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Out Of Mind » PEOPLE MAKING AN IMPACT ON THE LEGAL STATUS QUO » ANNA VON REITZ » Is this a clear enough answer?

Is this a clear enough answer?

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1 Is this a clear enough answer? on Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:20 am



Is this a clear enough answer?

Posted on April 19, 2015 by arnierosner

Come on folks….
Of course they can not be trusted. They must be rounded up and returned to from where ever they came….
Is this a clear enough answer?
Let’s face it, if they were here for legitimate reasons they would have assimilated into the American society and renounced Islam. Isn’t that a simple deduction?
Muslims who claim affiliations with Islam can only be here to change America into an Islamic state.
And Islam is not the only group about which we need be concerned.
Those people who advocate the over-throw of the lawful American system of government…need to receive the same treatment.
ThIS would include the current members of Congress, the current members of state, county and city administrations who are all posing as your lawful government agents. For the most part they are impostors impersonating our lawful public servants. The shocking evidence is all around us.

  • Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People.
  • 1933-Plus
  • It is about CRIME!!!! NOT POLITICS!!!!
  • So Am I wrong? Your views are requested…

As I see it…America is for Americans. We openly welcome people to America to become Americans…not to split America into many factions of dissenters for political exploitation. Those engaged in these activities are committing crimes against the Constitution and the rule of law. In many cases…even treason against the American people.
Can anyone disagree with the above?
If not…Exactly what will you do about it?
As the American people of Continental America this is your country. would you like to keep it…?
Then plan to get off your asses…
while we are at it….We have been permitting private corporate officers to impersonate lawful public servants. Why the hell are we permitting this clown….

Acting with no more real lawful authority than this guy…

To pretend to represent the American people of Continental America?
These private corporations have no lawful voice to speak for the Americans of Continental united States of America. They are doing so by semantic deceit and deception, fraud and treason.

  • Your assignment…should you decide to accept…EXPOSE THE CORPORATE FRANCHISE—the source disavows any knowledge

They are making decisions, policy and international agreements with absolutely no authority from the American people…the lawful inhabitants of the Continental united States.
All without full disclosure and your consent!
A lot of American sons and daughters have given more than expected; sustained terrible permanent injuries, lost body parts, and in most cases everything they had…including their lives, fortune and everything dear to them, so we can be where we are today.
Do you have the unmitigated gall to fail your own family, fellow Americans and future generations of their just due?

  • Public Notice: It is in your hands America; The Continental American Inhabitant!

In the service of the creator.

American Civil Flag – at Peace since 1874
It takes so few words to express the truth!
Available 24/7 –
714-501-8247 – mobile

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