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Steve Beckow: Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 1,2,3&4 May 19

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Steve Beckow: Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 1
May 19
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.
On An Hour with an Angel on May 15, 2014, Archangel Michael said:
Archangel Michael: The Ascension process … has already begun. You are already experiencing it. But when you reach there ― as you are about to, by the way; that is as close as I can come without breaking my promise with the channel [not to discuss timing.]
Steve Beckow: Well, now, Lord, I think I need you to confirm that you’re talking about everyone and not just talking to me.
AAM: That is correct.
SB: Everyone?
AAM: Every person.
SB: Okay! There you go, folks! [laughs] Thank you! (1)
I’m not at liberty to comment on what Archangel Michael has said behind the scenes on the timing of Ascension, but I think it fair to say that we’ve just heard Archangel Michael announce the beginning of Ascension as a formal process.
Yes, we’ve been ascending for some time, but I’m convinced that this was his announcement of the approach of the formal Ascension process, the announcement we’ve been waiting for.
He went on to describe the process we’re entering.
“We can call it a shift, we can call it a process of Ascension, a process of becoming. But the moment ― which is infinite and eternal, and we understand that that is difficult for you to understand in the time paradigm that you are thinking of right now, in your definition ― but that moment of Ascension is all. It is the full reconnection. It is the expanded heart, full consciousness.
“There is no reference point to the old Third. There is distant memory, because it does not ever need to be recreated. But there is a blissful joy and a knowing, not only of your place, your being, but your connection to all, your uniqueness, your divinity, and at the same time everything. And that is the infinite, eternal moment of Ascension.” (2)
Much of what’s been happening in the last year or so has been internal, to prepare us for Ascension. AAM said: “over the last months you have grown and you have thrived and you have come to realize you have shed so many false grids, illusions, paradigms, vasanas, issues. You have truly grown.” (3)
To those who say they haven’t experienced anything “except some very painful Ascension symptoms,” he replied:
“Is your heart more open? Do you feel more consciously aware? Do you feel greater empathy, compassion, prudence, humility, wisdom and understanding of the universe, of the Mother, of your beloved self, of others? Have you been involved in a significant process, not merely of letting go, not merely of surrender? Because out of surrender, which is an action, comes the next step, which is creation and co-creation.
“Have you felt a more urgent push to follow your dreams, to fulfill your life purpose, to know your life purpose and to live it? Have you felt a stronger urge to join in love with a significant other, with family, with friends, with community? Has your yearning and your observation of your star brothers and sisters grown?” (4)
These too are what we should look for to see if we’re in the process of ascending.  He added: “Now, does it take a day, hours? Yes, it does.” (5)
In a private reading, I asked him what Ascension would be like.
Steve Beckow: Can you describe what life is going to be like in terms of emergence? Is it a steep climb? Is it a gentle climb? Is it something that happens all at once?
Archangel Michael:   No, it is a process. Do you not get sick of saying this word. But it is a… it is a bit of a journey from A to B, but it isn’t A to B or C or even Q, it is A to B. So is it a steep climb?
SB:   I’m not phased by it being a steep climb.
AAM:   It is a significant climb.
Let me differentiate. Do you know that sometimes you are standing at the water’s edge, and basically all you see is the sand and the water, a few rocks. And if you go up to the breakwater, or up to… just 12 steps, the view is the entire horizon.
Now, is it difficult to climb a dozen steps? No. But the difference is night and day in terms of perspective in what you see and what you… where you emerge to.
Because not only do you see the horizon on the water side, you see what has been hidden by the breakwater behind you as well.
So it is a steep climb. Is it a grueling climb? No. Is it difficult? No. It is a matter of saying yes. and you’ve already done that.
SB:   Yes. Yes, indeed. I’m sure I have.
AAM:   You have done it and then done it again, and then done it again. So, no. (6)
He may be referring to having said “yes” many times but he may also be referring to the fact that most starseeds and lightworkers here at this time have ascended many times before. That’s part of the reason why we’re here, I’m sure.
