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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » VACCINE TRUTHS: MEDICAL INDUSTRY LIES » ★Healing codes for the Biological Apocalypse Vaccines use Formaldehyde Aluminum and Mercury★THE AUTISM CONNECTION★

★Healing codes for the Biological Apocalypse Vaccines use Formaldehyde Aluminum and Mercury★THE AUTISM CONNECTION★

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Let Food Be Your Medicine - Your Body is Your Temple



Investigative Journalist, Sherri Kane interviews Dr. Leonard Horowitz on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona at the Earth Day Festival about his new extremely controversial documentary film "PharmaWhores", that names all the big players and their roles in the genocidal agenda taking place, including the Polio fraud fright that is occurring right now with a goal to get billions of children vaccinated for profited population reduction.



Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is an internationally known authority in the overlapping fields of public health, behavioral science, emerging diseases, and natural healing.


A Harvard University trained expert in health education and media persuasion, he has additional expertise in genetics and electrogenetics, virology, and vaccine research and development, by reason of his academic trainings, scientific publications, sixteen published books, and internationally recognized authority in these fields.

Over the past 30 years he has become a best selling author, personal care educator, consumer protector, alternative and complementary care specialist, and by far healthcare's most controversial critic of the pharmaceutical cartel, especially following the release of his second documentary film, In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism.


His celebrity has expanded internationally making him the second most popular alternative healthcare professional on YouTube, following Depak Chopra, despite frequenty reported suppression of his information and reduction of registered views and viewer ratings.

Dr. Horowitz has formulated, or co-created, numerous natural remedies for public protection and remediation of diseases; and holds trademarks covering several products that compete powerfully with the drug industry’s monopoly over infectious disease prevention and remediation.


In this "Age of the Great Plagues," the doctor's most important advancement is the 528Hz frequency resonating silver hydrosol called OxySilver, that Dr. Horowitz describes as "a combination of God/Water, LOVE/528Hz energy, and superconducting nanosilver bonded to oxygen." He predicts OxySilver will put BigPharma out of business as people learn how simply and powerfully this mineral Water works energetically, "especially when coupled with heart-felt loving, faithful, and prayerful intention, to heal virtually every physical or chemical malady ailing humanity."


As you might expect from his biospiritual orientation, Dr. Horowitz is a Levitical priest by virtue of his bloodline, spiritual direction, and ecclesiastical commitments. He is the body corporate and Overseer of The Royal Bloodline of David, an omni-denominational healing ministry.


In 1999, Dr. Horowitz was voted "Author of the Year" by the World Natural Health Organization for his first national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?


In 2006, he was honored by the World Organization for Natural Medicine as a "World Leading Intellectual." Later that year, he was honored for his global efforts to advance public health and vaccine risk awareness by officials of The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem.


Dr. Horowitz received his doctorate from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1977. As a student and faculty member at Tufts, he taught medical and dental histology, graduated with honors, and was awarded a research fellowship in behavioral science at the University of Rochester.


He later earned a Master of Public Health degree from Harvard University focused on behavioral science and media persuasion technologies, and a Master of Arts degree in health education/counseling psychology from Beacon College, all before joining the research faculty at Harvard School of Dental Medicine to study psychosocial factors in oral health and disease prevention.


While in Boston, he also taught master’s candidates, “Pain, Fear and Stress Management” for Leslie College’s Institute for the Arts and Human Development.


For more nearly 30 years he has directed the nonprofit educational publishing company that has evolved into Tetrahedron, LLC.  See more at

Have you ever wondered what's really in vaccines  they are full of flu-genocide-mercury- which is a toxic and VERY hazardous waste 


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's vaccine additives page all the following ingredients are routinely used as vaccine additives:

Aluminum - A light metal that causes dementia and Alzheimer's disease. You should never inject yourself with aluminum.

Antibiotics - Chemicals that promote superbugs, which are deadly antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that are killing tens of thousands of Americans every year.


Formaldehyde - A "pickling" chemical used to preserve cadavers. It's highly toxic to the nervous system, causing blindness, brain damage and seizures.



The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services openly admits that formaldehyde causes cancer.



You can see this yourself on the National Toxicology Program website, featuring its 12th Report on Carcinogens.


