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The Battle for the Survival of Humanity Against the Bankers and Cabal - Bush, Jesuits / Vatican, Zionists and the Military Industrial Complex

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The Battle for the Survival of Humanity Against the Bankers and Cabal - Bush, Jesuits / Vatican, Zionists and the Military Industrial Complex

  • Beware of false Messiahs!

  • Now we see Light in the hands of Good Men

  • Let the fight back begin, after all, it’s only the planet we are fighting for

One World of Nations
11 March 2014

It’s Man and Humanity versus the Soulless Beasts of Banking. Slowly it starts as Americans and the World need to be released from the Illegal and unethical Laws of Tyranny imposed by the Bankers and the ruthless, Soulless Global Military Industrial Cabal. Our case is not against America, or Americans, but focuses on the Military Industrial Cabal, the Bankers chicanery, and Israeli duplicity, whose combined greed are taking this world ever closer to a nuclear holocaust which will extinguish all life as we know it. Vast innocent Americans are losing ever greater liberties as this Juggernaut of evil continues unchecked.

The Cabal and Vatican co-conspirators are frightened in case you get enlightened. Knowledge is Power. Truth empowers you for what is coming!

This report will show what can be done for many over time to help you recover America and many human lives. But also our so fragile beautiful world. Restoration of the True American Dream is no bad thing. Doing nothing is!

Commeth the hour, Commeth the Good Men. There is hope and a truly great site emerging with so many able and willing people uniting to win.

There have been 3 sources of key wealth for the Elites worldwide.

1. Taxes, which have been ineptly sequestrated and abused.

2. Iniquitous Banking systems which are riddled with Chicanery and manipulative Fraud.

3. Control of key, essential resources such as Energy, Food, Minerals and Water.

Military power enabled Rogue Regimes to enforce their Global Hegemony. As we witness today and has been with each Empire. But, all Empires end. Badly! As is Americas visibly. Funding 1,800 further murdering Blackwater Contractor scumbags to fly to Ukraine, in addition to all their sewer rat’s exterminating the masses in the Middle East and Afghanistan, while reneging of their debts to Allies and trusting Investors, all now treacherously betrayed, will end badly. Shame on you Blackwater mercenaries. They will burn in purgatory alongside the Zionist parasites. Hatred lasts and memories are long. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy foresaw the impending down side of the Military Industrial Cabal and the perception of the end of humanity, or America if not curtailed. Agency malpractice is visible everywhere.

With an increasingly unstable world unfolding, the consequences now is that smart money is on the move as Chinese exports plummet and the hooks unravel. No money, no honey which these Cabal Whores and the Vatican need to survive. The Microscope is focusing also on the Jesuits and Israeli thuggery.

People have now had enough of their games and duplicitous chicanery and are bypassing them.

By a creative use of a labyrinth of Offshore Tax Havens most hard working Real Wealth Creators, Business Owners who are mass Job Creators (Not Bankers!), increasingly and skilfully avoid the pernicious and wasteful over greedy Tax Regimes, leaving only the Wage Slaves to carry the real burden. Consequentially economies are stifled and societies now fail to evolve. Social injustice becomes an endemic price for most to pay. A vicious circle of multi-dimensional costs and consequences. Society needs a rethink. Fiat money is running down as a model. It’s broken down!

Wealth creators won’t have more stolen from them so they get creative and walk their own funds offshore, as is their right. Be grudgers howl at the social deprivation they suffer. Never self-analysis or blame. Socialists see only ever more taxes as their mediocre mentalities reach only as far as taking and sequestrating funds hard earned by others, while moralizing and eulogizing profane nonsense to justify parasitical fund grabs of other people’s assets. Smart Wealth Creators and achievers don’t take it. They move ever more into Offshore Tax Havens, leaving Zero for Tax theft. It is NOT evasion! It is keeping what is yours from parasites. You earned it, you keep it! Damned right. Evading these parasites is not a crime. Duplicitous Parasites taking for nothing is the crime. Resistance is not futile. There a fine line between fair contribution and theft. Wealth contributors who earn it, NOT Bankers!!, want a fair deal! They are Patriots at heart and do care.

Any Tax paid at 20% invasive earned asset theft is more than enough contribution - or they walk. Tax revenues are systematic purges of unwilling working people’s assets to service political parasites failed undertakings, and to create Social Wealth Pools to feed from. But feed who? Societies benefit is very small. Which Western Administration is fit for purpose? None! Avarice of other people's all too often hard earned wealth creation will get no one anywhere. We all have to make our own way, and money. Self-help. Real Wealth Creators put back massively. The Cabal just steals. That means the Global awareness of re thinking society for better ways. A world fit for purpose.

The entire Western evolved current groupings of Political hierarchies is one of Global ineptitude. Elected Representatives, in most cases, are woefully inadequate, inexperienced and all too often, crooked, or stupid, or as Bush 43 evidenced - both!

