetically, mentally, and spiritually for our entire human history. Basically, we are their human zoo. They have treated us in the same manner that we have treated beings that live amongst us - dogs, cats, primates, rodents – the list goes on, have been genetically modified by humans and used for experimentation. Even our food has been genetically modified. As above, so below.
I am a student of history, and human history is replete with strategies used to instigate and justify war against other nations right here on planet earth – very recently! There is a definite and obvious pattern that emerges. Gone are the barbarian hordes and their simple, yet effective, strategy of slash, burn, rape and pillage. We are far more cunning now in our manipulations. We have graduated to Problem – Reaction – Solution: create the problem that, in turn, creates the appropriate reaction within the populace that justifies, allows – even demands - that the pre-determined “solution” be implemented. Those that go along with the implementation of the solution are labeled patriots, and those that do not are labeled traitors and terrorist sympathizers. Or, in religious terms, the righteous and the heretics.
Joseph Goebbels, the great Nazi propagandist, stated: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
That is a chilling statement, made all the more chilling because it is demonstrably true. We’ve seen it in action in every war since, and including, WWII, and yet we refuse to recognize the pattern and learn our lesson. Why? Because we are good people that want to believe that our leaders would not lie to us to implement their hidden agenda, which generally ends up in the murder of innocent people for money and resources.

Realizing that this false flag, problem/reaction/solution strategy is a form of mass-mind control and manipulation is a big part of the awakening process, at least it was for me. And now, I see this strategy in use once (and possibly twice) again, right now. First there is Iran, where sabre-rattling of a pre-emptive war is being actively debated against Iran because our leaders see Iran as a possible threat. I am amazed at the balls of our leaders to re-use the script so soon, since it was used, very successfully might I add, less than a decade ago in Iraq. It seems our leaders need only one play in their playbook, because it is so very effective. It doesn’t seem to matter that the US has 8500 nuclear weapons – and Israel, Pakistan, India and North Korea already have nuclear weapons. Somehow, Iran is a mortal threat by trying to even produce nuclear fission as an energy source, which Iran says is their intent – nuclear energy, not weaponry. Is Iran lying about their intent? Possibly. The bigger question is: Are we, the people, being lied to by our leaders about our intent, our reasoning, our justification, for pre-emptive war against Iran?
Our recent history says yes! Does anyone remember the claim that yellow-cake uranium was being sent to Iraq from Nigeria? Or that Iraq was instrumental in the 9/11 attacks, and that Iraq, not Afghanistan, was the real threat? Do you remember how we believed whatever our leaders told us, and if we didn’t believe, we were ostracized? Does anyone remember hearing “Axis of Evil” repeated ad nauseum by every politician and media outlet for months, drumming it into our heads? Does anyone remember what happened to Senator Wellstone, the lone dissenter who voted against attacking Iraq? If not, please research what happened to him – and his family.
The US attacked Iraq on March 19, 2003, based on the outright lies sold as truth to the WORLD, and the world bought into the lies – hook, line and sinker. It wasn’t a sneak attack, we told the Iraqi people we were coming – not as warriors, but as liberators! And, as “liberators”, we came to save the poor Iraqi’s from their horrible regime, and our forces met little resistance. The Iraqi Republican Guard was no match against our overwhelming force and cutting edge technology. Basically, our military forces walked right in and the Iraqi people welcomed us as liberators, they took to the streets in celebration of their liberation that was handed back to them. And how, and by who, were the Iraqi’s freed from tyranny? By the intervention of a foreign force that brought with them incredible technology which hunted down, then arrested or killed, the corrupt, criminal controllers of the Iraq people.

Of course, the party was short-lived, as the truth came out. Do you think the people of Iraq feel “liberated” now? The fact is, it doesn’t matter how they feel about us now, because the strategy worked. The people of Iraq generally welcomed us, because we told them that we came to liberate, not destroy. We told them we were there to help them, and they believed us. And most of the world believed, too. Only in retrospect does all the world see that we were duped into war on blatant lies told to us by our own leaders. The cost of that war in dollars is NOTHING compared to the cost of the lives lost, the psyches shattered, and the trust broken and division created between neighbors, fellow countrymen and nations.
Goebbels is long dead, but the evil genius of his strategic methods are alive and well, still deadly effective, in use in plain sight – and yet we refuse to see them. Apparently history – even recent history – has taught us nothing. Again.
Aside from Iran, I see another situation arising that may be using the very same strategy – ET intervention. They tell us they are the “good guys”, they are of the light, they are our brothers and sisters, and they are here to liberate us by arresting the criminal cabal that controls the planet, to cleanse our world, provide us with incredible technology that will free us of all menial tasks and provide abundant and clean food, water, and energy, and to tell us our true history and to assist us in our ascension. They want us to spread the word far and wide, tell everyone we know in any way we can of their imminent arrival and that they come in peace, as liberators. We can trust them, as they have more knowledge, more technology, and higher consciousness than we have. They know greater truths. They have a plan, and if we do our job and get the word out to the peoples of earth to roll out the welcome mat for their arrival, their plan will go that much more smoothly. We need to tell people to trust our space brothers and sisters, accept them, and help them help us to liberate us from our criminal cabal controllers.