The formaldehyde Fact Sheet completely neglects to mention formaldehyde in vaccines.



This is the "dirty little secret" of government and the vaccine industry.


Formaldehyde causes myeloid leukemia, and rare cancers including sinonasal and nasopharyngeal cancer."


 Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - A neurotoxic chemical called an "excitotoxin." It causes brain neurons to be overexcited to the point of death. MSG is toxic even when consumed in foods, where it causes migraine headaches and endocrine system damage.



You should NEVER inject MSG into your body. But that's what health workers do when they inject you with vaccines.


Thimerosal - A methyl mercury compound that causes severe, permanent nervous system damage. Mercury is highly toxic to the brain.


You should never touch, swallow or inject mercury at any dose. There is no safe dose of mercury!


Doctors and vaccine pushers LIE to you and say there is no mercury in vaccines.


Even the CDC readily admits vaccine still contain mercury (thimerosal).


In addition, National Toxicology Programs admits in its own documents that:


Vaccinations  produce measurable increases in blood levels of mercury.


Thimerosal was found to cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers.    The hazards of thimerosal include neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. This means brain and kidney toxicity.


Similar toxicological profiles between ethylmercury and methylmercury raise the possibility that neurotoxicity may also occur at low doses of thimerosal.


There are no existing guidelines for safe exposure to ethyl mercury, the metabolite of thimerosal.


The assessment determined that the use of thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines might result in the intake of mercury during the first six months of life that exceeded recommended guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


In the U.S., thimerosal is still present as preservative in some vaccines given to young children, as well as certain biological products recommended during pregnancy.


Thimerosal remains a preservative in some vaccines administered to adolescents and adults.  Thimerosal continues to be used internationally as a vaccine preservative, which creted irreversable eye damage. My mother wend BLIND taking vaccinations each year from this toxic mess.



The report then goes on to say that the FDA studies thimerosal and somehow found it to be perfectly safe. THEY LIE.



It also states that vaccine manufactures are "working" to remove thimerosal from vaccines, but in reality it's still being manufactured right into the vaccines.


This report also reveals that the FDA requires preservatives like thimerosal only in so-called "multi-dose" vaccines -- vials that contain more than one dose of the vaccine.


Drug companies could, if they wanted to, produce "clean" single-dose vaccines without any mercury/thimerosal.


Multidose vials are preferred by some physicians and health clinics because they are often less expensive per vaccine dose and require less storage space.


So the reason why your child is being injected with vaccine boils down to health care offices making more money and saving shelf space - and dumbing down of the population!  



Some doctors (that make MAJOR money on giving these shots out) may say there's no such thing as mercury in vaccines, and that any such suggestion is nothing more than a "wild conspiracy theory."


That just goes to show you how ignorant all the skeptics, doctors and health professionals really are -They have NO CLUE what's in the vaccines they're dishing out to people!

Visit this CDC vaccine additives web page, which openly admits to these chemicals being used in vaccines right now.


It's not a conspiracy theory, it turns out. It's the status quo of modern-day vaccine manufacturing!

And just in case the CDC removes that page, here's a screen shot, taken October 22, 2012, showing exactly what was on the CDC vaccine additives page.


Feel that headache after a vaccine?

That's the feeling of chemicals eating your brain


The most common side effect of a vaccine injection is a headache.


The CDC admits that over 30 percent of those receiving vaccines experience headaches or migraines.



What could possibly be in vaccines that would cause headaches, migraines and brain damage?


How about the mercury, the formaldehyde, the aluminum and the MSG!

Even if you believe in the theory of vaccines as a helpful way to train the immune system to recognize pathogens, why would anyone -- especially a doctor -- think it's okay to inject human beings with mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum?


The argument of the vaccine pushers is that each vaccine only contains a tiny dose of these highly toxic substances, and therefore it's okay to be injected with them.


 U.S. children are now receiving over twenty vaccines by the time they're six years old!


What's the cumulative effect of all these vaccines, plus the mercury from dental fillings and dietary sources?


What's the effect of injected mercury on an immune-suppressed child living in a state of chronic nutritional deficiency?


Doctors are playing Russian roulette with our children, in other words, where every injection could cause a seizure, coma, autism or death.