(Continued tomorrow in Part 2.)
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(6) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 9, 2014.

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Steve Beckow: Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 2
May 20
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.
(Continued from Part 1.)
In a private reading I had with him recently, Archangel Michael said that the changes that have been happening have been primarily internal rather than external.
“The question or the issue that we would address is this entire issue of change. You call it emergence, Ascension. What we are also saying, you have changed, and you saw that very clearly [for instance, in “System Restore”]. (1) You are changing, and that is delightful. And you will continue, to change, to expand, to grow, to discover the fullness of who you are.
“Do not hesitate to go into that unknown exploration. Because that is where the richness is. There are new areas to mine, and you have just begun.
“Think about it, dear heart. You are exploring the infinite plan of the Mother, not merely the universes that she has created, but the entirety. There is no limit.” (2)
On An Hour with an Angel, he said that our ascension symptoms would include more than just aches and pains. Our clearing, such as I’ve been doing over this past week for instance, is also part of it as is the mounting spiritual desire to go forward.
“You see, Ascension symptoms that you have in in this process do not only include headaches and painful joints and exhaustion, kidney problems, arthritis. Do not forget, all things that are not of love, that you individually, my bright angel masters, have experienced in this lifetime, which is reflective of other lifetimes, by the way, is coming to the surface for clearing. But so are the soul desires, the push to truly go forward.” (3)
He called the Tsunami of Love a precursor to Ascension.
“But understand, this Ascension, and the energies that you are feeling, are much like the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, which is a precursor in many ways. But it is pushing against that portal.
“So think of it this way. The human collective, which may have been two miles away a year ago, have all been approaching, in their own various reluctant, recalcitrant, eager, joyous ways. They have been approaching with the way-showers, with the pillars, towards the portal, and at the same time there is pressure on the portal to be fully opened.” (4)
He explained that everyone’s experience of Ascension would be different.
“Now, each individual is having, and will have, a different experience of Ascension. Now I am going to describe, in general terms, what this Ascension looks, feels like and what that experience is like. But it does not mean, even though you come as a collective, it does not mean that each of you perceives and experiences this sacred union, the rising up through a higher-dimensional realm, in the same way.” (5)
He discussed the new development of ascending with the physical body.
“It is not that you are going to shed your physical body and just be in a light form. No. Your light form and your physical body basically become a unified grid. That is the miracle of Ascension. It is that melding in that infinite moment into your totality, and the shift that you have been making from carbon to crystalline is so that vibration, that frequency can actually be held, in light body, in physical body.
“You have never in physical form ― well, not since the beginning ― held such a high vibration on Gaia. It very quickly deteriorated. Now, I know that we speak in eons of time. I am not speaking about eons or decades or years of time in terms of Ascension. You are on the doorstep. The pressure from the cloud coming in and the pressure from the portal of we who are welcoming you is building. It is ready.” (6)
I asked him what changes we could expect in the body in this first phase of Ascension. He replied:
“First of all, we have always said that this Ascension is unique insofar as you are maintaining the physical form and reality. It does not mean ― and it never has meant ― that you are shedding your physical bodies.
“Now, will they be lighter? Will they not carry the old paradigms of death and disease, disillusionment, dismay, lack, and limitation? Yes, because those are of the old Third Dimension, which is but a wispy vapor at this point.” (7)
Staying with the body while ascending is something that has never been done before in the universe.
“The key to this Ascension is keeping the form, to do it in form, to ascend, in form.  Too many are thinking about the release of the body, or that their body is so remarkably different ― it will be eventually ― but not in that snap.
“[Actually], it is not a snap. It is a process. And humanity is in the middle of that process.
“Now, will they shine more brightly? Will their consciousness be completely different? Expanded world view, different? Yes. All of that is true.