Do you see the pattern emerge in the above scenario? I can’t help BUT see it. I keep seeing the poster in Mulder’s office – I Want To Believe! Yes, I want to believe these ETs are benevolent and will deliver all these good things they promise us, but I also know that history shows us that playing to or against one’s beliefs is a key part of any pre-war strategy. Tell people what they want to hear and they will believe it - not because it’s true, but because they want to believe. And here’s the kicker: People that are told what they want to hear become passive and are easily controllable. That’s Mind Control 101 – the art of manipulation by deception.
And now the ETs are telling us there will be great cataclysm that will require that the peoples of earth be relocated to “safe areas” as the earth rumbles and redesigns itself, then the ETs will tear down everything and rebuild our new world for us. They tell us when it is safe to emerge into our new world, we won’t recognize it and they will have to show us where to live and how to live in the new world they’ve created for us. And we can all gaze in amazement at the new and improved Earth 2.0 that Santa has brought us for Christmas!
Myself, I just can’t get past the notion, the thought, the possibility, that one or more of these channelers are scribing a page from the old Nazi playbook straight from Goebbels himself from beyond the veil. Silly, right??????
I, for one, will not be herded by anyone into a “safe area”. I fully accept that I may very well transition via death, but I will die on my own terms, within nature, as nature intended – regardless of ETs and whatever their true intentions may be. If I am to die in a great cataclysm, whether it be natural or not, so be it. I will die right here on Mother Earth, as my earthly brethren have done throughout human history. Should it come to pass, it will be my great honor, and my ultimate liberation, to transition into spirit as Gaia transitions through this cycle. I can think of no more honorable way to transition than with the Great Mother that gave me life, supported me in every instance throughout my life, and I will be with her until my transition - however, whenever makes no difference to me.
Burn me at the stake as a heretic, a naysayer, a promoter of fear and panic, but I will not recant that I AM GAIAN, I am OF THE EARTH, and I shall not – CAN NOT – fear the Great Mother, that which has allowed me to live, love and learn through so very many incarnations over the last 13000 years, possibly longer.

I do not fear the ETs, let them come – invite them if you feel so inclined. However, I will tell you that vampires do exist and they do suck your lifeblood, your lifeforce – your energy. BUT – they must be invited!!! Interestingly enough, vampires and psychopaths share a common trait – incredible charisma! And, being masters of charismatic manipulation, it is the tool by which they gain the trust of their intended victims. Once trust is established, the invitation is either extended by the targeted individual(s), or the invitation is requested and is granted.
There are actually two ways in which these vampires can be invited – either by consciously inviting them because they’ve gained the trust of whomever they target, or they can be invited unconsciously via a vibrational match, usually to an individual or family, and that, too, is akin to an open doorway through which they can travel and attach themselves to their target(s) like a parasite on an unwitting host.
The first method is overt and the second is covert. I am familiar with their covert operations, but few people will believe that their bad mood, bad attitude, bad day, stressful and traumatic experiences are in any way related to, or created by, an attached malevolent entity that feeds on the negative energy the person exudes. As a people, we generally disbelieve that this can happen, and is happening , as our disbelief in such things are actually programmed into us. Vampires don’t exist, right? Most people with these negative attachments never once entertain the thought that this could be true at all, let alone happening to them personally. These people live their lives being fed upon by malevolent entities, and usually more than one, because a person with no ability to even consider the reality of what is actually happening to them is a virtual buffet, an easy meal, all day every day, for those beings that feed upon negative energy. And just like positive energy, negative energy carries its own spectral frequency, which serves as a beacon to those seeking to feed. And this earth is a smorgasbord for these entities, as our in-fighting and endless wars has kept them well fed for eons.

With the overt method, these beings are openly invited – usually by deceiving the inviting party with false identities and false promises, charismatic new lies built upon old lies disguised as truth that are never questioned by the target because trust has been established.
However, I must state that there are MANY instances throughout history and continuing unabated in our current time when these malevolent beings are called forth intentionally into service for an individual. In this instance, these “vampires” are labeled “demons” – just a different name for entities of the same basic nature. Other cultures call them by different names, such as djinn or genii. They are conjured by people that know about such things and that are willing to pay whatever price the being may require and exact from the individual for their service, which is generally in the form of an offering, usually a sacrifice to the being every so often – and by sacrifice, I don’t mean giving up something for lent – and then the ultimate sacrifice: upon death, the soul of the person becomes a servant of the being they conjured! And, as malevolence is their nature, these beings delight in their attempts to stop the conjurer from fulfilling their contractual obligations of giving offerings as required, which causes the conjurer to default on the contract, and upon default, full payment becomes due immediately.
Malevolent beings cannot be blamed for being malevolent, for that is their very nature. That is what they ARE. It reminds me of the story of the frog and the scorpion. The scorpion needed to get across the pond and he asked the frog if he would please carry the scorpion on his back to the other side of the pond. The frog says, “But I’m afraid you will sting me”, to which the scorpion gives a heartfelt reply, “I promise not to sting you, frog”. So the frog agrees, the scorpion climbs onto the frog’s back and just as they arrive at the other side of the pond, the scorpion stings the frog. And as the frog, in his death throes, realizes he’s been deceived, the frog asks the scorpion, “Why did you sting me when you promised you would not?” The scorpion replied, “Because it is my nature.”
I see now that this blog is rather long, but I've written all that I've felt necessary to write at this moment.
Before I go, I want to state unequivocally that what I have written here is NOT absolute truth, it is my opinion based on my observations and I share it as such - no more, no less. I am not a prophet, nor do I care to be one, nor do I need one. Neither do I need to be saved by anything or anyone.
I am spirit incarnate as a human being, living with gratitude on this beautiful planet that supports my every need in every moment, as I trip the light fantastic.
Go well and may you find that which you seek along your path, wherever it may lead, and may fear never find you.
Blessings and Namaste,

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