If vaccines are supposed to be good for you, why do they contain so many additives that are BAD for you?


You wouldn't want to eat mercury in your tuna fish.


You wouldn't want MSG in your sandwich, and you certainly wouldn't want formaldehyde in your soda.


So why would you allow yourself to be injected with these deadly substances?


And just as importantly, why wouldn't the vaccine industry offer CLEAN vaccines? Without any brain-damaging additives?

Think about it

yummmmmmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeee

When you buy health food, you want that health food to have NO mercury, NO MSG, NO aluminum and certainly no formaldehyde.


No sane person would knowingly eat those neurotoxic poisons.


And yet, astonishingly, those same people literally line up to be INJECTED with those exact same brain-damaging poisons, with the justification that, somehow, "This injection is good for me!"

Absurdly, the vaccine industry says these toxic ingredients are intentionally added to vaccines to make them work better!


Mercury makes vaccines work better, they insist.


Click here to see a video news report actually claiming mercury makes vaccines work better, granting children "improved behavior and mental performance."


The theory behind vaccines was that weakened viruses would give the immune system a rehearsal so that it would build up antibodies to the real thing.


Where does mercury, MSG or formaldehyde fit anywhere in that theory?


Does your body benefit in any way from exposure to formaldehyde? Of course not. The very idea is ludicrous.

Nearly all vaccines for the masses are deliberately formulated with neurotoxic chemicals that have absolutely nothing to do with the science of vaccinations, but everything to do with autism, Alzheimer's disease, early-onset dementia, immune suppression, and the mass dumbing down of brain function.


Vaccines are designed with chemical additives to poison the population, not to protect the population.  


That's the real purpose of vaccines


Not to "protect children" with any sort of immunity, but to inject the masses with a toxic cocktail of chemicals that cause brain damage and infertility.



Mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum. The whole point of this is to dumb the population down so that nobody has the presence of mind to wake up and start thinking for themselves.

The smartest, most "awake" people still remaining in society today are the ones who say NO to vaccines.


Aloha ~ Sacred Musical Tones 528 How Sounds Affect Society and YOU


Stargate of the Alien Gods


Planet X and Oregon Black Boxes Found On Beachs What The Sumerians Knew Alex Collier Talks on Planet X & Earth Changes 


~Atlantis & Lemuria~ Book of Enoch~ Yes HE WENT UP IN THE SPACE CRAFT HERE’S THE STORY


Ancient Flying Machine Found In A Afghan Cave


Circumcision Male Genital Mutilation- Moms BEWARE What You Do To YOUR kids Share This

Planet X Nibiru in Real Time Our Two Suns ~ Meteor Showers are Just the Beginning Part



OUR~ HOLLOW EARTH ~ AMAZING What They Will NEVER Teach You in School – Where UFOS Come From

Aliens And Demons by LA Marzulli Mark and the Beast – Don’t Take That Chip


Symbology our Pineal Gland/Pine Cone & Ancients Secrets Discovered The Pyramid Chamber of Secrets Sunken Egyptian City Discovered after 1200 Years Submerged US Investigates National Geographic over Corrupt Payments to Egypts Keeper of Antiquities

★Legacy of William Cooper★★Hero of Truth


★Yellowstone Super Volcano Exploding★ ★ GREAT DOCUMENTARY


~FLUORIDEGATE-~ The Human Tragedy Documentary (video here) 


 photo sH8c3ww.jpg

Monsanto’s Crony Capitalism Ben Swann exposes video exposes the truth) Is this still the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free?


Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation Michael Tsarion 



Vaccines Flawed Cause Lifetime Disabilities 


Health Effects of Radiation You cant see it, smell it taste it Heres How It Can Hurt You Celebrated Physician: Fukushima has humanity on brink of a possible worldwide nuclear holocaust The world as we know it has changed Effects on our health are incomprehensible


Eustace Mullins ~ The Real Story Of Why Profit is More Important Than Your Health this is ONE OF THE BEST STORIES TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN  GET THIS MESSAGE OUT~



Sources/More Reading

Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten. Strong Evidence Links Vaccines to Autism


Mt. Tamalpais, California photo sNP0g9l.jpg

Circumcision Male Genital Mutilation- Moms BEWARE What You Do To YOUR kids Share This



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