“The unity, the heart consciousness, the ability to create and to co-create with us? Yes.
“But it is not to wake up and find yourself [outside the body]― that would be a shame, actually. It would mean that the plan had not worked. And that is impossible! So you will not find yourself floating on a cloud.” (8)
(Continued in Part 3.)


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Steve Beckow: Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 3
May 21
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.
(Continued from Part 2.)
I reminded Archangel Michael that Ascension had been called a snap at one time.  Sanat Kumara had used the phrase in 2013 when discussing the timeline for Ascension. That quote is relevant enough to cite at length:
“Each of these movements is … the redesign of Ascension for the human collective. … Yes, in terms of the collective, there will also come a point of what you will think of as snap. Where the tidal wave [the Tsunami of Love?] – no, the Earth will not shift because everybody moves to one side of it – but it will be as if the energy has shifted so significantly with the totality, or enough of the totality, that the change is unmistakable, so that you will look at each other and say, ‘We have done it.’
We are not talking about some distant future. And I will tell you why. First of all, the plan of the Mother for the anchoring of this energy, the return of love to Earth, the Ascension of Gaia has been planned for a long time. Now, does she work on longer timeframes? Yes, as you well know. But nevertheless, humans, and the human collective, and the human soul decision did not work on an indefinite timeline. Your nature, whether you live in Africa, Istanbul, Paris, Texas, New York City or Vancouver, is, ‘We want it now.’
So you, in this redesign, also placed what we would say, and which I am pleased with, a rather limited timeframe for this to occur. That is why you all feel so excited! You are working flat out! To accommodate these shortened timeframes for the collective to be as one, as a whole, with all of the kingdoms and Gaia in the Fifth. So, this was not only our plan, it is your plan.” (1)
When I reminded him of this characterization of Ascension as a snap, Archangel Michael replied: “Yes. It is a snap and a moment in time when someone truly gets to that point in the car wash where they are clean and bright and shiny.  But it is a process also, going through.” (2)
Ascension does not end that process.  AAM continued with his metaphor of a car wash:
Archangel Michael:   There will be a shift. Everyone will be through the carwash, but they will need to be wiped down. Let us put it that way.
SB:   Okay, but when you say this, you’re giving us a glimpse of the work that needs to be done after Ascension, aren’t you?
AAM:   Yes, we are. (3)
On the other side of life, Ascension is a continuing process. People leave the Astral Plane (Fourth Dimension) and ascend to the Mental (Fifth Dimension]; they leave that and ascend to the Causal and so on.  It is only us in the Third Dimension on this side of life who are unfamiliar with the process.
Here is theologian A.D. Mattson describing the same Ascension in the life lived after “death,” that we look forward to now. Even there, the usual thing is for them to drop the lower body.
“When a person has fulfilled his purpose and development on the astral plane [Fourth Dimension], he may then proceed permanently to enter the mental plane [Fifth Dimension] and the higher planes, in succession, to work and develop more fully there.
“In that case, the astral body is cast off, as is the physical body at death, and its particles disintegrate to be reused in the creative processes.” (4)
Here is social worker Frances Banks describing sloughing off her astral body to find herself in her new body of light:
“I am like a creature hibernating and yet, at the same time, sloughing off a skin which I no longer will be needing. I feel, sometimes, like a snake gradually shedding its skin. These coils of lower density are slipping away from me. I am emerging from regrets of earth memories, from disillusions, from idealizations which become illusions, ephemeral and of no true worth.
“I am viewing each piece of skin which peels off from me in its right connection with the true Self which it served to obscure. And more and more I become thankful for the Reality which, God be praised, was there beneath the skin, all the time.
“I realize that what is passing from me, like sloughing a skin, is insubstantial, impermanent, decomposing, as it drops from me into a dusty nothingness. What is left is essentially Light, is Reality, is permanent and is true.
