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Neon Nettle Chats With World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes - The World Bank Corruption & The Future Of Humanity

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Neon Nettle Chats With World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes

The World Bank Corruption & The Future Of Humanity

By: Jack Murphy  |[url= Nettle]@Neon Nettle[/url]
 on 25th March 2015 @ 5.30pm

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If we don't switch out of this paper currency, we are going to go into another Dark age, there's not going to be any food on the shelves
As far as whistleblowers go, Karen Hudes is a pretty big deal. Back in 2007 Karen had warned the US Treasury Department and US Congress that the US would actually lose its right to appoint the president of the World Bank if the current WB president didn't play by the rules.

She has worked tirelessly to get more information out to the public since leaving the World Bank in 2007 - Karens work and insights are definitely something that should not be ignored or overlooked. Neon Nettle chats with Karen about future of America, the World Bank and what the future holds for humanity.

Hi Karen, for some of our readers who don't know you, can you just give us a brief overview of who you are?

Yes, I am an American Lawyer economist who studied in Amsterdam and I went to the World Bank and stayed there for about 21 years, in my mid-career I started working very actively to try and do my job as a lawyer because there was corruption there and I've never looked back, I've also been working with all the people in the world to clean up the World Bank too. One of the very important things about the world bank is that its a knowledge bank and I've been using some of the best information together with other whistleblowers and we have actually won and I'm happy to tell you later on in the interview why I'm saying that.

You left the World Bank in 2007, how did come about this information and decide to blow the whistle?

Well for two years I could go in and out of the World Bank because I was actively working together with the US congress and some of the senators there, and then when the board of the World Bank tried to re-instate me that's when I got locked out of the World Bank, then since then I've just been working on the problem.

So who are the people behind the problem?

Its not a group or one person, its 60% of the annual earnings of all the companies, that's 43,000 of them that are trading on the capital markets and 40% of their assets. This group has created a huge conglomerate in secret but they where found out and this was published on the internet in 2011 by three mathematicians at the Federal Institute Of Technology - they called that the network of global corporate control and that group bought up all the media and they are also in charge of all the intelligence agencies. So its quite a system that we're up against.

There is a growing number of Alternative media sources who are putting out more and more information on financial corruption and people seem to be becoming more aware, do you see any light at the end of the tunnel?

I believe we do and I'm guided by a very powerful model that came to the world bank from a political scientist, who's name is Jacek Kugler, who had helped the defence department in the United States with this model and it's 90 - 95% accurate, so what this model does it predicts how coalitions will form - it has predicted how the Bricks coalition thats Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, would form. And then it predicted that if the United States would separate itself from the corruption that we where just talking about, that the United States would also be part of that coalition and that's what we've actually been doing, we've been simultaneously working to get the people in the United States aware of this which is called State Capture. This is when the government is co-opted and its not working for the public interest but it's working for a very large conglomerate. Some people call this the 'Cabal'.

We have actually identified many of the politicians in the United States that are traitors because they're serving this network of global corporate control, that's whats the people at the Federal Institute Of Technology call this group.

So these traitors are exposed , one of the very interesting things was in 2008 when Chuck Hagel was still the senator of Nebraska - I was talking to him about this political science model which is called the power transition model and I had asked Chuck Hagel to fire the Knights Of Malta, now the Knights Of Malta is a group that's working for the Jesuits and some of the senior people at the US defence department where Knights Of Malta, that's Martin Dempsey who is the chair of the joint chiefs of staff and also Jon Rymer who is the inspector general of the Department Of Defence.

I had asked Chuck Hagel to court martial these people because they where preventing the United States from acting in its public interests, in other words we where ending the state capture and that's when they forced Chuck Hagel to resign. So where that stands now, so people can understand very clearly, Martin Dempsey had something called town hall meetings where he would answer questions on his Facebook and the first town hall meeting was in December, then the next one was in March and this time because of the exposure of this corruption had really advanced, he couldn't avoid the fact that he had to answer the questions, so ten minutes before his town hall meeting he cancelled. So everybody was waiting for the questions to be answered.

My question to Martin Dempsey was why he was not going to replace the federal reserve note with treasury dollars, because the federal reserve note was being engineered deliberately to crash and take military might down with it. So Martin Dempsey had to answer that question, and his ducking the question exposes him. The same thing happened when Dr. Janet Yellen, who's now the chair of the Fed, came to the US congress and she testified both before the senate and the house and I went to those hearings and just the day before the hearing I asked all the members of congress why they wouldn't ask the same question of Dr. Janet Yellen because one of the things is that the financial statement of the fed and the treasury where they're claiming there are gold reserves in the United States, those Gold reserves are not owned by either the treasury department or the fed, they are own by a trust called the Global Debt Facility.

