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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » The Dirty Secrets of Camp LeJeune and the VA

The Dirty Secrets of Camp LeJeune and the VA

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1 The Dirty Secrets of Camp LeJeune and the VA on Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:42 pm


This is going to be a story that I add to as this progresses.

My friend, James, was in the Marines. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune. Now he and his daughter are dying from the toxic effects of the contaminated ground water that was consumed and used during his stay there. Thousands of pregnancies resulted in birth defects, infant death and miscarriages. Thousands of servicemen and their families that were stationed there have died from horrible cancer and organ failures.

James is now in the final stages of kidney failure so time is of the essence on getting his story out. If any of you members or guests has any contacts in media or broadcasting and want to lends us a hand here it sure would be appreciated.

Since his physical decline the VA has falsified his medical records, discontinued his assigned doctors and denied him treatment at the VA hospital. They hope he will die before he can make any waves. Well this will not be the case because even after James is no longer here to speak to this I will be. And I will continue to seek justice for James and the others that may still be alive and not knowing why they are so sick.

Here is some of what I have received  from James....

I was lied to by the call center at the VA.  Each year they told me my records
had been destroyed in a fire.  2013 the lie was changed to someone else is
drawing your benefits.  Inquiry made it was not true.  Called the red cross for
a referral she gave me a volunteer who worked at the DAV located in a building behind the hospital.  He filed for me and had my records by end of
September. 2013. Was registered and not put on list, so I acquired my own
PCP.  My medical records they said had been lost, new set began then they
found them and sent me both copies.  Both sets are incomplete and have entries in them that are not true.  Third week in Jan. 2013 called the Disabled American Vets office at the VA, message stated the office had been closed and everyone had been fired.   Went to VA regional to see my DAV counselor
he had been fired.  Went to American Legion, asked them to look up my case.
All there was my name & phone # 111 111 1111.   My claim had been erased.  American Legion talked to someone at Regional VA Office, I then  received a letter dated  01/31/14.  It was is a "STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF CLAIM"  they filled out and forged my name to it.  In a attempt to cover
my original Claim that was filed last Oct. 2013.  The 27 of May I saw my doctor
who had never read my lab and radiology results.  I told him I had stage 4
renal failure.  He freaked out, I guess because he was busted.  When I got
home from the VA was another letter stating that my doctor had quit or been
fired.  The letter dated May 27 was from the VA Regional Office which had been mailed the day before my appointment, for ultra sounds.

Point is they committed Mal-practice in 1960.  Sent me fraud medical
records in 2013.  They have  not scanned in any of my civilian  medical records, into the VA system.  Someone tagged my Social Security number
in 1960 and has been following me.  Interfering with my progress.  After the
Doctor quit.  They took me out my emerald clinic, telling me I would get  PCP
quicker as an excuse.  I will never get another Personal Care Physician.  I
believe that I am in harms was and they wished I was dead.  I am a live witness to the crimes committed at Camp Lejeune.

I will not leave long enough to go threw the chain of command.  I have my
two civilian long term, 1 for 30 years and the other for 5 years.  I am 100%
disabled since 2007.  I keep providing more and more of the illness listed.
Do you have a way other then going through a system that is flawed and
corrupt?  If so I would sure like to hear it.  Two books out now about the
murdering of baby's and marines + dependents.  I did not know when I
finally got into the VA that it was taboo to speak of the poisoning done over
a period of three decades.  On purpose, a million plus were exposed.
I no longer need to use that as my reason.  I have so many illness that
I do not need to blame on the water.  I also have a lot more evidence.

James L*****


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