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Sweet Chemical-Induced Dreams

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1 Sweet Chemical-Induced Dreams on Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:48 am


Remember that commercial "This is your brain on drugs?" Well THIS is your brain on laundry products. Don't fall for it for the advertising hype.


Reshared by Dinar Daily -

Sweet Chemical-Induced Dreams
Posted on March 21, 2014 by Celeste Bishop

After first two please pause, the lady gets annoying (still learning to insert various media)

Tonight when you get ready for bed, you best be aware that a new product line Turn In-Tune Out has been released targeting the things that many of us equate with being a human being for chemical exploitation.

Procter and Gamble has launched a new line of fabric-care products known as the ‘Sweet Dreams Collection’ that promises when you tuck in you will be able to ‘tune out’ all the stresses of everyday life. The product line is formulated with ingredients to “clean, soften, and freshen all your sleep-time fabrics to create the ideal sleep environment”.

Image: NIH

Our olfactory (smell) organ is hot-wired in our brain to the our forehead. It is the control center for your abstract thinking, thought analysis, working memory, planning, decision making and regulating emotion. Our brains operate with a delicate balance of chemicals and proteins that follow a pathway and communicates with other parts of the body. When the balance is interrupted or short-circuited it can make us vulnerable to neuro-degenerative diseases Alzheimer’s, or schizophrenia

Image: Tide

Regulation of stress, attention, impulses, and emotions is probably the last thing we are thinking about when we walk down the aisle to choose our laundry soap. Official products endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation include: Tide(R) plus A touch of Downy(TM) Sweet Dreams(TM), Downy(R) UNSTOPABLES(R) Dreams(TM), Downy Infusions(R) Sweet Dreams(TM) and Bounce(R) Sweet Dreams(TM).

The SilkTouch infuses fabrics with silky softness but at what cost to your health? Downy, UNSTOPABLES, and Dreams promises a controlled lavender scent. The key word for this product is lavender ‘scent’. A scent or fragrance is is defined as a synthetic chemical cocktail which can contain up to thousands of different ingredients. These chemical fragrances can manipulate your mood, invigorate, or calm you. They become an intimate part of your identity. Apply the ‘right’ chemical and you can feel at ease or confident. The following is 1/3 of 20 pages of Tide’s ‘Perfume_and_Scents‘ ingredient palette. Not one of the chemicals is real, something found naturally.

Enlarge this imageReduce this image Click to see fullsize

“Pleasant smelling” small chemical exposures can accumulate in the body causing chemical sensitivity. Chemicals are bio-accumulative in the body which means that we do not easily rid of them once they get into our bodies. The American Environmental Medical Association (AAEM) says that more than 90,000 chemicals circulating in our modern world appear to be causing considerably more problems for humans than are typically recognized. Chemical sensitivity is a very real chronic medical problem that is just now coming into public awareness.

Chemical sensitivity is an early warning sign of the alarming poisoning of the entire population by continuous chemical pollutants to which we are being exposed.

Sold individually, some ingredients in scents and fragrances can cause cancer. They can also cause headache, fatigue, weakness, muscle and joint pain, depression and irritability, anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, impaired memory and mental focus, difficulties breathing and swallowing, cough, gas and bloating, urinary frequency and urgency, visual disturbances, palpitations and chest pain, nasal congestion and sinus pressure, burning of the eyes and nose, and skin rashes.

Lavender and other essential oils are known to relax the body and even to reduce the severity of migraines. But these would have be an essential oil derived from an extraction from plants, herbs or spices to prevent toxic accumulations. Even in essential oils one must take care to prevent applying to much.

Enlarge this imageReduce this image Click to see fullsize

Most Americans today are suffering from toxicity due to excessive environmental chemicals. Deleterious use of synthetic chemicals can cause symptoms from allergy to organ failure. Procter and Gamble is leveraging its brand wielding it’s 4.8 billion customer base to sell products that will put people into a chemical sleep. The chemical sleep offered is a subtle form of mind control that can be used at will. Stay alert, stay awake.

No longer are we encouraged to pray to God and entrust our souls to Him during the night-watch, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep,” we are urged to Pledge sleep to a chemical company who is pandering products that manipulate our brains!

Instead of turning to chemical companies:

  • Minimizing chemical exposures,

  • Strengthening your body’s nutrition,

  • Calming an over active immune system,

  • Choose “less toxic” water, food, and housing to reduce your chemical load

The next time you are restless at bedtime try a warm bath, warm milk or real lavender essential oil massaged into your temples. Even counting sheep is safer for your health than chemicals!


NIHDr. Phillip RanheimAmerican Environmental Medical Association (AEMM)

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