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The Super-Human Intelligence Behind The Illuminati / Secrets In Plain Sight / Staggering Information!

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The Super-Human Intelligence Behind The Illuminati / Secrets In Plain Sight / Staggering Information! (Video)

Posted on February 10, 2015 by JayWill7497

An expose on hyper-dimensional physics, this video shows the super-human intelligence behind the illuminati and the ancient, ritual sun/moon worship encoded into the architecture of planet Earth. This video contains a staggering amount of well researched information and is a must watch for any (sirius) illuminati researcher. This video also shows the boundless wisdom of God and the unfathomable way in which he set the heavens in motion and upholds them by his will. You are created by the infinite creator of the universe and he loves you more than you will ever imagine. Enjoy!!!

Must one who comes with the knowledge and wisdom of which you have failed to find in every video or film ever made, and having this wisdom complete, be so humbled for obtaining such knowledge in front of this worlds scientific, academic and religious heathens, which is the reason you fail each and every time to discover enlightenment, which, to quote your goodselves, is the secrets in full sight, The question I ask, is this failure on all your behalfs due to your intellectual superiority and foolishness of your attempt to equate via ridiculous measurements taken across the sea and land, in your vain hope that some dumb Masonic including the Scotish Right architect has hidden the truth in his frustrated vain attempt to also find enlightenment
Do yourself a favour, roll all science, Masonic babble, religious dogma, and mystic mumbo jumbo up into a cricket ball size, and toss it over your left shoulder and completely dismiss any possible hope whatsoever of finding what you’re looking for within what it possesses, because it cannot be found in there, it doesn’t dwell in there it doesn’t exist in there, as everything you perceive, is but 2 dimensional
Now let it be known right now, that I already know that what I am about to reveal will in effect only touch perhaps 1 % of who reads it, the rest of you intellectually arrogant snotty nose, Know it all experts, who really know nothing about anything, really just need a good head kicking, to wake you up out of you poisonous and venomous ways of operating, speaking, behaving, and living, as you’re basically just evil people, that to be Honest, I wouldn’t bother pissing on, so don’t bother even offing your condemnation of my criticism of your behaviour, as you know who and what you are
Now the reason I speak in such a manner, and knowing that what I’m about to reveal has its own protection from such evil individuals within this civilization, and there may well be those within this civilization, apart from myself, who have the Knowledge and wisdom, but I also say they are terrified of the knowledge, and while they may be able to point to the pathway of the enlightenment, they themselves are terrified of going anywhere near it, and this includes the entire masonic lodges and its members, science, and all religions due to the self inflicted repercussions of daring to do so, as they know in their heart of hearts they are not worthy of opening this doorway, (portal) pathway of further enlightenment, and this really pisses them all off world wide, as they fully know and understand due to there personal past and behaviours that they are excluded, forbidden to proceed or enter, or trapped in this 2 dimensional world by there own misdeeds, and I know it and they know it so that leaves them baying around the steppes of further enlightenment like stray banned dogs
So where is the answer, well you covered it, then dismissed it, virtually in the same breath, run your video from 27 minutes and you’re looking at the answer you seek, thats all put up there, and painted by the baying dogs that are excluded from access, so they know were the doorway to freedom is but they cannot use it, because they are all evil individuals who don’t deserve access
This is why the entire scientific fraternity and all there guilds which includes their superiors, who are the Vatican and Black jesuits, that includes the Masons, spend all there waken time and efforts, keeping the truth about what rainbows really are, all hidden from the world at large or completely buried in made up mumbo jumbo of Newtonian physics, which is all just made up and invented as a blanket, to cover over the truth, and to indoctrinate all our youth and children, BEING YOU into thinking NOTHING TO SEE HERE MOVE ALONG

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