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Court Jesters

by freefall - Feb 12, 2015
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Court Jesters Court-jester

By freefall
When making a living at lying to the public, hubris eventually becomes your only companion. This is due to the fact that the only sort of person who would habitually do this would be someone who despises the rest of humanity.
At least Tom Brokaw had the good sense to flip the script and feed the egos of “The Greatest Generation” all the while having a good laugh at their gullibility for allowing their extensive body count to vastly increase the profits of his masters.
From Walter Cronkite lending his voice to the owl god Moloch at Bohemian Grove to the on again (cute and bubbly) off again (serious countenance) of Katie Couric’s phony personality depending upon the intent of the studio’s launching pad of lies orchestrated to feed the masses, none of these court jesters has an ounce of integrity.
I’m sure that the elite are interviewing now for the next great psychopathic script reader. They need someone to feed us more propaganda such as telling us about a virus that will kill millions only later to be replaced by the next terrorist attack after this manufactured disease fails to get rid of more of us than the seasonal flu. While we sit in our chairs watching toxic chemicals being pumped into our veins as treatment for the real epidemic, a member of (virgin mother) ISIS will once again be brought into the studio with the photoshopped background as the actions of this Mossad masked man is meant to justify our next invasion.
But on a brighter note, this is something that the ruling class does not want to get out. As credibility and credulity have now become inextricably linked, one cannot survive very long without the other. Their façade continues to crumble and with it more desperate measures are sure to follow. This is why it is so important for them to find another believable script reader to spin their web of lies.
It will be interesting to see what becomes of Brian Williams. Whether he morphs into interviewing other actors on the red carpet or is converted into yet another gate keeper for the Illuminati in the alternative media, one must now be completely ensnared within the matrix before believing anything else this buffoon has to say.
Personally, I think that his best chance for resurrection is to do a “Brokaw” and tell some segment of the population how wonderful they are while implying that the rest of us are not doing our part in feeding the corporate grist mill with our bodies and spirits.
But then again, the possibilities are endless.
So keep your chin up Brian. Maybe in the end your masters will let you go out a hero by sacrificing you in a way you would want fabricated for yourself. After all, the credibility of the next court jester may very well hinge upon the way you make your exit from the stage.

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