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On Your Mark, GET Set, GO –Go Americans, Throw The First Stone We Become The Ripple Part 1&2

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On Your Mark, GET Set, GO –Go Americans, Throw The First Stone We Become The Ripple

Posted on October 30, 2014 by Ines
Do you skip the pages where Palestinians are facing a winter without a roof over their heads, or does your news media block that out? Who cares about Palestinians, I got my own problems is a typical answer I hear here in Croatia. It’s based on ignorance, our news media is not telling us everything, so people make such wrong assumptions and belief systems. People here actually believe that Palestinians use their children as shields, it’s no wonder they don’t care they will be homeless this winter.
This is a mindset of separation, not understanding that we are and everything is interconnected. They are your family, your human family, genetic family and soon your planetary family. What you do affects them, what you don’t do affects them as well.
As long as you have a roof over your head and food on the table, you’re ok right? Life is a struggle, you don’t have time to worry about Palestine, heck, some of you don’t even know where it is on the map.
Not only are we selfish, but we’re self destructive because our respective governments are run by the Cabal and we let them run our governments, it’s just that you have been programmed to think otherwise. Since we don’t exercise our power, we just believe that bullshit.  That means that you and I are responsible for all the world’s problems. You are responsible for the death of Palestinians because the taxes YOU pay go into funding weapons for Israel.
This is just a small example and sample of how everything is interconnected: Obama somehow convinced the EU to impose sanctions on Russia. The side effects of those sanctions resulted in the EU having a surplus of fruits and vegetables, we got the lemons and the prices dropped 27% in a few days, this forced our farmers out of business because they were already on the verge from a bad chem-trailed season so all the crops rotted because of excessive rains.
Croatia’s skies were blue and clean and now cancer and lung disorders are huge problems, ever since my government became a NATO member and signed over the skies to them. In less than 10 years, our climate has been reversed from being a very arid region that grows olives, figs, mandarins, various tropical fruits and interior moist lands for growing potatoes and other root crops. This year, everything or what was left of it went to hell. With fungus and bacterias invading every part of the agriculture due to chem-trailing the arid region to bring rain and chem-trailing the moist region to bring drought. Since joining the EU in 2013, we are now importing 70% and allowed to export 11%, we are very close to becoming Greece.
Do you get the picture? A small picture but each one of us affects the other. Yesterday on Russia Today news, I heard that 25% of the worlds population thinks that the US is most hated states, the most feared state. Their fear of the US invading their country is justified, look at where it has it’s fingers in. If you are an American, do you not feel some responsibility for this global phenomena? Only 30 years ago, most countries in the world wanted to be like the USA and now people fear it.
Yes I know, it’s not the people, but you voted for certain politicians did you not? Many of you didn’t vote at all, you couldn’t be bothered, how did you know your vote would not make a difference and I sure don’t see anyone starting a revolution.
I’m not picking at the US, but it used to stand for liberty, freedom, prosperity, human rights and in less than 30 years it has become a rogue country.
Personally, I don’t blame the US government just like I don’t blame my Croatian government, I didn’t vote at all, I have never voted in my life, and even now with our country being controlled by the EU, unemployment rates are going up, healthcare quality is down, people shrug their shoulders and say “What can I do? “
My dear Americans, nobody gives a shit about a third world country such as Croatia, we don’t have oil and we’re not in a strategic location for US military bases so the chances of our country being attacked by terrorists is slim.
But you Americans, you’re on the top of the list, you have many enemies and those enemies don’t attack your government, they want to attack you, human casualties. You can bet your last dollar that if it did happen nobody would come to help you. In fact most ignorant people would rejoice over it because they see it as your fault, you didn’t stand up to your government.
So, lets get back to the connectedness of things, your actions cause reactions in my country and vice versa. If you don’t do something soon, your government will continue to incite, accuse, invade and murder people in any country it sees as a threat to it’s power and hegemony.
Whenever I write about taking responsibility for your actions, you become silent and don’t comment on any posts, but when I write about fraudulent channelers and their silly gossips, you have a lot to say. It’s just an observation and my stats show me what country visited the most and commented the most, so I’m not guessing.