“I call this my new Body of Light and that, indeed, is what it truly is. A Body of Light, not dense and material and dull and heavy as the physical body, not insubstantial, shadowy and unreal as the astral body in which I have been sheltering, but brilliant, ‘encelled’ with Light, ethereal in that there is no weight, no dragging down into matter but is enmeshed with colour and beauty and form and substance.” (5)
But we won’t slough the body and that new wrinkle in the plot is one factor that slows the process of Ascension down and makes us need to proceed in steps.
He asked us if we are ready to ascend and explained what readiness meant.
“So the question, my beloved friends, to each of you in your heart, is are you ready? Have you surrendered? We have spoken of being tired being a good thing, and now we speak of the collective, that they are tired enough of the old to surrender.
“Because many have asked, how can this happen, when the majority of the human race not only doesn’t know anything about Ascension but has not agreed? What we depend on is heart and soul agreement. And the collective is so tired of the old that they are in a place, even those who appear virulently aggressive, recalcitrant, dismissive. They are so tired of the old ways. They may not know or understand fully what they are surrendering to, but they are surrendering.” (6)
He said that in the brief year since he shared that our self-worth quotient was at 30%, it has risen to 50%.  Moreover, though we are only 80% of the way home, he said the rest of the journey would be easy.
“The human collective, which may have been two miles away a year ago, have all been approaching, in their own various reluctant, recalcitrant, eager, joyous ways. They have been approaching with the way-showers, with the pillars, towards the portal, and at the same time there is pressure on the portal to be fully opened. …
“And many of you had said, ‘Well, Michael, how can it be that we are 80 percent of the way home and at the same time we are only at the 30 percent in terms of self love?’”
“I have shared this information to show you not how far behind you are but how easy it is going to be, and can be, and will be, for you to get through the portal. We are not talking any longer, and we have not been talking, about pushing the boulder up the hill. You have passed that point years ago.
“Now, since I have shared that piece of information with you ― and it has not even been spread far and wide, which was my hope, but nevertheless ― many of you have gone to work on dissolving this false grid, this vasana, of lack of self-worth, of the collective thinking that you do not deserve love and you do not deserve ascension. And even in this brief time, since we have spoken, that quotient has increased to about 50 percent, which is miraculous.
“And I wish to emphasize miraculous, because it is important for you, as humans, as lightworkers, as love-holders, for you to realize, yes, in partnership with us, that you are creating miracles, that you are doing what you would call some incredibly heavy lifting, that you are shifting the hearts, the minds, the egos, the wills ― not the free will, but the will to proceed ― of the human race. So you are doing well.” (7)
In tomorrow’s instalment, we’ll look at the need to anchor to Gaia when we ascend and what will happen after Ascension.
(Continued in Part 4.)
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I don't buy into the ARCH angels crap for starters, there are so many people out there along with St. Germain claiming they are contacted by these entities yet each one has a different story. The noose is getting tight for them, they know their end is near so they are really working hard at convincing us they are the good guys.
Ascension came and went without a peep becuase nobody knows when it's going to happen except for Gaia and Creator/Source. I keep writing about this that we are not ready for graduation yet, not enough of us is awakened. Currently there are 17% of us awake, we need at least 40%, so when we get to that point, our energy combined "unity consciousness" will raise us into a higher vibrating frequency, we are not going anywhere, why would we want to leave our home? Anyone out there selling saints/archangels and ascended masters is contacted by the dark posing as the light.

Anyone claiming that someone is going to save or help us is not from the light. WE are the ones we are waiting for, we are the powerful ones, we have the codes switch over our DNA to higher frequencies, and finally, WE will order our cellular structure to switch us into higher vibrations. We are the ones that will save ourselves, that is what we came here to do.

The Truth Will Set You Free


Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 4
Posted by Steve Beckow on May 22, 2014   /   Comments Off
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(Continued from Part 3.)
