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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » RV --- It did RV quietly and in private on Thursday evening.

RV --- It did RV quietly and in private on Thursday evening.

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IRS CONFIRMED RUMOR --- Received from California reader. IRS Collection activities have stopped. IRS departments for same are closing down. IRS dogs can only bark but not bite. Tax liens are not being enforced. As mentioned here before and scoffed at --- IRS serves the Federal Reserve Bank which has been foreclosed. No More Federal Reserve and No More Federal Corporation.

RUMOR --- Republic Treasury has its own treasurer. The Fed Corp Treasurer will not be used.

RV --- It did RV quietly and in private on Thursday evening.

Gold Currency Release --- Gold Backed Currency was released yesterday and the banks are ready. We be exchanging into Gold Backed Treasury notes next week. No chance of being stolen by the bad guys.

ANNOUNCEMENTS --- Govt. private channel was used for Gold Currency Announcement yesterday.


Thanks Yman 4 this & ALL U consistently share here with us- very appreciated by me, at least, hopefully speaking for more than just myself.

Halleluyah regarding this news which very much resonates with me, KNOWing things are not always what is seen or what they may seem...
Give us eyes to see, ears to hear those with us are indeed much greater than those who have been against us for so long...

I LIKE idea of private channel  thumbs up used for "Gold Currency Announcement yesterday"-- Yes- The New Golden Age is here NOW:sunny: thumbs up 

irs & frb news confirms AGAIN validity of OPPT foreclosures & return to the people of all value & power; we just need to wake up & CLAIM IT, manifest it within and all around us in our new heaven-on-earth world we participate in co-creating by our thoughts, words, deeds, BE'ing and DO'ing in LOVE, Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, & so much More Abundance  sunny 


Oh good girief!!! 


not sure what "girief" is, but glad U describe it as "good", Nanee ;)

I'm getting better @ not caring what other people think of me & where i stand on issues or anything else. Truly FREEs my BE'ing & DO'ing, which seems to be in a stage of great growth & change right now...

Blessings 2 U & all here- in Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance & more  sunny 


Oh good grief is the same as saying "oh for frigs sake" 

I wouldn't mind these douche bags so much if they weren't so full of shit! HOWEVER, he did say confirmed RUMOR, I mean seriously way to cover his ass lol! Of course the rumour is confirmed or it wouldn't be a bloody rumor LOL!


RUMORS does "cya", heah? we each choose what we believe & act upon, bearing consequences for same.

I must say i really LIKE the "IRS CONFIRMED RUMOR" part, indicates a (good possibility) new republic really is established & cabal defeated, powerless... which is where my HALLELUYAHS arise....

getting really interesting & exciting to live these amazing days...


Perpetuating absolute nonsense does not nor should not be met with positive reinforcement. It's all hearsay until someone starts providing real proof. The evidence, or lack thereof, speaks for itself.


Oh there you are LOL I thought we'd lost you so I put up a thread looking for you LOL!


Ya it RVed on Thursday... Just like it RVed several months ago in AUSTRALIA!  How are those millions working out for you Nannee Rose?

For  Dinar News and Gurus please visit us at 


Oh I must've missed that MEMO lol!


Ah too bad, now you have to wait with the rest of us til the elections in Iraq

For  Dinar News and Gurus please visit us at 


More Nesara Crap! How do you RV quietly? It's Iraq's for the rest of that information, just rumors and HOPIUM for the brainwashed, dead and New Age addicts.

The Truth Will Set You Free


It is mind boggling. "Make me feel good with lies, instead of prepared with truth" That is the whole premise of the guru crap. People have actually said, " Tell me the good things, even if they aren't true. I want to be able to dream".

I do not get that. I have always been a realist. That to me is just irresponsible thinking.

For  Dinar News and Gurus please visit us at 


One of my quotes that is going into my post tomorrow. " There is no such thing as negative information, one of the worse things we can do is refuse to engage the truth no matter how ugly it is. If we refused to look at our shadow, at the darkness that dwells in our own individual consciousness and our own hearts, then we are not going to get very far in our journey we are on. We have to be willing to look into that heart of darkness and be willing to confront it.

There is no escape from the situation we have worked ourselves into as a species. They way out is to go through it. Not around it, not under it, not boarding spacecrafts or waiting for Galactic saviors to get us out of our own mess, not turning your back and walking in the opposite direction. It doesn't work like that. The way out is to go through the problems we have created by confronting them".

The Truth Will Set You Free

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