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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO »  Per Several Requests: Repost of Post RV Tips from Rajaf at TNT

Per Several Requests: Repost of Post RV Tips from Rajaf at TNT

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Per Several Requests: Repost of Post RV Tips from Rajaf at TNT



(Dinar Recaps Note: This post is for informational purposes only.  It is not legal, tax or investment advice.  Dinar Recaps advises that everyone should do their own due diligence and seek local Professional tax, legal and/or investment advisers.)

Rajaf: This list has grown once again.

TO DO List

1. move 55% into holding account - pay state taxes in Dec 2014 to get the fed tax deduction - then move into Triple A Municipal Bond Act with side-by-side Money Market Account for profits to sweep into for each currency.

[ ] State
[ ] Fed

2. contact CPA to help with taxes and prepare for the initial Fed tax payment (maximum quarter Fed Tax is 110% on 2013 tax return)
[ ] ______________________________________
Read More Link on Right
3. pay off mortgage / debts
[ ]

4. insure funds in accounts
[ ] Abbot Downing
[ ] Lloyds of London
[ ] Prudential
[ ] Life insurance for beneficiaries

5. meet with tax attorney to discuss setting up trusts and LLC
[ ]

6. purchase precious metals ~ gold/silver ~ digital money
[ ] Monex
[ ] Sterling / Dinar Banker
[ ] Bitcoin (digital money)

7. set up MCA and purchase foreign currencies (multi-currency account)
[ ] HSBC
[ ] Wells Fargo
[ ] Sterling (exchange for hard foreign currency)
[ ] EverBank, headquarters in Jacksonville, Fl; offer progressive international investments not usually found at other banks

8. purchase land & rental properties (add liens at 110% to prevent against being sued for frivolous lawsuits)

[ ] 100 unit apt building (minimum) 3 yr performance record, maintained well
[ ] hotel
[ ] rental income properties
[ ] MLPS
[ ] EFTS / REITS / ETF (exchange traded fund) is big collection of stock ~ Instead of 20 REITS an ETF holds all of them (poor performance lately)

What Exactly Is a REIT?
"A Real Estate Investment Trust is a business that buys real estate. Typically they specialize in one particular slice of the commercial market," he explains, pointing out that a REIT buys a series of properties, manages them, collect rents, and then passes that money along to shareholders.....

[ ] investment that pays high dividends
[ ] MLPs = Master Limited Partnerships - they invest in oil, energy and gas.


9. Set up annuities and life insurance for each of us.
[ ] (Permanent Life Insurance policies) typically return 4-5% annually tax-free (be sure to have a rider [beneficiary] to protect principal)

[ ] State Farm

[ ] Prudential

10. Investigate other investment options
[ ] AAA-Rated, Tax-deferred Insured Municipal Bonds, return around 5% annually
[ ] Stock Portfolio (Preferred Stocks-Bonds)
[ ] Life Settlements
[ ] US Agency Bonds
[ ] Currency baskets
[ ] Oil & Gas

11. Annuities
[ ] Fixed Index Annuities
[ ] Immediate Annuities is the website of Hersh Stern, founder of one of the nation's leading #1 online annuity brokerage firms
[ ] Hybrid Annuities
[ ]
[ ]

12. Tax Free Municipal Bonds account (to hold funds for taxes up until April 15, 2015)
Triple A "tax free" Municipal Bond Account accruing income/interest that is swept over into a Money Market Account for each currency.

13. Brokerage Account: get 27.84% effective rate by treating your Dinar as a commodity (not sure about this). Seek advice from a tax attorney and a CPA. There is a downside to the "election" to "opt out" of that certain part of the IRC and treat currency as a commodity, and that is a limit on losses on commodities. General 11% fee (no taxes / exchanged as a commodity) ?

[ ] General’s Group (account with side-by-side money market account(s)
For more information, see And, of course, consult a tax attorney before proceeding.