What does matter to you folks? You see, you just don’t get it, one day you might be attacked by an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse), yes they are weaponized. Do you know what happens when an EMP is activated 300 miles above your country? Everything stops, becomes silent and gets dark. The power grids go down, cars stop running, life support machines stop working, insulin goes bad without refrigeration. In 2 days 10% of the population dies from lack of life support and medicine that keeps them alive.
For starters, you won’t know who did it and or even what hit you, it could be from the sun as well. With no communication anywhere, you have no way of knowing, but if cars and computers don’t work, you can assume it’s an EMP.
There is a book called “One Second After”, it’s about a small town after an EMP attack. The population before the attack stood at 35, 000, in less than 2 years, there were 5,000 people left. When I started to read, I couldn’t leave it alone, it was fascinating, and I had realized how little I knew about preparing for survival and emergency preparedness. I thought I had everything for a long term power outage, but even the experts missed out on many things.
You can read parts of the book in the link above and purchase it if you like. According to the severity of the attack, if the grids go down, it can be anywhere from 2 to 10 years before power can be brought back. Nothing works, most of your power grids are made in China, most stores only have a 1 or 2 day supply of food, it would be gone over night because of panic.
In a roundabout way I am telling you that if you do not stop your government from killing us, your enemies may succeed in ensuring you don’t see the light of day or your 30th birthday.
It could happen in Croatia too or Russia, but right now folks, your country is on top of the list for being the most hated nation, most feared, most everything bad so statistically, you stand the biggest chance of being attacked. Do the math.
Everyday you wake up from your night sleep, many people around the world died because of your government and military.
Please, for the sake of Peace, do something. What you don’t yet understand is that once you get up, once you rise up, once you let it be known that you do not want anyone killed in your name; the rest of the world will rise up with you.
You must be the STONE thrown in the ocean, we will be the ripple that spreads out.
What else can I say to bring tears of joy to your eyes, knowing that are you not alone, that you won’t stand alone, but you must be the first stone thrown, you were once the beacon of light, return that light by reminding the world that you just lost the matches and found them.
In the previous post ” Separation Is Killing Us”, I wanted to talk about this, but it would have given you a wrong impression and you may have felt that I am blaming you for everything.
I am not blaming you for anything, but I am holding you responsible. Since NATO bombed Serbia in 1992, an increase of 65% in childhood cancers have been recorded in the Balkan region. It was too late to research the adults 10 years later so they can’t prove that the depleted uranium used was the cause of many adult deaths, but these are children from the adults so there is a correlation in the studies.
There is hardly an unaffected country on this planet that your government and military has not intervened in one way or another, it’s all done in your name.
We hear it all the time from your leaders: “Americans want Peace, Americans want justice, Americans want Jewish children to go to school without fearing being killed, Americans stand for liberty and freedom, Americans want to bomb Syria, but you’re the best in having the highest prison population in the world and the lowest life expectancy in the industrialized nations.
Your names are always mentioned and soon it will be Americans we hate as well as your government if you continue to do nothing.
We can’t pretend anymore. Screw this “peaceful demonstration” bullshit, that’s more new cage clap trap crap.  The police are out even when there is a peaceful demonstration, they will create chaos so it does not stay a peaceful demonstration.  We can’t pretend that tomorrow will be better, we can’t blame the Cabal/Elite/Illuminati for our problems, it is our responsibility. In Democracies, real democracies, people choose and rule, our leaders are supposed to be our servants not vice verse.
It’s not Putin’s fault, it’s not my fault I must live in an uneasy state not knowing if your government will invade my country.
You can remain silent, read this post and run off, pretend you don’t know anything, or try to forget what you just read, but the problem is not going to go away, it is not going to resolve on it’s own.
Ashtar is not coming, Sananda is not landing with his spaceship Jerusalem, there are NO saviors, for those of you that have been waiting, why don’t you  email Michael Ellegion and ask him what is taking his Lord Ashtar so long and what the hold up is this time, he’s been waiting now for 5 years.
You get my drift, you also get it that I am not attacking, I’m simply trying to find a way to get you to act for once. What will it take? Will a bomb over New York finally be enough? No, because if it does happen, there will be nobody left to fight, the ones left will be taken to FEMA camps, they are close to the final arrangements because they know you will rise up, they also know you won’t do it until you get hungry and homeless.
