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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Good News! China Begins Eradication Of Corrupt Police, Judges, Prosecutors, & Bankers

Good News! China Begins Eradication Of Corrupt Police, Judges, Prosecutors, & Bankers

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Good News! China Begins Eradication Of Corrupt Police, Judges, Prosecutors, & Bankers

Vatic Note: Happy Memorial day a day late.   But I am typing it on memorial day so I hope that counts..... LOL  This list below forgot a few banks, like Bank of America,  Wells Fargo,  Citibank..... etc.  Add these to that list.  

I found this interesting because I had been warning the Chinese that they were next for the bankers scam and sure enough they are way early in doing the next batch of victims.

I guess they are saving South America for last,  but I DID WARN THE BANKERS in a blog that they better not mess with the Chinese because they don't take lightly any of the matters we  have experienced and sure enough, they are going to execute 6 of them,  but my question is,

"Are any of them on this list immediately below this Vatic Note?"  If not, then they missed the boat and only got peon underlings.  That will cost them down the road.  

The Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of China (CPC) Central Committee has publicized 10 typical cases of disciplinary or legal violations by police officers, judges and prosecutors.

China Executes Bankers

The 10 cases include a policeman in the eastern province of Shandong who drove a police vehicle after drinking alcohol and was found by plainclothes officers. The man was dismissed from the police force and his superiors were punished.

Another case took place in the central province of Hubei, where a presiding judge of a criminal court in the provincial higher people’s court had an affair and maintained improper sexual relations with a female lawyer as well as received bribes from subordinate courts. He was expelled from the Party and public office.

“Law enforcement staff usually break the rules while they are fully aware that they have done wrong, and the negative impact of such cases on society is much greater,” Zhou Hanhua, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said.
• China Sentences 6 Bankers To Death For Looting.
• 6th. Banker Dead: JPMorgan’s Executive Director Of Global Equities Ryan Crane.
• China’s Coming $23 Trillion Default Beginning January 31, 2014: China Removing Rothschild ~ Half Of U.S. Stocks Are Rothschild Counterfeits!

China Ghost City Kangbashi
• Breaking => The Answer To China’s Ghost Cities: Destroying Farm Production [Agenda 21] By Forcing The Rural Chinese Into Newly Built $Consumer Based Urban Concentration Cities. Then Depopulation.
These cases damage the image of governments and law enforcement, posing a grave threat to fairness and justice, Zhou said.

Liu Yong, an official with the Supreme People’s Court, was suspected of taking bribes of over 2 million yuan (US$330,000) in exchange for intervening with trials. Liu was transferred to the judicial and related departments have decided to expel him from public office.

The commission said in a statement that all staff of the political and legal system must fully implement all policies issued by the central authority in frugality and anti-corruption work and must take a zero tolerance attitude toward disciplinary and legal violations.

The commission said it will continue to publicize typical cases this year and welcomes supervision by the public.

Vietnam is embracing the 21st century with vigour. From the commercial maze of Ho Chi Minh City to the pristine beaches of Da Nang, the once-beleaguered country is putting its troubled past to one side.
Vietnam: The Rising Dragon
• China Set To Lose Out To Vietnam As Obama’s Deadly Non-Transparent TPP Deal Looms: TPP Isn’t Really A Trade Agreement ~ It’s A Rothschild International Corporate Coup!!
“The black sheep in law enforcement must be eradicated. Serious action and a high-profile naming and shaming campaign are truly necessary,”
Zhou said, adding that the publicity these cases generate should be a warning for all staff in the political and legal realms.
The move comes after president Xi Jinping said last month that the political and legal system must clean up corruption within the system
“with the most resolute will and the most determined action”.


• Is the US trying to instigate a Japan-China proxy war? Part 1 of 3
• China Joins Russia, Orders Military To Prepare For World War III
• China’s Missile Off The Coast Of California To Intimidate U.S. Citizens.
• (VN: Excuse me?  A missle flopping all over the place is meant to intimdate Americans?  I don't think so.... I think it was a misfire by a German submarine,  and Israel owns German subs and since she is the one that needs WW III, I suspect it was used to try to start the war that none of us intend to fight in. The illums can send their children to fight it.)
• ALERT => China Orders Navy To Prepare For Direct & Immediate Military Action Against The United States: Rothschild Co-Opted United States Flooding Syria & Iran With The Same US-backed Al Qaida Mercenaries Who Toppled The Libyan Government.

• US-China military conflict will lead to ‘nuclear war’
• U.S. Interventionism in Asia Could Spark War With China | American
• Father Of Communist China ‘Sun Yat-Sen’ & Obama, Received Hawaii’s COLB.
• Concern Raised Over China’s Deployment Of 4 New Nuclear Ballistic Missiles: China’s Total Nuclear Warheads Stands At 240.
• Obama Gives Green Light To China ~ Breaching National Security: U.S. Companies Being Forced Into 50-50 Agreements With China.
• Iran Israel ~ Is Simply A Trigger For The Chain Reaction Of A Thermonuclear Attack By The United States Against Russia And China.
• Why Did Billy Clinton Personally Approve For China The Specialized Radiated Hardened Chips Necessary For Nuclear War In 2003?
In line with Xi’s comments, the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate have both banned their officials from accepting gifts or taking part in luxurious entertainment.

The supreme court also ordered court officials to refrain from meddling in colleagues’ cases, developing improper relations with lawyers or seeking personal gain through work activities.

I Killed The Bank ~ President Andrew Jackson: U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr Shoots A Rothschild Czar ~ Rothschild’s Bank Agent Alexander Hamilton!
“Strict standards of education, management and supervision must be set for law enforcement staff. Concrete measures should be taken to build a people-oriented, clean-handed and competent team with firm resolve and courage to shoulder their responsibilities,” the commission statement read.
The commission also told central political and legal systems to set up websites to receive tip-offs from the public on violations by law enforcers.

China Times

Rothschildism Communism - (VN: fascism/corporatism)
Number One Killer Of Mankind Can Be Traced To Rothschild’s NWO Democide: Death By Banker’s Usurped Government!

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• China Rescues Global Warmists Trapped In Antarctic Ice ~ China Rejects 60,000 Tons Of Monsanto Poisoned Corn Shipments.
The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
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