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Re; Humans as Anunnaki energy conductors!!!

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RE; Human’s as energy conductors for Anunnaki
I think Michelle Walling’s piece brings up some interesting questions. If the grid can be used as a circuit to tap human batteries like some morbid matrix saga it should be investigated by those smarter than I, but I can at least add some perspective, however subjective my interpretation may seem, I realize I’m just a peanut aspiring to become a walnut in a world of nuts.

Of course the first question would be why, what motive could there be for such?
Such a claim would suggest that a certain specie (Anunnaki or not) would require energy for survival, which would also imply that they no longer have the ability to biologically sustain themselves or reproduce, and that they have genetic mutations that suggest the need to maintain their existence by other means. This would imply a finite life form, or non-angelic, and that their parasitic behavior is reminiscent of a fallen specie.
I think the Anunnaki infatuation with gold could indeed suggest that they were dealing with genetic mutations, for gold has been said to be able to preserve DNA due to its covalent bond characteristics and fractality, within limitations along with certain side effects. But energy does not, energy if absorbed from the grid, whether by emotional cording or EM charge has no genetic enhancement potential aside from being a raw source as a medium for other means.
Anunnaki are for better or worse biological entities, which generate their own morphogenetic fields just as humans do, so their energy is also a chemical composition, derived from protein synthesis. However Machines due require a constant supply of energy for survival, and it’s no secret that the Draconian’s have created many parasitic species that are more cyborg in nature and the Zeta’s are only one of many models. There are also Draco Anunnaki hybrids, just as there are Draco human hybrids.
The Anunnaki human hybrids are no longer the crude Neanderthals created for mining gold, but are now part of the human genome, and human form are vehicles for Anunnaki incarnation (in-Ka-nation). HU-man (HU= universal harmonic, in our case 3D) has unfortunately become a vehicle of expression for many race lines that can no longer sustain life, and are using the planet for their laboratory and sheep farm without authorization. We can look upon this as outrageous, but before we do please consider what humans are doing with 2D species as consumers of meat and animal byproducts.
When we read between the lines of what distorted history we have, we can clearly see a tale of human genocide and re-genesis, whether it’s source is the Bible or the Tablets of Enki, or even mythology. Humanity never started on Earth, but was reseeded many times herein because the Morphogenetic structure of Earth was created for Humanity and blueprinted accordingly. ET’s can’t even use the star-gates unless they carry an abundance of human coding within their template, which makes them more human than not, indicating free will choice when not under mind control via implants and frequency fences.
The NET or Nibrurian Electrostatic Transduction field installed by ET raider races millennia ago block’s humanities 4D astral connection and Guardian guidance.
JJ Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch tells us that this geometrical monstrosity is Metatron’s way of protecting us. Don’t buy it; it’s a frequency fence constructed by FA (fallen angelics) so they can play G-o-d (Geneticists of dissension). They want you to believe the Tube Taurus is a wonderful creation of nature, when in truth it’s finite and eats itself like other black-hole technologies, brought to you by their sponsor; the phantom matrix, which incidentally requires copious amounts of “energy” to survive and support its army of fallen.
After the Atlantian wars the remaining Grail line humans started rebuilding in the fertile crescent, known as the Cerres Egyptian line (O-siris, Orion-Sirius human prototype), These beings still carried the 12 strand genetic imprint of the angelic human line, but the Annunaki had other plans. Enter the flood, and Noah (no-ah in his mer-ka-bah) the hybrid, who was instructed to be sure and take no human’s into the Ark. Which may be considered a bit odd, unless g-o-d was planning another round of genocide.