[ ] Do you have a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Self-directed Brokerage Account

[ ] AT&T (T) $33.48
[ ] * Inc. (AMZN) $397.54
[ ] *Alliance Data Systems Corporation (ADS) $263.70
[ ] American Express (AXP) $89.74
[ ] Bank of Hawaii Corp (BOH) $57.99
[ ] Bank of Montreal NYSE (BMO) $66.78
[ ] Bank of Novia Soctia BNS $61.50
[ ] Chevron Corporation (CVX) $124.35
[ ] Coca-Cola (KO) $39.69
[ ] *ConEdison (ED) $53.45
[ ] *CORP PIMCO Investment Grade Corporate Bond / Index ETF $99.48
[ ] Dominion Resources (D) $63.51
[ ] *DST Systems, Inc. (DST) $90.18
[ ] *ExOne (XONE) (3D) $65.24
[ ] Firstenergy Corp (FE) $32.01
[ ]*First Hawaiian Bank / French owned bank (BNP:FP) €55.68 EUR
[ ] *Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund Class A (FBDIX) $131.18
[ ] Franklin Templeton Investment Funds Franklin Growth Series Class A (FKGRX $64.74
[ ] *Google Inc (GOOG) $1,105.00
[ ] GW Pharmaceuticals PLC (GWPRF) $3.40
[ ] *The Home Depot, Inc (HD) $81.01
[ ] *International Business Machines Corp (IBM) $186.64
[ ] Intel Corporation (INTC) $25.78
[ ] *Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) $91.85
[ ] Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) $ 35.97
[ ] *Lockheed Martin, NYSE (LMT) $147.06
[ ] *McDonald’s (MCD) $96.54
[ ] *MedBox (MDBX) $28.74
[ ] *Nestle (NSRGY) $73.37
[ ] *Nextera Energy (NEE) $84.36
[ ] NOBIA AB ADR $42.93 ?
[ ] NuStar Energy L.P. NYSE: (NS) $50.62
[ ] *Novartis AG (ADR) (NVS) $79.11
[ ] *PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) $82.24
[ ] *Procter & Gamble (PC) $80.45
[ ] *Starbucks Corporation SBUX $75.46
[ ] *Stratasys, Ltd. (SSYS) $136.46 (3D printer)
[ ] Target Corporation (TGT) $63.49
[ ] *The Home Depot, Inc (HD) $81.89
[ ] *The Walt Disney Company (DIS) $76.11
[ ] Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) $48.42
[ ] *VMware, Inc. (VMW) $89.42
[ ] *Wal-Mart NYSE: (WMT) $78.65
[ ] Wells Fargo Advantage Discovery Fund Investor Class (STDIX) $33.40 ?
[ ] *3D Systems Corp (DDD) $96.42

Two types of advisors. Fee based and *commissioned" based: a commissioned advisor who is paid by the company he uses to place your contract and trades. Then gets paid only on new invested funds as they are invested and only once except if the fund is sold or traded for another fund family if traded outside an annuity or life contract . You never pay the commissions. Vanguard Funds only deal in indexes, have the lowest fees and high returns for their investors.

14. Taxes: There is a safe harbor for federal purposes that you only have to pay in 110% of your previous years (2013) tax on (quarterly) estimated and /or withholding tax.
[ ] State (____%)
[ ] Federal (23.8%) long term IQN [ ] other due to change in current law?
[ ] Federal (43.4%) short term IQN
[ ] Federal (43.4%) VNN
[ ] Federal (43.4%) IDN
[ ] Federal (43.4%) ZWN

[ ] PLR / Private Letter Ruling from IRS via Tax Attorney

[ ] Mortgage insurance property tax deduction

Some big tax breaks for companies that invest in research and development, generous exemptions for financial institutions doing business overseas, and several breaks that let businesses write off capital investments faster. A series of tax breaks promote renewable energy, including a credit for power companies that produce electricity with windmills.

A deduction for state and local sales taxes benefits people who live in the nine states without state income taxes.

16. INTEREST BEARING ACCOUNTS (optional / depends on the amount of interest available - better to put money into higher yielding profit making options/ income producing property, money market, self- directed brokerage account, State Farm annuity, Triple A tax free muni bonds, etc)

[ ] CEDARS (?) may not get the best interest rate. Want money making money.

Here interest calculator, enter the months as a decimal of a year, i.e. 4months = 0.3333 year for savings rates depositors are getting.