During Ascension itself, AAM cautioned us to anchor to Gaia when we ascend:
“When you ascend, it is important that you anchor with and on Gaia. Otherwise your feet, quite literally, are not on the ground.
“So when people can experience and go, jump, to the higher dimensions available within the human experience, it is important in the Ascension, both individual and collective, that you stay connected with Gaia.
“Think of yourself as a helium balloon and Gaia is holding your string. So, as you ascend you will be at this time within the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, brushing the Eighth, brushing the Third, but not really in those dimensions. So for people to think that they are going to ascend and simply go directly to the Eleventh or Twelfth would not be fully correct.” (1)
And what will we see and feel after we have ascended in the phase we’re now entering?
“You will feel no pain. What you have thought of as dis-ease is gone. What you have experienced as financial strife or lack, gone. Because you know how to co-create. It is as if the light switch, the understanding of your place in the co-creation has been switched on.
“There is an end to strife. There is an end to war. There is an end to murder and mayhem. Because you do not murder and have no inclination to murder yourself. So how can you murder your brother when they are connected to you on the grid? Because that is the equivalent of murdering yourself.
“There is a knowingness that expands beyond your comprehension currently. And that knowingness is in your brain, in what you would think of as your mental body, your emotional bodies, your intellect, but primarily your heart. Because that is your anchor. It always has been.” (2)
How will Gaia appear to us? He said:
“It appears more sparkling clean. The complete communication with the elements, the elemental, the kingdoms and Gaia herself is completely open. There is an understanding and a vision of the subtle cleansing and reorganization of what you can think of as the light body and the particles of Gaia herself. So yes, she does appear differently.
“And so do the animals. So do the creatures. But it is not a different planet, and that is what so many are looking for. And then I would say to you, well, then, what would be the point? For the planet to appear completely different, to shift like in an ice age, is not desirable. It is not what she wants. She is tired of all the pollution and devastation. So the changes that you witness are the clean-up.
“So, does she, and will she, and will you look different? Yes. But will you be in form? Yes.” (3)
Turning from the internal to the external for a minute, there remains so much chaos in the world that many of us are wondering how it’ll be possible to ascend. He acknowledged our concern:
“Some of you still shake your heads as you look at your fellow humans, as you look at the mayhem, at the chaos, at the war, at the upheaval, at what appears to be a still strong establishment of institutions which are not reflective in any way, shape or form of love, and many of you still shake your heads, and say, ‘Lord, how is this even going to be possible?’”  (4)
We may have thought Ascension would lead us to a world that was greatly changed and in which no more work needed to be done, but in fact that doesn’t seem to be the case.
The Reval may only just have happened or may not have happened at all; the Prosperity Packages and historic bonds, perhaps the same.  The work of building Nova Earth will not have begun in earnest.
He refers to that phase here:
“Now, as you enter this, does that mean that everything is done? Well, might I be humorous, and ask you ― what fun would it be if you arrived at the party finally only to discover that everything was done? No. What it looks like is humanity coming together, not to cleanse the Earth. Gaia is taking care of that. You will help cleanse, and so will your star brothers and sisters, but you will cleanse the rivers, the streams, the oceans, the soil, the air. But Gaia is already busy at work.” (5)
He addressed the matter of building Nova Earth after Ascension. He said many of us would do that work from dimensions higher than the Fifth.
“Now, once you have done your Ascension, are you free to move about? Of course you are. But the building and the creation of Nova Earth ― and we are talking about the human piece of Nova Earth, the human co-creation of Nova Earth, because the kingdoms and Gaia are already creating Nova Earth, and they are already participating in the higher dimensional reality ― but if you have your mission and purpose to assist, or desire to assist in the anchoring of what you, my friend, and I have called the Golden Age of Gaia, then you are primarily going to anchor in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh dimension.” (6)
Tomorrow we’ll look at three further Ascensions in our future.
(Continued in Part 5.)
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[url= Ascension Beginning%3F %E2%80%93 Part][/url]
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