The Seth/Osiris myth gives us plenty of detail of the after-“math”. As the Anunnaki moved into the Fertile Crescent. Isis/Asta is feverishly trying to reassemble Osiris (humanity), and with penis in hand she’s off to the lab like some tantric geneticist for artificial insemination, but she only manages to reproduce a whore; Horus, named after the Semsu Hor grail king line. So this byproduct of humanity coexists for a while, as the other Annunaki progenitors are busy concocting their rival species and the earth resembles one big Petri dish. Even Enki and son Marduk are busy revising their Sethian line as Inanna the I-sis-ter (Ishtar)  pursues a line conducive to cohabitation (incarnation), producing Banda the incarnate band aid, who sires Gilgamesh the stubborn Annunaki hybrid whose now stuck in mortality and pissed, and refuses to return to Inanna’s lab for more poking. Meanwhile Banda is installed on the throne as Lugal (Lulicie; un-blueprinted hybrid; Lilul, king of Akkade/Agade). Inanna’s Ur becomes Sargon (Tolkien?), full of Shurukin hybrids. Sargon may be a derivative of Argon (energy), Jason and the Argonites?
Meanwhile Marduk’s building his tower of Babble near Babble-on and Inanna’s planning war. Marduk has built his army under the leadership of Ibrihim, aka Abraham, or a-Brahmin with a bit of Enki’s Abra-ka-dabrah. We all remember Abrahams wife Sa-ra, who couldn’t reproduce because she was as dry as the Sahara, so the lab tech’s got involved and said there was no Ba in Sara’s Ka, and that old Abe was shooting blanks. So Enki brought in Ningishzida (Thoth) the engineer, and they searched for a better specimen being Ya-Ka-Ba (Jacob), aka He-brews Hibiru from Nibiru. His mate was Rebecca (Re-Ba-Ka), and of course she rode in on a donkey, symbol for beast of burden. Her eggs were like gold from a goose and she whelped a quick dozen, being the genesis of the 12 tribes that he-brew, and walla; Re-legion (religion).
We know that this prototype was also tested for Anunnaki incarnation ability by Inanna herself because of the ancient poem that describes the decent of Ishtar, where she manages to navigate the 7 gates with the aid of Enki, which is synonymous with the occult ritual of the Egyptian book of the dead, brought to you by Enki and Thoth. It basically claims that after Inanna the Anunnaki died, her soul essence inhabited the human hybrid form Ishtar. But getting the Ba (spirit essence) into the Ka of a body is easier than extracting it after the Ka life force dies, so a procedural manual was created. This of course was commemorated by papa Anu with a 7 tier ziggurat in Ur-rata built in her name in addition to a healthy portion of real estate being In-anna-Tolia (Turkey/ key of Ur). The ziggurat also served as her landing pad for her ship/ lab.
Meanwhile back in Canaan, the gold shipments to the lunar base were on hold because Marduk was creating chaos in the region so Thoth (Ningishzidda in hybrid form) was sent to South America to ensure Gold kept flowing from the base in Peru. The Canaanites were the descendents of Cain (Ka-in) and worked closely with the miners from Mars who settled in Salem, they were called Heru/jeru-(hero’s) giving Jeru-salem its name. The Heru were imported when the Martian atmosphere collapsed during the passing of Nibiru. Today these beings are known as Bigfoot. Not the red-haired giants that were found in Argentina by Magellan 500 years ago who were either holdouts from an old human root race, Hyperborean’s or the spawn of Gilgamesh.
The situation in the Fertile Crescent was deteriorating rapidly and ended in nuclear war after the fall of Marduk’s Tower of Babble, and when Inanna’s Shurukin laid waste to his followers with their scorpion fighter jets. Marduk lets 7 nukes fly. The nukes fortunately were old and failed to make direct hits but the fallout devastated the entire area for many years, causing the first major exodus. The story in the Bible about Abraham being warned to head north from Gomorrah by his g-o-d is self evident, his god of course was the fallen Jehovian Draconian Annunaki-Marduk, What Abraham described when he looked back was the mushroom cloud from an atomic explosion. This event happened around 4k yrs. ago, and that’s where our history picks up. The Tablets of Enki claim that Marduk was exiled from Nibiru, and history claim’s he lived in Babylon well into the 1st millennium BC.
Now that the Anunnaki can incarnate directly into human form as an option to their own form, which is in a state of genetic deterioration along with their planet battle-star Nibiru, they are not so apt to destroy the place they may need as a refuge. I can’t prove it but Marduk looks a lot like Hitler in human form whereas Tesla can easily be associated with Thoth. Inanna on the other hand still resides among us in her human form so I won’t go there. And of course this is all subjective interpretation, but please feel free to draw your own conclusions.
Val 5/19/15
See Sons of Aries Bastards of David; Voyagers 1&2; The Tablets of Enki; Ages in Chaos; The secret History of the world; The Bible; etc.


Wow! much more than a peanut imo!

Your perspective is very interesting. I continue to come back to Marduk and his place here also. And of course the public reveal of the RH- is also involved in all of the above and something that I await too.

Thanks again for sharing your work here Val. It is an honor to have you here!


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