These are some example rates from WF:


[ ] ________________________________

[ ] ________________________________

[ ] ________________________________

Invest in gold/silver. Given the new banking laws gold dealers in the near future are going to be restricted to how much money they can wire to gold providers outside of the country,. Subsequently gold from outside of the US (that the US can't confiscate) will become increasing difficult to obtain making the price of gold go up. This is considered a long-term investment.

1 million into silver and 3 million into Australian Philharmonic gold coin

[ ] American Eagles,
[ ] Australian Lunar series
[ ] Australian gold Nuggets
[ ] Australian Kangaroos
[ ] Austrian Philharmonics

[ ] 500 oz silver eagle boxes 500x$22.28=$11,140.

1 mil $ get:
[ ] big bars 1k silver / 400 oz or 100 oz gold bars

[ ] 100 oz silver bars Johnson Mathew / Inglehart
[ ] 10 oz silver bars

[ ] 1 oz Canadian Maple silver coin

[ ] Sterling/Dinar Banker will exchange for PAMP Minted Gold Ingots:

[ ] 1 Troy Ounce
[ ] ½ Troy Ounce
[ ] 10 gram
[ ] 5 gram
[ ] 2.5 gram
[ ] 1 gram

Foreign Currency

[ ] Vietnamese Dong
[ ] Chinese Yuan
[ ] Hong Kong Dollar
[ ] British Pound
[ ] Canadian Dollar
[ ] Singapore Dollar
[ ] Brazilian Real
[ ] Australian Dollar
[ ] Swiss Franc

For liquidity put money into a MCA (multi-currency account) i.e. Canadian dollar, Brazilian real BRL, Singapore dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Hong Kong dollar, IQN, Great British pound or foreign currency of a country you travel too. You can get a credit card for travel while having currency available where you travel to. HSBC is an international bank that may be a good choice to set up a MCA with. Or get hold of hard currency you can keep in a personal safe along with your gold.

Or put your cash into the Bank of Nova Scotia in Canada, buy gold via this bank and borrow cash from yourself off your gold to keep in the account when needed. (Tip from multi-millionaire George Green)

Set up a secret verbal password that only you and your private banker know. You will use this password to do remote banking by phone when lifting a spending limit on debit cards or secure transfers of funds for purchases or investments.

Any funds in bank accounts over 250k need to have additional insurance. For example, Lloyds of London does not cover checking accounts but do for other things - Abbott Downing with WF for accounts with over 25M$. Consider immediately insuring funds in your accounts until you transfer them over to other investment vehicles.

Check out Lodmell and Lodmell ( for possible asset protection.

[ ] Self-Directed Brokerage Account where I have complete control. It will include a few stocks that are making 5-7% interest. Long-term investments.

[ ] To maintain your privacy/security obtain PA (privacy agreement) & NDA (non-disclosure agreement) forms for people you do business with. Use them with your attorney / CPS, professional contacts.. another one suited to individuals and giftees.

Website that is a good start to get annuities quotes based on the dollar amount to be invested and the type of annuity you are interested in. It is a good place to start but please work with a qualified Financial planning professionals when you are ready to implement a plan. with Hersh Stern

Get info on these:

Deferred Annuities
Deferred Income Annuities
[ ] Fixed" Index Annuities
[ ] Hybrid Annuities
[ ] Immediate Annuities
[ ] Permanent Life
Longevity Annuities
Secondary Market Annuities is the website of Hersh Stern, founder of one of the nation's leading online annuity brokerage firms.

[ ] Setup accounts with limits for your protection. Example: $5000 debit card, $25000 credit, etc. this too is a safety measure and can be modified at will.

[ ] Set up life time insurance for beneficiaries to cover for inheritance tax.

[ ] Always write the words "All Rights Reserved" ABOVE your signature on everything you sign, no matter what it is.... for the rest of your life (NOT RECOMMENDED TO DO THIS ON THE NDA).

03/02/2014 5:08pm

Your Bitcoin suggestion is outdated. There is recent bad press indicating that it may not be a sound investment.
Don Geisse
03/02/2014 6:25pm

Bitcoin is involved in class action litigation right now.

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