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China purchases JP Morgan bldg + other Western banks /majority owners of Federal Reserve

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China purchases JP Morgan bldg + other Western banks /majority owners of Federal Reserve

FOLKS, the Republic is so very close to being back!

China is not bad - they will be under a Republic as well as USA. The Dragon Family is good and most wealthiest family in the world and they are very concerned that cabal is gone and that wealth of the World is dispersed to all and not mis-used by anyone.
China has recently purchased the JP Morgan building in Manhattan for $725 million.

One could reason that they have in fact purchased all of JP Morgan.  And I’m sure it will soon be announced that China has ..or.. is in the process of purchasing other Western banks and physical assets.

These banks make up the majority owners of the Federal Reserve.

The gold reserves of the west have been depleted by China.  Some say there is no gold left.This is more physical assets gone from the ledgers of the Western banks.

The system of debt based money creation of the Western world is dead.  It’s over.  The shift East is in the final stages of completion.

Obama’s so called “pivot east” is less about positioning assets to counter the stirring of the eastern dragon, and more to do with making those military assets easy to confiscate when the terminal day arrives.  (edit:  not Obama specifically, but the Federal Reserve system and the military it controls.  One assumes the rhetorical is understood.)

It will happen over a weekend, as many have already predicted.  The televisions will announce the largest deal in financial history between the Federal Reserve and China.

They will discuss how all the worlds currencies have been revalued to reflect true production ratios and physical assets.  Accounts will be balanced.  War criminals will be prosecuted.

This is only a summary post to capture the broad strokes.  Keep checking back as I will post a more detailed metric “oriented” essay on the thesis presented here.   – JC

Note:   Previous comments were the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury department will be separated. the Treasury will manage IN COUNTRY currency rates, and Fed Res. will manage thru China and/or IMF International rates.
Forget learning Spanish, how many of you are scheduled to learn how to communicate in Chinese ?

COMMENTS:   I have a friend that works for Federal Reserve they are going through restructuring he needs to re-apply for his job. I found this out Monday.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:21 PM

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