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1 FULFORD ----- SUPER SNAKES IN HIGH PLACES on Sun May 13, 2012 3:15 am


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Well , we had ten warships carry 47 trillion dollars worth of gold from China as Japan was about to rape and ravage the country of China. , in 1938, as WWll began. China was a # 1 target. Rockefeller had oil a very big oil field in China , so to protect it (from Japan) we sent in " The Flying Tigers ' and Randolph Scott and ' The Gung Ho Boys ", to assist their ground force in repelling Nippon. The U.S. was to return all of it, to the Chinese Royals in 65 YEARS(or , in 2001). That was a sweet deal ! - for the U.S. Well as 2001 approached , our U.S. PTB said , hey, haven't the Chines Royals died off !! let's take the money ( that it was stored in the basement of the Twin Towers) buzz-buzz !) Yeah , The Cantor Fitzgerald Accounting outfit in Bldg. # 7 . Yeah ! ; by the way, NESARA was supposed to break out on Sept. 12th , 2001 , also. Farm PP's too, we to be shipped to the benefactors.

What did they say behind closed doors; Let's do the right thing! Noooooo, of course not. Some rummy said , Hey ! we gotta 2.4 trillion slush fund asset sittin in the Navy Dept . HQ's in the Pentagon, might as well add that chunk o' Change into the BIG, Really BIG POT O' Gold . Sooo let's gt that son of o' bitch knocked by another attack plane, but we must do it tactfully , because if we kill too many Pentagon top brass they are liable to kick our asses. Soooo, we will use a precise missile strike. We will paint American Airlines on the missle and blow up the picture - Har -Har , everybody(those lizzards) chuckles. Rummy said , I don't know where the hell the $ 2.4 trillion went. AND - THEY(TPTW) ALL LAUGHED -TO THEMSELVES ON 911 !

I have some serious concerns over statements you made from your recent post where you stated the following?
…new system involve a reunion between some old shady business partners: the CIA and their Asian secret society counterparts… Why in the world would we want to allow this to continue as they have been responsible for so much strife and destablization of country’s and currency’s around the globe for the last 50+ years?
This will provide for the continued financing of the military industrial secret society complex until they are able to restructure their organizations so they are once again self-financed.self financed by what more drug and weapons sales? The condition attached is an agreement to participate in a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and free the suppressed technology. Would that include the suppressed weapon
systems the pentagon would love to employ against China or Russia or some third world country who has fallen out of favor with the groups above, or some bankster who did not make his 120% profit on some sweet inside currency deal in exchange for some rare earth minerals, gold or silver?
B*****'s response:
Thanks for bringing the issue of why we need to work with the black ops people. The fact of the matter is that right now they are the only people who have stepped up to the plate and offered to take real action and not just talk. Unless the sheeple suddenly wake up, they are the only real show in town right now.
You can be sure freeing the forbidden technology will done in a responsible manner. We do not want people having back-yard nuclear weapons.
The deal being negotiated with China is to return gold that was stolen from China during WW2 in exchange for having all US debts written off. That is a better deal than the 300 years of debt slavery the banksters are offering.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 2:13 AM


Thanks ymoll. Not all completely correct, but mostly! :D

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