Daddy’s boy given America as a Toy! Daddy, I want a Cowboy Outfit for Xmas Bush 43 pleaded. His father gave him Washington! Now another one in Jeb is being lined up for 2016. The very Feudal Fiefdom Americans came to escape.

Other countries in part fare little better.

Interwoven into a Matrix of economies are pseudo Religious Orders, and conspiratorial Self Interest infectious groups such as the Zionists, who hand in hand with the Jesuits / Vatican forces, and willing Neocon types, have encircled the planet with ruthless control of the US Federal Reserve, US Treasury, and the Rothschild’s Oligarch tentacles entrapping all within their Fiefdom of Central Banks protecting their cobweb of power, which they control, as Roaches on the net.

Archaic Religions, based on historical inaccuracies, dominate the minds of impressionable children, who develop into flawed, misguided and wrongly tracked adults. Yet none morally constrain the developing adults from a future lifetime of all too often corporate subterfuge, duplicity, wanton reckless greed, or military carnage against fellow men. Nowhere, are our Western societies teaching good citizenship and planetary ecological stewardship.

Asian Cultures are trying. The true Judaic Jewish culture of family values enriches their culture. Also it contributes towards nations, aiding all. The human tragedy is this intermix of rapacious Godless Zionist vulture packs with offensive nonsensical indoctrination of maleficent intent towards the Goyim. As witnessed with their predatory control of the US Treasury, US Federal Reserve, and principle US Banks, US Department of Homeland Security, and key White House advisory rolls, alongside total control of the media. Even worse the Ashkenazi arrogance of Israel. Their genocidal and abysmal racial indifference to all fellow mankind is gruesome. Yet the Sheep see nothing as grazing herbivores.

The Political Amphitheatre of the US now is an empty Constitutional Husk of what was intended, and little better than a Jesuit / Zionist enslaved Zoo. Address the problem then look at so many better solutions.

America and Europe combined are now equally so educationally dumbed down, they are in abject denial of their actual status or impoverished standing either financially or culturally. A delusional self-induced paranoia overrules sense, as they march to a Cabal indoctrinated drum. Lemmings lined up to order. Americans even worse are both taxed and globally enslaved. For a “Voluntary” Puerto Rican Agency with no US affinity bar to sequestrate. How did it ever get so Cluster F? This is Federalism gone crazy. A legalized Thug Feast of profanity. And you think the Communists are mind enslaved? Try looking in the mirror.

A few square miles of Columbia has mugged a continent. The Supremes KNOW it has no legal jurisdiction, as with their false IRS Fraud, but loaded Vatican accounts buys loyalty. Was a nation ever so betrayed? Or so many successive Administrations so unfit for purpose? America as is, is dying on the vine. But it need not be this way. America is not impoverished in talent or capability. Nor bankrupt in ideology. The real question is how do we unleash its potential again?

Is America truly broken? Yes, under the current Fiat Banking system it is, but in potential, far from it. Opportunities are abundant. Only the Political and Fed system is rotten, with tainted misfits in place who have sold out the nation? Traitors to a man, and Woman! Their SYSTEM is broken, not better American and Global options.

America's Political Misfits in office are sleazy men who have impugned the visions and core ethos of the Constitution and Founders. America was forged in conflict to break free, evolving as a nation of its own. Men died for this so you could be free of Feudal tyranny. For ideals. Now the sordid betrayal is from within. Political Pygmies and Mediocrities now rule with Machiavellian games to divide and sequestrate. What is unfolding is the new decline of Empires but also the evolution of the species. Nation States are folding, starved of development funding. Pay back what you owe you pernicious filth. Releasing what is due, into the hands of good Patriots and men of conscience, will help recalibrate our world.

Emerging Thinking Men of good conscience now seek to become empowered within a Global village of nations, not as a Serf of DC Bureaucrats to serve Texan, Jesuit or Zionist Mammon’s. This planet is for humanity, not enslaved Conclaves of Special Interests seeking Elite controls. Judge the stupidity future of their Offspring to see clearly the fundamental failings of their vision. Breeding stupid is no solution.

We share this planet. Like it or not. Common seas, air and nature. Pollute one or the Water Tables by Fracking, and we all pay. As does ecology. So many species become extinct annually now. Most unknown to Man. The ultimate uncaring carnivore.

Our Welfare system has broken down. Our Wealth / Reward system is dysfunctional and our concept of State Federal support has become one of Feudal control. Ugly and inhumane. The system has become one of wanton aggression excluding the aged, infirm, sick or poor. We need to rethink Inclusive, not exclusive! Are we to evolve as a Nation of Souls, or deteriorate as is, to one of Ass holes? It is as fundamental as that. The question and purpose of existence. Because as evidenced by this fast growing site and the voices of all its people worldwide, there is a better way. What we now have is programed to fail.