I asked Dr.Yelon on the first of January to answer the question about why she was fraudulently claiming that there where gold reserves when those reserves where not owned by either the Treasury Department or the fed. I used something called a notorial protest which is where I repeated the question many times in public, then I copied this to the US post master general and to the director of the Universal poster union international bureau, a very powerful protocol. This position is more senior in some respects than the presidency, and I used that machinery to expose the fed.

When John F Kennedy was murdered, 10 days before that, he had actually signed an agreement that the gold in the global debt facility was going to be available for dollars to be issued by the treasury, so this is what we're poised to do now. So what I've done, after this notarial protest happened I went and did what your supposed to do when somebody owes you money and the fed actually owes the global debt facility a lot of money.

When this gold was gathered up, the fed issued certificates which carried interest, so the fed actually owes humanity more than 2 quadrillion dollars, now people here the word 'quadrillion' but they don't really know what it means, its an enormous sum! So all of the country debts can be paid off and offset against the money that this network of global control owes the global debt facility. So what I did is I took this debt that the fed owes humanity and I filed something called UCC-1 form - when you buy a house your debt is secured by those filing statements, so I secured our debt.

© press
The United States know very well that the Federal Reserve and the crash of the Federal Reserve note is what these globalists want
Obviously the globalists don't want this coming out and seem to shut people down who threaten to derail their agenda, do you ever fear for your life?

Of course I do. I'm no fool! But the way things have been working, it wasn't going to help them by rubbing me out. First of all they where trying to discredit me and you can see when you google me all the different things they're done to try to discredit me.

Early in I realised I need to make sure there was going to be a lot of publicity if something happened to me, so I went to a publicists who stayed by me and they physically attacked him. I'm not rich, but I promised him my story which is going to sell a lot of books, that he was going to get half of the royalties, so we have that agreement.

I don' think it was just about the money for this guy, he wanted a better world for his children and his grandchildren, that's what many of us want. I felt that because of what I do and where I was, that I really had to do it, it was my job. If we don't switch out of this paper currency, we are going to go into another Dark age, there's not going to be any food on the shelves in the stores, we are going to die off and we're going have World War III.

Another Whistleblower called Michael C Rupert who has since passed, said the collapse time frame would be around 2016 -2017, would you say that is correct?

I would say you would have to look at this power transition model which is 90 - 95% accurate and it started predicting that once Elaine Colville who is a Scottish whistleblower, I got her statements up from the UK parliaments website, which we did three times.

It started predicting that there was going to be rule of law. This transition model, let me tell you how accurate it is, it predicted that the president of the world bank would no longer be appointed single handedly by the united states because of this corruption and that's what happened in 2010. Also it was predicting a nuclear war in the Middle East, that was Syria - that didn't happen because the UK parliament refused to drop bombs on Syria, so we've been effective with the UK parliament, we haven't been as effective as some of us wanted, but thats how the power transition model is working.

So we're not going to crash, we're going to have rule of law, its almost like the dominos falling down, it can't be stopped. Another analogy is its like a freight train barrelling down the tracks, that's where we are. The people in the United States know very very well that the Federal Reserve and the crash of the Federal Reserve note is what these globalists had in mind to bring down the United States, its not happening, they're not letting it happen.

Would you say there is a solution to all this?

Some people will just say 'this is just finance, this doesn't make any difference to me'. When you pay your income taxes, this is a scam, its going out of your country and its landing with this network of global corporate control. You shouldn't have to pay any interest on your currency, just think about it, your paper currency when its printed, what is the difference between the cost of printing that bill and the face amount of the bill?

That difference stays with the network of global corporate control, so if you just add up how much your working to pay your income taxes, that's a scam, you shouldn't have to be doing that! So that's the difference it will make to you, plus the currency doesn't maintain its value it loses its value. If you look at the United States, what the dollar was worth in 1913 which is when the federal reserve came on board to what the dollar is worth now, we've lost 95 cense.

Thats also going to that network of global corporate control and not only that they're manipulating the price of the stocks and then they're coming in when there's a crash to buy things up cheaply with the money they've printed of our backs! So when we get those parasites away from us, we're going to be doing great and that's just the beginning because you shouldn't have what they call legal tender laws which tells people what they're allowed to use when they want to buy something, that should be up to the buyer and the seller! If you take away those legal tender laws, which is what w're going to do, you can have currency in the local areas - what that means is over night full employment because all of the local merchants are going to be using the currency in that jurisdiction and there are ways of making that local currency even more powerful.

So for example, there is one economist called Sylvio Gesell, who came up with a system that said if you hold the local currency too long, its going to be less valuable, so then you get something called velocity and that's going to create even more demand for the local merchants. So if you have this as part of your currency then you're going to have a whole different economic system and that's what we're going to have all over the world.

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