Do not allow to wait that long, by then it will be too late,  your government has been planning your mass protests and revolutions, the longer you wait the better prepared they are.
Why don’t you ask Drake Bailey where his special Militia is, and his GOOD military? Where are these folks? Why all the hush hush secrecy “can’t tell you right now just yet cause it’s top secret? ” We have all these gurus, and political analysts, channels, spies, wanna be secret agents with their sources, Cobra resistance movements, you would think with all these folks they would have started something by now?
Don’t be angry at me, be angry at yourself because you have been putting this off for too long, and while you are at it, don’t shop this season, save your money, starve the war machine, just do something, the world is depending on you, I know I am. I know there is no savior, I know it is WE that has to do the dirty work, you throw the STONE, we become the ripple.
So it shall be, as it ALWAYS has been and will BE.

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On Your Mark, GET Set, GO –Go Americans, Throw The First Stone We Become The Ripple– PART II

Posted on October 31, 2014 by Ines
The article I posted yesterday, part I was actually a test, something I needed to do as I have noticed a trend on this blog. When the subject is about other people, many readers participate/contribute; especially if it has something to do with our personal growth or world events. When the subject is about our weaknesses as humans and taking responsibility, there are NO comments.
The blog statistics show me how many readers and views visit each day and how many posts were read, they also show me the country of each reader. The numbers are not important, even though I have hit 67,673 views for October, the popular posts are important to me because I can try to write about subjects they like the most.  Many people read the Part I of this post, NONE commented, although I did get quite a few emails on the subject. My friend, it takes courage to put it out here in the public, although I do appreciate your need for privacy, your words would have changed so many minds, did you not think about it that way?
Don’t get me wrong, I understand your situation, been there. There were days when my kids were school age and I had $5.00 to choose between milk or bread, I always chose bread because it could last the longest. I do have experience in struggling, worry about how to pay rent, repair my car since there was no public transport where I lived at the time. I completed my PhD in Washington State, as a single mom and working after school, I don’t know how I managed. As tired as I would be in the evenings, sleep came slowly, the mind was occupied with worries about the next five years, let alone the tomorrow.
Things were different then, we didn’t live in fear of being spied on, my kids could still walk to school, vaccines were not mandatory, I got a waiver on religious grounds so my kids even 30 years ago didn’t get vaccinated even though then they only received I believe a total of 6 shots.  You didn’t have to worry about depositing money in your account afraid the bank would report you for suspicious activity. For those of you living in the US, it’s the most difficult. Personally I would never travel to the US, I would be afraid to get arrested for farting. Someone paranoid on the plane might think they heard a gunshot, there goes my vacation.
Why are you afraid to comment on the previous post? I know it touched your heart. Did you disagree? Many don’t have a problem expressing their difference of opinion. When have I ever challenged your differences? Did you feel shame? Did you feel responsible? Did you feel stupid? Did I hit a cord?
Talk to me! Those of you who have been here for a long time know that I don’t judge, that I don’t argue, or censor your comments. Up to now we have done a fantastic job of sharing with each other even when we’ve disagreed because we are evolved humans who have let go of their Ego and don’t need to be right.
How are we going to move forward if we don’t talk about it? You can’t run away from the issue at hand! You can no longer pretend that everything is ok because you know it’s not. How do we work together on finding solutions if you’re not willing to take responsibility for your part?
I thought you folks were past 3D thinking. I thought I was writing to evolved humans that truly desire a better world. Yes, I know you want a better world, but this is not something you can just throw into the microwave and heat up in 2 minutes. This requires your active participation, not texting someone else to do it for you.
I’m not judging you, I am merely making an observation and that is when I use the word “responsibility”, in a post, nobody comments; because you know that the only comment you can add is yes or no. Yes, I am responsible or No, I am not responsible.
You can’t say you’re partially responsible or I only voted once or I can’t do this alone or I have a good life and can’t risk it or can’t afford to lose my job protesting because I have children or people are not ready for change or it’s not up to me to do the work or peaceful protests don’t work or I work 3 jobs and don’t have time or I’m about to lose my home so I can’t afford to take time off work or I have elderly parents to take care of or or or or or….