Wealth creation, as we can’t take it with us, needs a more effective planned purpose. Not just the power of Acquisitive Greed! Evolution of the species means redefining it, and our purpose on this journey through life. Feeding greed is finite. As such, beyond a quick fix, it lacks purpose. Society has lost its way, as intended Service Providers, have become Incestuous Controllers. Jailers of Souls. Impoverishing society demeans all. But, as we can all determine, the current State system has also failed. Communities do not develop as they lack focal integration. Planned boxes on a Development land map are not Communities. Communities are key to all.

Society as we know it has become misdirected. Vastly more is recklessly spent on Weapons, War and Agencies than on supporting and developing life. The core focus of Military expansionism is to protect, or assist seize energy or Minerals land masses, in order for Profits to be accrued and protected for Bankers. Soon, it will also encompass control of water, the single most important building and sustaining block of all life. Policies are based upon sequestration, and distribution controlled as allocation for Profit. It’s all about Profit. Owning the system and gaming YOU!

The dysfunctional mess is what their short term greed has orchestrated. Profit without purpose achieves nothing. As a Federally controlled and orchestrated society, we have lost control of the re investment dynamic, and ended up in worse debt than ever contemplated. The Fed has failed us all and falsely debt imprisoned the planet. Money needed to underpin Industries, create homes, Jobs, education, Healthcare and Tax creation, has instead been misdirected towards chasing short term Bankers Bonuses from fraudulent Derivatives Fiat Money games, as a mass Ponzi scam.

THERE IS NO POSSIBLE INSURER OF LAST RESORT FOR DERIVATIVES, SO THE ENTIRE PREMISE OF INSURED DEBT IS FALSE AND RISKING TERMINAL COLLAPSE. No Bank Risk Management Division can justify allowing Derivatives Lending because the base protection is Null and Void. But, as with Sub Primes, do they ever listen? The Bankers own Lemming herd in pursuit of Fiat bonuses take us ever more towards the Abyss. Worse, they siphon up your hard earned Retiree savings in a feeding frenzy funding Ponzi derivatives gambles. They steal the profits, you WILL take the losses.

Under the inept Global systems of Bankers underpinned Political Assemblies, society has lost its direction. There is no effective system of Government. Just a system of Musical Chairs of Jobs with Bribes, chicanery and greed. No vision, or ethical mandate. You have become Plebeian votes and no more.

Government has lost control and has no ability to understand. Mediocrities rule. They are not impassioned by their will to serve, but empowered by Greed. It has failed us all.

One of our Principle focus issues is the CDFI concept. A Community Development Financial Institute. It’s time to rethink society and human relationships. Family units and bonding. What has happened to the hopes and dreams of the great romance and the wondrous moments from the birth of the children? How can so much have gone wrong? Where did it all leave the rails? Step back and take time out to think. It’s your world and your journey. No one has the right to steal it from you.

Money accrued from Bank trading needs to be made fit for purpose. A Meritocracy of use.

Now the Good News

The relationships we have established from the Private Settlements pending to some of the key Reno teams, and other known Private Placements parties who did nothing but help America, are with good men, Patriots at heart. They have walked the ragged paths of life, and want to make a difference. To re channel our joint profits back into Nation Building, ecology, Humanitarian needs, education, energy alternatives and Community regeneration. All this is achievable. We are all focused on putting back wealth created. Men of vision. Men of Honor. We collectively are seeking to re track the profit dynamic to benefit all of you. But, with a difference.

Nations working together, with hands co enjoined across the oceans, as coordinated teams to unlock Wealth Creating Programs and to channel the funds accrued towards recreating a new approach towards Relationship Management of Funding money where it is most needed to serve mankind. Money is a tool, not for abuse by a Fool!

Communities need to become as self-sufficient as possible, lowering the carbon footprints of the communities and protecting the environment. Not so dissimilar to the concept of Kibbutz systems of multi facet, all contributing and all sharing communities. Settlement funds due now need to go in part towards developing whole new concept sustainable communities able to look after all. The elderly, infirm, sick and to educate the next generation with a work and society value ethos which does matter. Because if America crashes, as is well documented, this for many will save them. Self-help - Now!

We need to re-educate the young to value their communities, respect the community values and their facilities, and to enhance their awareness of culture. Use your wisdom and knowledge to teach and lead. They need to feel they belong, and be a part of it to willingly protect it. Within 10 to 15 years, all economic models show us the impending collapse of the State Welfare Systems as unaffordable and unsustainable. But you are not being told this truth! Fiat systems simply cannot continue as is. Lose this - I want my Lick Lunacy! It’s as ugly as they are.

