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How to incorporate Crystals into your everyday life

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

How to incorporate Crystals into your everyday life
By Laron
By Nikkie Gray via Collective Evolution, 28 May 2014

There are so many amazing uses for crystals, yet many of us have no idea that they even exist let alone that they have the ability to assist us in daily life. There is much to know and so many to choose from. Once you have a basic understanding, you can begin your journey of working with them. I have been working with them since I was younger and have incorporated them into my healing and manifestation work for many years with great results.

What are crystals and where can I get them?

They come from the Earth and were created when the Earth was being formed. They have continued to metamorphose as the planet itself has changed. They are the Earth’s DNA and a chemical imprint for evolution. You can find them at a metaphysical store that sells them, caves, on mountains, in the forest, underwater and various other places. The easiest is from a metaphysical store. To find a store in your area, type ‘metaphysical store’ into Google and the city you live in and all the stores closest to you will pop up.

What can they be used for and why should I use them?

Crystals can be used for anything that you can possibly think of such as manifestation, healing, happiness, mediation, attracting love and abundance and so much more. The list is endless. Western medicine has not yet fully recognized the use of crystals. I mean, when’s the last time you went to the doctor, stated you were feeling depressed and the doctor said, “oh I have a crystal for that,” and handed you a Rose Quartz. My guess is never. Nowadays I’ve found that doctors tend to push pills and other forms of medicine that are very toxic for our bodies. If you’ve been looking to live a more natural lifestyle and want to stay away from as many chemicals as possible, than using crystals is a great addition to your natural lifestyle.

I’ll give you some examples of how I use crystals in my everyday life.

An example of a charoite crystal.

I drink water that has been infused with crystals. The water obtains special properties by having a crystal in it for a certain amount of time. The crystal I’ve been using lately is Charoite. It has many attributes but one of them is that it can help you to accept the present moment as perfect. See the Spirit Science video below on how to make Elixirs (infusing the water with the properties of the crystal).

An example of a prehnite crystal.

Lately, I’ve wanted to attract more abundance and wealth into my life (who doesn’t right). Not because I’m greedy but when you go through financial difficulties and you’re struggling to survive, sometimes it’s nice to have a little boost. To do this, I carry 4 crystals in a little sachet with me everywhere I go. These 4 crystals have all been associated with the ability to attract abundance.

I do a lot of healing work and lately I was finding myself becoming a little burnt out from it. I got a Prehnite crystal. The crystal has the ability to heal the healer. If you grid your home with it, it helps to turn the energy and overall feel of your home into a healing sanctuary of ultimate awesomeness.

Many people like to grid their house with crystals to amplify their power. My house is gridded with sardonyx. Sardonyx guards against crime, promotes lasting happiness and is a very protective stone. When I lived in the city, I gridded my home with black tourmaline which protects against electromagnetic smog and clears and balances all the chakras.

Check out this 8 year old boy who made a grid to soak up negative energy and transmute it into positive energy in his home.

There are so many things I can say about crystals but it’s honestly too much for one article. I just wanted to share the basics to get you started and to spark your interest. Below is a Spirit Science video on everything you need to know to give you a basic understanding. You can look up information on the internet or take out books from the library on crystals to expand your knowledge even more. I highly recommend ‘The Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall. Not only does she go into great detail about where crystals came from, what their made of, how long they’ve been around and all the various ways you can use them but the book also features over 200 crystals with each crystal’s unique attributes, how to use for healing, what position of the body to place it on and so much more. I use this book every day of my life. I love it! At the very bottom of the article is a printable guide to the most commonly used crystals, their attributes, which chakra to use it with and more. It’s perfect to have with you when you go into the metaphysical store. This link can also be found on the Spirit Science video (which is where I got it from).

If crystal therapy seems a bit overwhelming, because let’s face it, there is a lot of information; a crystal healer or a healer who works with crystals or specializes in them might be beneficial to seek help and advice from. There might be some in your area. You can always ask someone working at the metaphysical store as well. I’ve worked with crystals for a very long time and specialize in crystal healing therapy. You can e-mail me for more information.

Spirit Science’s Guide to Crystals – The Printable Guide

Spirit Science 13 ~ The Crystal Movie

How to make a Crystal Grid in your Home

Posted with permission from Collective Evolution

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