You get my drift, but no matter what your reason is for doing nothing, you also know that the end is inevitable. You know that before things can better, we have to remove the Matrix and the masters that control us. As long as you do nothing, they continue to tighten the shackles on you, you know this.
You know that if we don’t act soon that they will continue to annihilate 2/3 of the population as per Agenda 21.
You go to work each day for someone else, to fill their bank account, from  what I read your wages are not going up with the cost of living. Wages in fact are going down, health insurance is avoided by giving you less than 30 hours per week so everyone is just about working part time.
I get all that, it’s a struggle, but your gasoline is still cheaper than mine. Croatia’s average salary is about $700.00 USD, gasoline costs $8.00/gal. Yes, you read that correctly, my food and clothing cost the same as yours.
My people live in big families, most can’t afford to live separate from parents, you can say we live tribal where the elders take care of the children while the parents work. The elders prepare and cook food so that when the workers come home they can eat and spend time with their children. It’s a privilege to live as a married couple alone, and most couples that do, have huge mortgages as most real estate is passed on from generation to generation.
But we live the right way, as tribes, working together, sharing together, loving together otherwise we could not survive on $700.00 per month. Our children are the center of attention, strangers do not take care of them.
Before Croatia separated from Yugoslavia, people lived much better, they had opportunities to purchase their homes through the companies they worked for after a certain number of years. We have one of the best education systems in the world, but we have fallen like you in the US.
There are few countries in the world today where people live a decent way of life. Humans are not by nature greedy, they just want to have the basics in life; but we live in a society where we are taught your self worth is based on what you earn and own, rather than what you have accomplished so we are forced work and struggle all our lives in order to “own”something.
Dear friends, ask yourselves: “what do you actually have? ” Do you have savings in the bank? Do you have a paid off house and car? Do you have the privilege of staying at home with your child during the first 6 years of its life? Do you sleep well at night? What do you have when you actually bulk at doing something for humanity? How is your life so good that you won’t risk making it better?
Did I err in judgement when I perceived highly evolved humans, fully conscious beings, open minded and contributing to this blog with high intelligence? I wasn’t wrong! Most of you share the same desires that I do; truth, honor, justice, respect for each other, a better world, we all want the same and there is nothing wrong in running or hiding at the thought of standing up and saying NO. I said the road would not be easy, but it’s not the path you need help with, it’s making up your mind. Once you hit the road, there’s no stopping you, you’re not going to look back, but it’s the thought of letting go of everything you think you have. You have nothing.
The Matrix owns everything you have, you are a number, a useless feeder, cannon fodder, you’re a slave and once you accept that, the road to freedom will be all you want. Life is tough but once you accept it as being tough, it then gets easier. Everything changes, nothing stays the same.
It’s easy for me to speak you may think. NO! I stare at the “publish” button for a long time, afraid of how you may react.
I had 30 year head start so I am debt free, off the grid, no bank account except a mandatory one for deposits, grow my own food, ride a bike for transportation, I have abundance in every aspect of my life, but I worked hard at it.
I have nothing to gain but  spending hours each day writing for you, my need for expression is why I have this blog. My philosophy is that knowledge means nothing if it’s not shared. Wisdom is knowing what to do with the knowledge.  I have many years of experience to share, but if I didn’t believe in myself, I would not be here today.
I chose a very difficult incarnation, looking back I don’t know how I survived, but it’s obvious now there was purpose in that. To give you encouragement, to show you that we can do anything, that we are so powerful and only old souls were given access to this timeline, all of us have chosen to come here at this time to bring in the new era. An age with no government, no slavery, no oppression, no need for money because we will get technology that will provide our needs. We will live in a world where contributions to others determine our self worth, where giving feels better than receiving, where love is an experience not an emotion.
WE are the Ones to do this and I know you want the same, and let me answer the question you are all asking after reading this post: “What if we don’t succeed?”  We have to, otherwise they will kill us all eventually or turn us into hybrids, mutants and robots. They are already trying to figure out how to remove the soul, they will not succeed but you get the idea what will happen if we don’t succeed. In order to succeed we have to get started.
You toss the Stone, We will become the Ripple in the Ocean.

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