The growing Retiree population, extended and unplanned longevity models, alongside clear even current non-existent geriatric care support needs, all show approaching system collapse. Unemployment is increasing and Technology will only accelerate it. This is a global pandemic. Our Governments are collectively incapable of forward thinking, which will cascade down on future Administrations as they all forward track passing the Buck. The Tax base pool to sustain Welfare and Retiree funding is declining. It can’t pay for it! Who is going to keep you and cover Healthcare from a fast depleting pool? You WILL be dumped by the State once you no longer contribute in. If you don’t have real Private Cover saved, you do HAVE a real problem.

In Asia the elderly are respected and revered. In the West, treated with indifference and often brutalized. In the West, it’s now all about money, or Hell on Earth for those without. Unemployment will increase, Welfare will also just collapse soon. It’s bankrupt.

Within new planned communities, all citizens can be found roles to contribute and be fed. If they decline, they leave. Booted out if necessary. To be a part of it, they can help sustain it with pride. An all-inclusive community as it used to be. Community care looking out for each other. Start to think - for yourselves! Take control of your own lives and events where possible, or be controlled, as expendable flotsam. Growing sustainable crops, fruits and animal husbandry to service community needs, not governed by a Profit governance. Communities of families, existing both singularly and as a strength sharing collective. One where people matter and have a place of safety. One which teaches children the sound academic educational necessities, but also ethical and family values. The need to respect and protect the communities. It all needs to start somewhere. Safe havens for humankind. Big money is not needed here. Just big hearts.

Be in no doubt the current system has failed and is economically unsustainable. The hard, logistical reality of what is coming, is simply passed forward by incumbent Political Parasites to the incoming Administrations who just juggle the parcel until it drops. On whose watch? All the while filling their pockets while emptying yours! Democracy, as you contemplate it, is for Dummies. Unfulfilled electoral pledges are made only to motivate the Plebs to vote for the incumbents lick at the swill trough. Hard reality, it’s NOT for you!

Societies today are evolving badly among land and population masses planned mainly to service the outputs of the energy giants, selling you overpriced power, and polluting the planet. They sequestrate the land supplies, rule the nations and militarily remove non-compliant Administrations by Agency interference and subversive Military intervention if needed. Hegemony. They control your food, supply you your drugs, or Welfare Coupons, the new opium of the masses and control the money supply. U-N-S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-L-E! There is no collective organized intelligence or ethical ethos of Government today. Just one of expeditious short term reactions to evolving consequences. Gaming the system with you all as Pawns. Nor is there any short term fix. Systematic break down has itself been unfolding for centuries. Without a cohesive Master Plan, we live in a world of patchwork consequences and compromised solutions. Accumulating chaos rules with Karma thriving.

Vast funds have been OWED for decades by this thieving Cabal. It’s NOT their money. Most of what is owed can be paid back in Treasuries which our Clients are willing to take and hold for Credit Lines which we will re trade in Bank Platforms. Huge profits then can be released both for Tax contributions and direct Project Investments into areas of primary need. Action now creating jobs, funding Infrastructure, creating new energy companies, restoring manufacturing industries and creating new technologies. Getting jobs flowing, not Contractors boots and bullets.

There has been a lacklustre response for decades from the White House, with Bush 41 regularly interfering in any settlement processes which would have recalled funds unlawfully used by them.

No nation can continue or lead carrying the sordid shame of these soiled Politicians. They are just too dirty, contaminating all they touch. Electing Clinton or another Bush in 2016 will end Democracy in America and accelerate the coming of an era of profanity for humankind.

continued below....



It’s time to start electing People of good moral character, not failed parties. It’s time to mount Social Challenges to those unfit for purpose. Image 100,000 motivated Americans turning up for Political assemblies with real protest and demanding answers. The groundswell if it goes multi state? How can Clinton or Bush pass such public scrutiny? Or Romney, Biden or so many of the dirty deed bunch? Real Patriots like the Bikers and Truckers need to mount up again and fight for America. The Vets need to co enjoin and organize Regional Assemblies. Start the protest revolution. Educate with Truth. Get them angry, get them marching. Get Americans free of this Cabal! Look at how they are using the NGO for State funded terrorism campaigns spreading death and destruction across the planet as they fund ever more subversion and lie with impunity.

This is Ukraine today. This is American Agency funded terrorism at work supported by its lying machine and disinformation campaigns. Typical of their grubby work worldwide.

Get the Constitutional Rights RESTORED! Free Americans first before interfering in other nations. Release what is due and let the real Patriots rebuild America and our nations. People, fit for purpose, not political feeding trough trash. Feed Americans and feed the world, not Greed! The system is broken, fix that first. What of the millions who have died to feed their greed? Nations ever more impoverished. Stop this Zoo, it start with YOU! Stop complaining - start CAMPAIGNING!

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