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November Unleashes ALL Your Power!! Will You CHOOSE to Use It??

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November Unleashes ALL Your Power!! Will You CHOOSE to Use It??

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Man did I wake up with a song in my heart and spirit going on and on about tendrils than these flowy things we have moving off of our bodies, kinda reminds me of something from under the sea.  They also gave us all a visual that I believe is going to be very helpful, of course it would be, spirit never knocks on my consciousness as I am waking up, they knock on it thru you!! lol But they showed me placing my hand on my heart and really feeling the heartbeat, then feeling the emotion happening in the body, then sync up with the ears, which many of us have ongoing ringing sounds there, on purpose obviously.  This is the cellular sound of our body singing.  Seems my cells sing as out of tune as I do!!  Doesn’t sound musical in my ears!   That’s when I could see these tendrils, a silvery blue in color, swaying to the rhythm, elongating…. and then I got out of bed!
Now let me quickly share yesterday.  I could not access the field at all, except a constant visual of a dividing line between October and November energies.  Now keep in mind, our ongoing story is flowing with our sense of time, but none of this really has anything to do with time as we perceive it, it just lets our minds follow a linear story.  At the base of this diving line an explosion was happening, the most beautiful violet-maroon energy being forcefully released by our earth, melting the dividing line.
We are no longer in orientation mode, we have had enough information and enough time to harness our creative powers and now, it is very very real, solidly etched in the memory of time.
I suppose that is why three first two attempts at reading yesterday, showed up in my kitchen.  When you are in my kitchen, it represents the true biological field of yourSelf, unlike the back yard which is all soul light, blended with the soul of Life, earth, sun, and me too.  This shows your highest possibilities available to you, where my kitchen shows what is.
I didn’t think to try and do a reading in my kitchen, instead I was just talking to my first precious lady who has fallen deep on the reschedule zone often.  Suddenly, there she was, elf shoes on her feet, standing on my kitchen table dancing.  All I could see were her feet, her elfie green shoes upon her feet.  She is connected to the elemental kingdom, this excited me because I had wondered when this group was going to be represented.  She is kin to the elf kingdom and there is one that came forward as part of her soul family, he called himself Elmer.  They too use sound and vibration and amazing snowflake like patterns to work with the plant life upon earth.  For her, this ability would go way beyond the plant life as she learns the innate magic he will awaken in her.
My second lady, wow talk about bizarre!!  Yet, there was a feeling of her this morning in my light show.  Very much like my first lady, all i could really see were from her knees down and she appeared over by my stove, giving me a wider view of her.  She was not looking biological but this amazing emanation of light, of energy light.  Inside the leg area that went from knee to foot were these various size circles, swirling and moving about as she talked.  They kinda looked like this:

Just one strand, and many of them.  They did not interlock to create this pattern, but obviously, the potential is there.  Her team really didn’t appreciate me calling them circles either, they said i am devaluing their meaning, yet, I had no replacement word, so I am sticking to circles!!!  I have a deep feeling this is important for all of us to understand, and as soon as she gets the understanding, I will share it.  I can only process so much and what is being shown, is your part to learn, remember and share.
My third lady, man oh man, I think because she was so far out on the timeline, almost into what is now today (9:30 pm in her world) she showed up encased in a bubble of energy hovering above my floor. Try as I might, I could not access her body inside this bubble.  She was slowly floating towards the north, the area that represents the future.
My fourth lady got our times confused.  So I do want to mention this to everyone.  A lot of the world changed their clocks back last week, in the USA, we do not change until 2 am this evening, which will throw out appointment times off by an hour and with all the rescheduling, I have zero wiggle room to play with.  So if you do not change your times back an hour, our time difference will be short an hour as of tomorrow.  If you already changed last week, we will be short an hour today but resync up tomorrow.  So damn confusing!!
In a way, this was a blessing because my body started to go really haywire.  My physical eyes started burning like there was a fire in each of them, while my body could not get warm for nothing.  By the time my 5th appointment rolled around, I was useless and had to reschedule.  Shortly after that, the energy flowing out of each palm, ya swear there was a natural volcano flowing out of me.  Hot, fluid, kinda kewl really and lasted for hours. My vital energy went up in smoke, I remained tethered to my couch until I desperately fell asleep at 9 pm and slept thru til 6 am when my team greeted me with a working manual of creation!!  What a great start to what I know is going to be an extraordinary day!!
I would highly suggest practicing your heart and ears sync up.  If you are one of the lucky few who does not have constant ringing in your ears, just practice the heart beat and emotional field energy.  I hope you have brought your natural ability to see up to speed, so you can see the creative field you are working with and each step that needs to be taken beyond this visual/exercise.
I am going to put it out here once again, EVERYONE has the ability, the innate, very natural ability to see and hear the five senses.  It is your job to increase the vibration of those antennas and master what is already yours.  Please do not think that means you are lacking in any way vibrationally, or you missed any kind of boat, sometimes tho, the human is lazy and becomes content with what they already can do… imagine being at a symphony and only hearing one single instrument…
If you need help with increasing your vision or your hearing I have done all I can think to do, to assist.  Meditation is a huge key, it teaches you to turn off the outside world and really become centered on the inner world, the natural world of spirit.  You can go to my meditation page and first, put all the audios on pause, then pick an adventure and practice, practice, practice.  When you are ready to take yourself beyond meditation, my Learning to Read course will connect you with just about everything and then some.  And I would like to give one more gift that is chock loaded with wonderful meditation exericise.  My spiritual handbook: Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self located at  You do need a free unpestering smashwords account, to download it in any conceivable e-format you need.  Please use coupon code: AU47F to download for free.  There are exercises in this book that will really help you connect with the world of energy within you and around you.
I have done everything I can think of to do to assist in bringing out what is already within you, I just cannot do it for you.
On that note, Happy November my beautiful, powerful, masters of creation!!!  I love you!!!!!!!!
Feel my swaying tentacles reaching out and ((((((HUGGING))))) you!!!
Lisa Gawlas

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