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    It has been widely reported that there is basically $33 trillion in a super fund set up by President Ronald Reagan to end the Cold War with and pay off the national debt with. Leftover money to be paid to the American people. He left Lee Wanta in charge of these funds for America. Crooked politicians in Wash., D.C. are trying to figure out how to steal this fortune of trillions of dollars from the American people without the American people knowing that they had trillions of dollars stolen from them. The politicians are crooked as all hell in Wash., D.C. is why you have never received nothing from this reported $33 trillion Reagan created fund under the appointed authority for the fund of Lee Wanta, a loyal supporter of President Ronald Reagan's plan to give America a bright future.
    It is said that $17 trillion should be enough to pay off the current national debt. So let's pay off the current national debt. This will release a giant sum of money to you for the rest of your lives so long as you don't let the politicians in Congress and White House conspire to mass tax you once more when there is no longer any reason to. On any job you suddenly have a giant pay raise created by the Reagan fund for you and for the rest of your life if you don't let the thieves in Congress take it away from you. It is now time for you to stand up for your rights or else soon the crooked politicians will steal this fund from you and you get nothing! Pass the Omni Law now by passing this report around and putting intense heat on politicians to pass the Omni Law now or else they will face your political wrath in voting. Most of your money goes to service the national debt and pay for tax increases decreed by the members of Congress who are poor stewards of your funds paid in taxes to Wash., D.C.

    I was a finance consultant years ago and used to get a 10% commission for collecting or raising money  that others could not. Only I am not really interested in this money for myself, but for my Camelot Project which will finance all sorts of things to bless America with such as new super industries for America, new super agriculture for America by natural means and not GMO, etc., adequate water supplies for all of America, and frankly whatever else occurs to me would bless the American people and also other nations would have their economies blessed also by industries, etc. we set up and whatever else we think will benefit the future of mankind on earth.
    Lee Wanta is to be taken care of nicely financially for fighting to save this money from the crooked politicians of Wash., D.C. and their allies who wanted to pocket this $33 trillion Reagan created fund and this fund might be worth more than $33 trillion at the time we disperse these funds for worthy purposes for America. We should have around $10 trillion left (could be more or less, but this figure is likely close to reality!) and we spit it equally between all Americans 18 years of age or older, but not split with illegal immigrants or those out to destroy America such as Muslim terrorists in America or now getting started also in Canada.  10 trillion is a handsome amount of money to get split between all Americans who are to receive their share of this Reagan created top secret fund for the time of the Cold War. It is a lot of money for each of you if you want to take the time to do the math. It is like you hit a big lottery and tax free at least as far as federal taxes go. Understand that the latest tax  law now secretly passed without your knowledge, banks can now forbid you to get your money from your bank account under this new tax law. This is a genocide violation of the ruling of the Nuremberg War Trial of 1945-6 and the advocated punishment for this is hanging until dead from the gallows according to the Nuremberg War Trials. It was called "Crimes Against Humanity" when Nazi Germany did this before World War II.
      There is a lot more money that you have been swindled out of by leaders in Wash., D.C. and you don't know how huge is the amount you have been swindled out of using Wash., D.C. as the front to trick you with! I recover some of these separate large funds swindled from you, then I want to target first pay off all state government debts in America. That lowers your state taxes and also gives the state governments a new start in life debt free if your elected leaders can be responsible enough to keep their state governments debt free after that!
     When all the dust settles, there should be no unemployed left in America and with me and others leading to the founding of powerful new industries in America, you can have the basis for a very long term national growth of the national economy, no shortage of jobs for those wanting to work, and prosperous times for all Americans who want to work and use their talents in life. Everyone already has talents within them or else can be trained in good professional talents so good jobs and business opportunities are available for all who want it in America.
    I studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including a German economist endorsed by Albert Einstein as teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century! One international Who's Who type organization of America and Europe once wrote me up as "The Einstein of American Economics." The politicians in Wash., D.C. love to come up with dumb ideas how to spark off super hyperinflation in America meaning if you let them go far enough with hyperinflation, in the end you might as well use your money for wallpaper as what it can buy then is a joke created by corrupt and dumb politicians. I am a professional in economics. The politicians are a joke in economics. When politicians say raise wages to $15 per hour minimum and $1 hamburgers now cost you $4 instead of $1 if this is done, then the alleged wage increase can make your $15 minimum wage increase now buy you less for a work week than your prior $7 or $8 per hour in a job entry position in national employment. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and once back then would buy first class stamps for 4 cents each. Now they cost 49 cents each which is more than 12 times more expensive in money than when I bought them on a cadet's weekly allowance back then.
    I have tricks as an economist which politicians are basically ignorant of. I don't tolerate inflation to eat away at and ruin the incomes of Americans. I keep improving the purchasing power of what money you earn or make in business so you can get richer in America all the time if you want to. You let me eliminate most or all taxes in America and I have given you a giant pay increase by national economic policy instead of your employer giving you a pay increase from his side. Not saying that he can't, but that decision is between him and you what official wage you work at for him. If the nation's economy is booming, then you can walk away from any job for a better job if your employer does not pay you right or give you benefits with your job that you expect or want with the job! The biggest worker right in America is a booming economy. Then every employer in America is ready to court you to join with him when there are potentially more jobs than available workers in America. Henry Ford once said which I agree with, "The national market of the nation consists of the wages of the working people of America."
    Pass my Omni Law now shown on my national website and one of our first targets in America will be to eliminate the need for most or all of taxes in America based upon income. That is a giant increase in wages and business has a bigger national market to now sell to. The original idea behind economic science was to find the best ways to manage a national economy so the workers and businesses are blessed to the maximum efficiency the nation is capable of. I am a strong free enterprise economist. Obama is an out and out Marxist socialist and his economics stink for America! Also, he is such a hero to the Democratic leaders because they are also Marxist socialists in convictions and very sour on free enterprise which they do not understand as an economic system.
    If the Democrats are again going to use their dirty tricks to switch votes from the Republican side to the Democratic side such as just happened this week in Cook County, Illinois, where a Republican candidate suddenly saw his vote for himself electronically switched to his Democratic rival and vote for other Republican candidates also switched to the Democratic side, under the Omni Law, we will treat such acts as acts of high treason and genocide conspiracy against the American people and put on trial with those charges officials and personnel of any side trying to falsify votes to the other side in national elections. If convicted, they can then face even potential lifetime imprisonment or else capital punishment for such acts as this repudiates the entire elective system of America for constitutional government if tolerated. Also, any business sources regardless of party aiding in such corrupt voting practices in America if once spotted can then also be put on trial for high treason and genocide conspiracy against the American people. This policy is already lawful under the U.S. Constitution and so this policy will also apply to this November, 2014 election even if the Omni Law is not passed until later. This will be put up to national referendum to become the law of America under the Omni Law, but I am confident that the people will support this by national vote of referendum once proposed to them. A quick fix this election. Give everyone a paper printout of how they voted before they submit their final vote and have them keep it after initialing the voter's paper slip. If the vote is questioned, bring in the paper voting slips and count them against the falsified claimed vote. If voter fraud is caught, call in the grand juries and criminally indict those guilty of high treason and genocide conspiracy by attempted voter fraud of changing votes cast in the election.
    Politics is won by strategy, not by dumb, naive moves. I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and learned well how to set up military strategies for victory which would also apply to national politics if necessary. Some previous national reports of mine showed some of the legal actions I can bring against members of Congress not deciding to back my proposed Omni Law. Only passage of my Omni Law can keep members of Congress safe from such as when I discussed how to sue members of Congress for even $500 trillion in damages. I have won legal upsets before, so not smart to underestimate me in legal strategies. I once beat in state court a Jewish lawyer who had never lost in any state court until facing me. When he lost, two lawyers sitting in the back of the courtroom grinned as I passed them and gave me a V for victory sign. I bet they had lost to him and were pleased that he got beat  for once in his life in court!
    Okay folks, time is short. Copy and paste this report into an email copy you can send out all over America. Blanket America like a spark lighting a giant forest fire in a strong wind and move fast. The full name of our Omni Law on our website is The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America. It basically sets up 10 legal trustees over Wash., D.C. which can investigate Congress, federal agencies, etc. when they break the law such as the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights, call for grand juries to investigate and prosecute them, and call for national referendums for the people instead of a corrupt Congress trying to outwit the people and refuse to carry out the will of the American people. The people vote in national referendum whether to pass or reject any law or policy for the national government when it tries to revolt against the people and be their master instead of their servant in government. James Madison, "Father of the U.S. Constitution" and "Father of the U.S. Bill of Rights" endorsed this as the smartest idea of ancient man to protect his freedom from tyrannical government and to force the government to be his servant instead of intended master. The ancient name for this concept was the 10 Civil Tribunes of Rome. It kept the Roman Republic honest for centuries until the corrupt could figure out how to get rid of this control of the people over government wanting to become corrupt and disloyal to the people. As Thomas Jefferson once commented, the people cannot remain free and ignorant at the same time.
    Our website is Our email is  Our mailing address for orders and payments not sent through the website, but through the mail is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. Read our Omni Law on our website and make copies of it for others to read. It is very just, smart, and precisely what you need to restore control of the government back to the American people who have lost it now. Read Nesara News ( for current reports showing Obama set up this Ebola Crisis for America and other nations. Being good at military intelligence, I located where the federal government found the total cure to this Ebola virus maybe around 12-15 years ago and so this entire Ebola Crisis is a giant fraud and hoax of Obama who needs to be immediately yanked from the White House to stop this Ebola Crisis that he created. And his new Ebola czar apparently just commented that the most pressing problem is getting rid of overpopulation in the world. Guess the Ebola Crisis solves that problem for him!
    Pass this report around, talk it up, and figure every way you can get this message out before the November election!
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American leader who believes in the old policy of Erasmus of the time of Martin Luther to reform what is wrong in Christianity, but don't divide and destroy Christian civilization as that goes too far and is no longer good! A national economic study around 1987 concluded that American labor would make around one trillion more dollars per year in wages if prayer and the Bible had not been outlawed from the schools by decree of the U.S. Supreme Court. Also, that would be a trillion dollar bigger market for business to sell to but who wants all that prosperity for America when America wants to divorce itself from God and get financially burned by national poverty in the process? And the Bible taught that your judges you appointed nationally were to rule by the justice of God taught in the Bible or else later answer to God for trying to outlaw God from the nation ruled over by them. It is not a free ride economically to try and rule America by paganism and Marxist socialism instead of by the standards of the Bible which invented the free enterprise system in America on the two Bible standards of the God-given right to contract and the God-given right to property from which free enterprise was born and made America the richest nation in human history! And Jesus Money taught in the New Testament but censored from your schools that four times in history created the most prosperous societies in all of human history where poverty was eliminated and basically everyone became rich through Christian economics. For example, when blessing France for 100 years, the men only worked 6 hours a day 4 days a week and the wives stayed home to raise their children. They were now rich and did not need to work more hours a week than this! The bankers overthrew Jesus Money and then censored your school education so they could keep you poor and controlled by them so long as you never learned how Jesus Money worked and so spectacularly in history when used! The bankers control you by forbidding you to learn in school how to become super prosperous in a nation through Bible economics which four times in history worked so incredibly wonderful for mankind until overthrown by the bankers four times in history. It is a shame that the churches are paying only attention to the hereafter and not also to this life on earth as they do not know that the Bible also offers powerful answers needed now by mankind in economics, in health, and other fields important to mankind while still on earth! As the Bible teaches, if man will seriously be loyal to God on earth, then God will also bless mankind while on earth and not just in Heaven afterwards! Only rebels against God on earth allowed to rule the people remove the blessings of God intended for all of mankind.)

Posted by John MacHaffie at 5:06 PM



and how is sending this person $44.00 for a book going to serve the people? I am confused on the point of this???



PurpleSkyz wrote:WOW!!

and how is sending this person $44.00 for a book going to serve the people? I am confused on the point of this???



The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America. It basically sets up 10 legal trustees over Wash., D.C. which can investigate Congress, federal agencies, etc. when they break the law such as the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights, call for grand juries to investigate and prosecute them, and call for national referendums for the people instead of a corrupt Congress trying to outwit the people and refuse to carry out the will of the American people.


well I wish him luck on this!


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